Basic program with the company ArtLife

ArtLife Company presents "Basic Program" from the cycle of integrated health recovery, which is a natural extension of the "Start Program" and is intended to ensure that the daily needs of the organism as a vital biologically active substances.

It must be remembered that in circumstances where not observed proportion of useful nutritional components, there is destruction of the balance of active constituents of the human body as a whole, and it always appears malaise, weakness, fatigue. So welcome active complexes that make up the "Framework Program" (ESSENTSIAL OIL, lecithin, and FERRODOK KALTSIMAKS) will help solve the most important task - to provide the body necessary for everyday life vitamins, polyunsaturated fatty acids and micronutrients. This will allow them to maintain or restore optimal balance, which is the key to the health of the whole organism. The reward for attention to their health will be cheerful, hard work and confidence in the future.

Some useful material people do not synthesize and must obtain them from food or in the form of active complexes to prevent the development of many serious diseases.

Daily intake of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) belonging to the complex ESSENTSIAL OIL, will reduce blood cholesterol levels, as well as prevent it from being deposited on artery walls and prevent the development of atherosclerosis. PUFA easier for inflammatory processes and reduce the risk of thrombosis in the vessels, reducing blood viscosity. Furthermore, the title fatty acids have antiarrhythmic effects. Detailed studies have shown that the use of a sufficient number of polyunsaturated fatty acids reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular system by 20-30%, and the risk of sudden death from them - at 45%.

A necessary condition for the normal functioning of all systems of human organs is a daily flow of essential phospholipids. Lecithin, containing a range of phospholipids, is a key nutrient for the nerves, constituting 17% of the peripheral nervous system, and 30% of brain tissue. All cells of the body need to lecithin, as their membranes are made of phospholipids. This active complex is particularly important for normal functioning of the liver: Lecithin normalizes the consistency of bile, helps transport fats from the liver cells. Without it, can not be a fair exchange of fat. Introduced in the basic program complex "FERRODOK" is intended to consolidate the positive impact of other active systems, saturating the body trace elements, which improve the delivery and use of cells of oxygen. This provides a full range of tissue respiration and is used to prevent oxygen starvation of the cells. To maintain an optimal level of physical and mental activity necessary to ensure the flow in the body of such trace elements as calcium, magnesium, chromium. Biologically active complex "KALTSIMAKS" will maintain the level of these microelements, necessary for normal physiological state, even in conditions of unbalanced diet and a high workload during the working day. Thus, the "Basic Program" from the company ArtLife - a convenient and reliable way to maintain healthy blood vessels, to ensure stable functioning of the nervous system and good liver function, as well as a full tissue respiration and normal levels of trace elements in the body. In short, create the foundation for excellent health, prosperity and longevity.