Drink water and lose weight



Lose weight with water - it's simple! 

Found that the shortage of liquid body begins to experience stress and sends signals to the brain, similar to the signals of hunger. 

As a result, we are beginning to eat, while we have to drink! Unnecessary at this time of the nutrients deposited as fat in the most secluded corners of our body and the corners of these eventually cease to be hideaways. 

The bitterness of the loss of body in good shape we are trying to compensate for the debilitating milk chocolate or fitness activities. But back to the original as possible through a balanced use of water.

Drinking every day for 2 - 2.5 liters of water (in addition to juices, coffee and tea) can suppress hunger and reduce food intake (of course, and you should limit consumption of fatty and products). Moreover, it is necessary to drink water, because even tea and coffee contain active substances that change the chemical composition of the organism.