Meal after 18 hours is health-harmful

meal after 18.00

 Feed on after six in the evening is very undermines your precious health

Those who are trying to lose extra pounds, stick to a sacred right - after six o'clock is impossible. But few know that this rule should be respected absolutely all, without exception, people. These are the features of our body.

We - part of nature, as if it is not seldom chosen. All life is guided by the sun. Here we are, when the sun starts to droop - should reduce the amount of food consumed. In the body include natural mechanisms to slow down all processes and begins preparing for sleep. If you have a specified interval of time before going to bed - to intervene in these processes of preparation and would be detrimental to their health. So, if you follow nature, then, after sunset, it is better not to eat.

However, part of the body around 9 pm sending false signals of hunger. It was at this time, many rush to the refrigerator. All consumption in this time the food is deposited in the form of fat. And here it is very important to know that these are false signals and be able to resist them. Try something to occupy myself and keep my desires under control. But often, our work schedule does not fit in the course of natural processes. Violence against each other in this case is inevitable, and it also will inevitably spoil the mood.

You must eat something that digests slowly: fibrous carbohydrates and milk protein. Ideal cottage cheese, peanut butter and any types of vegetables. And here is greasy and sweet food should be avoided, although, however, it should be avoided at any time of day. Do not consume foods rich in caffeine and alcohol, because they excite the nervous system and will not let you sleep. 

Of the products that cause burning more calories than you can include yourself in the evening there safely, but up to 18 hours: apples, apricots, beets, broccoli, cod, cucumbers, garlic, cranberries, eggplants, carrots, oranges, strawberries, tomatoes, watermelons and other products containing cellulose. 

If included in the meal before going to sleep the above products, you are guaranteed to weight gain, and in conjunction with good physical exercise, even going to part with them more intensively. In addition, the number of natural fat burners can be attributed, and all dairy products. Also do not forget about sex with your beloved is excellent and your pleasure and harmony to all.