Aromatherapy - treatment without drugs


Now - time of revival many ways a natural treatment and herbal medicine - treatment plant - and its branch of aromatherapy, are becoming increasingly popular. This technique is intended for those who avoid drugs and wants to cure the diseases of mind and body using natural remedies. Unlike modern medicines ether oils used in aromatherapy, rarely have adverse side effects. In the case of anxiety, depression, stress and nervous excitability, they are much safer than tranquilizers and stimulants. After all, the dignity of aromatherapy is that it affects odor. The response to the impact of aroma develops immediately, as the pulses pass through the olfactory nerve fibers enter the olfactory center, located at the base of the brain. The smell is able to awaken the memory of past events and thoughts to move us to a place and time where we were happy. Pleasant odors and flavors creates a sense of security and prosperity. 

application of essential oils are broad and are based on the introduction into the body through the respiratory tract (inhalation) and through the skin (massage, bath, compress).
One of the most effective ways to use essential oils is an aromatic diffuser. This is a device for spraying oil in the air. Thanks to him microparticles substances in the air suspended in a few hours, destroying bacteria, fungi and refreshing air of natural flavors. Spraying oils can be made at any time of day, time of spraying 15-30 minutes.
The most convenient and common form of aromatherapy oil burner is. Mixture of essential oils (three to five drops) and water is heated in the tank (evaporator) with a candle, and its vapors are distributed in the air. Using oil burner - a great way to fill the aroma of the room, clean it from dust or cigarette smoke.
For the treatment of sinusitis and respiratory infections well help inhalation. It should be three or four drops of essential oil in a pan, add one liter of hot water, cover with towel, close your eyes and inhale vapors for five to ten minutes. This method of application may serve as a steam bath for the face. One of the simplest ways to use aromatherapy oils - a bath. It needs to be filled with warm water and pour five to eight drops of essential oil diluted in a small amount of yoghurt, milk, cream or honey.

Massage with aromatic oils - relaxing and therapeutic procedures. Penetrating through the skin, essential oils are very quickly integrated in the circulation of blood, and then output through the lungs and kidneys, rendering these organs disinfectant, spasolytic and stimulating. To prepare a mixture of aromatic massage oil must first be mixed with a light base. These include sunflower, olive, soybean. Mineral oil is better not to apply.
Recommended dosage for breeding - three to five drops of essential oil to 10 ounces of vegetable.
From undiluted essential oils make the application. Essential oils applied to the skin, usually in a diluted form. But there are a few exceptions: lavender is used in pure form in the case of burns, cuts, insect bites, tea tree is not diluting the cause of abscesses and warts.
Inhaling fragrances sandalwood, you will prolong their youth
There are so many different oils! Such a variety of bottles, perfume! Change is difficult, especially the beginner. In this case, the main thing to know - how much effect you want to achieve.
Different oils have different effects and:
Tea Tree: antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal.
Eucalyptus: analgesic, regenerating, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic.
Grapefruit: bleach, antiseborrheic, cellulite, antikomedonogennoe.
Orange - improves blood circulation in the deep layers of the skin and prevents the formation of cellulite, this aroma reduces appetite.
Mandarin: antidepressant, anti-cellulite and toning.
Lemon - invigorates, improves attention in fatigue, excellent care for oily skin and body.
Sandalwood: rejuvenating, soothing.
Ylang-Ylang - calms the nerves and banishes stress, it is recommended for dry skin.
Jasmine - gives a good mood and keeps young skin.
Rosemary - improves vitality and has anti-bacterial effect is ideal for oily skin.
Green tea extract - a guarantee of youth and skin elasticity.
Bergamot - relieves nervous tension and helps the muscles of the face and body to relax.
Pine - helps to cope with a cold, has a stimulating effect on the entire body.
Leaves currant - is refreshing and bracing, gives an excellent mood.
Patchouli - enhances sexual desire in both partners.
Do not buy cheap aroma oils
Buy etheroils should be in pharmacies and specialized stores. High-quality oil can not be cheap.

Before using ether oils need to check on the possibility of individual allergic reactions. For this, one drop of oil is dissolved in a teaspoon of vegetable oil and a drop of the obtained solution to inflict on elbow or the inside of your wrist. Within 12 hours of surveillance, in the absence of skin reactions oil can be used. To avoid overdose should begin use of ether oils with the minimum dose and gradually increasing them until the desired effect. 
Keep essential oils should be in dark glass bottles with a tight ground stoppers at a temperature from zero to plus thirty degrees in the reach of children.