Art of being healthy

Biologically active food supplements - are natural, biologically active substances intended for dietary intake in order to enrich the diet.

Nutriceutics - a biologically active food supplements containing additional sources of protein, amino acids, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, used for correcting the chemical composition of food and essential for good nutrition. 

Parapharmaceuticals - a biologically active food supplements containing natural ingredients of plant, less animal origin intended for prevention, supportive care and support to organs and systems of the human body to the limits of their physiological activity. Ill-health rights is often caused by systematic malnutrition. Lack of vitamins, trace elements (selenium, zinc, etc.) and other essential micronutrients in recent decades has become threatening. Serious scientific studies and monographs devoted to the inferiority of our food and the implications for our health.

According to the chairman of the advisory group to the Presidium of the Academy of Natural Sciences Professor AN Orekhov fixed a flaw: 

-Vitamin C 70% - 100% of the population

-B vitamins, 40% - 80%

-Vitamin A 40% - 60%

-Vitamin E 80%

Similar data can lead to deficiency of macro and micronutrients. Were important deficiency of calcium, iron, iodine, fluorine, including by children, pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Deficiency of vitamins and trace elements is total character and is observed in all seasons for all ages and in almost all regions.

Major reasons for this situation:

-widespread impoverishment of arable land,

-threatening pollution of the environment (soil, water, air),

nesberegayuschie-modern technology of cooking food

-reducing energy consumption and, consequently, the required amount of food consumed,

sharply increased stress environment.

We know that overcoming each stress requires increased consumption of micronutrients - batteries, and that's what our body is not enough. The situation is exacerbated by a lack of antioxidants in our diet, which should neutralize the damaging effects of free radicals, as well as widespread dysbiosis (deficiency of useful intestinal flora), in which food is poorly digested and poorly absorbed. 

Among the consequences - a variety of diseases. It is a violation of nutritional status due to the presence of large numbers of people with overweight and obesity - the main risk factor for diseases such as atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, hypertension, diabetes mellitus,

also with reduced immunoreactivity.

Addressing malnutrition formulates Academician VA Tutel'yan, director of the Institute of Nutrition RAMS: "Today, good nutrition is not possible without the consumption of dietary supplements." Support for organs and systems of the human body (cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, pulmonary, central nervous, bones and joints, etc.) can be obtained by consuming dietary supplements class parapharmaceuticals "who often act more slowly than chemical drugs, but compliance with the recommendations without harmful effects. Can also be argued that the spectrum of beneficial effects of dietary supplements on the human body is much broader and aims at addressing the causes of the disease.

With high-quality dietary supplement can:

- Prevent disease

- To cure some diseases in the initial stages,

- Reduce the negative manifestations of chronic diseases,

- Reduce the dose of chemicals in forced treatment

- The rehabilitation of the period, the subsequent treatment.

At the use of dietary supplements is desirable to obtain recommendations nutritsiologa doctor or a specialist on a specific issue.

In conclusion, consider some commonly used terms in nutritsiologii: Minerals - include macro-and micronutrients. Macro elements - chemical elements, whose content in the body exceeds 0,005% of body weight. These include: hydrogen, carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus, sulfur, chlorine, potassium, calcium.

Trace elements - chemical elements contained in the body in very small quantities. Their content does not exceed 0,005% of body weight, and concentration in the tissues

no more than 0.000001%. Essential micronutrients - trace elements, which with regular consumption of food or water is absolutely necessary for normal living organism. These include: iron, iodine, copper, manganese, zinc, cobalt, molybdenum, selenium, chromium, fluorine. Essential trace elements enter the body in particular in the enzymes, vitamins, hormones. Called the mutual annihilation of the weakening of useful properties of the elements of the complex. This is possible if the complex is not found. Synergistic effect is called mutual reinforcement of useful properties of each element of the complex. All complex preparations of "Art Life" are based on the necessary synergies. On the role of vitamins and nutritional supplements Humanity has created its own environment, the existence of which is often in conflict with the laws of nature. At the present stage of human intervention in the natural environment had become particularly intense and usually negative. Scientific and technological progress, an enormous increase in the rate of growth of production and a previously unknown rhythm of life gave rise to very serious problems associated with human health, so-called "diseases of civilization". The fact that our organs and tissues, independently of the mind and high self-conceit, live by the eternal laws of nature. We need clean air, clean water, healthy and satisfying meal that contains no pesticides, nitrates, medicinal herbs. The now chronic neuro-emotional overload, intense ecological situation and the associated poisoning the soil, air and food have changed the nature of illness, highlighting the cardiovascular system, immunodeficiency, diseases associated with metabolic disorders. In 80% of the above mentioned diseases are the leading cause of death of the person, the remaining 20% occur in other diseases, including injuries. Important role in this process played a dramatic change in the nature of human nutrition, resulting in deficits in the presence of mineral and vitamin components of food, crude fiber and other nutrients. General biological regularity at all stages of development of living organisms is the rule, which is based on the concept of a balanced diet: "enzymatic kits body must comply with the chemical structures of food, and a violation of this correspondence is the cause of many diseases. Enzyme systems of the body adapted to those foods, which contains the usual for this species food. During the evolution of organisms can

lose the ability to synthesize certain enzymes needed to obtain nutrients from other components. The result was a group of nutrients that must be ingested in finished form. These substances are called Essential (indispensable) component of food, as they should be included in the diet on a daily basis to ensure optimum performance of all functional systems of the body. These include certain amino acids, minerals and trace elements, fatty acids, vitamins. From participating in eight human protein metabolism of amino acids are indispensable. Vitamin C is indispensable only for the guinea pigs anthropoid apes and humans, although other species of animals can live without the presence of this vitamin in the diet, because synthesize it ourselves. Deficit of at least one of the essential components leads to disruption of metabolic processes and, ultimately, to the disease. Food habits and living conditions are often put our body into a state deficit. The possibilities of modern man to ensure their diet with all the necessary components of nutrition in the usual way is very limited.

This is due to several reasons:

1. in the amount of food that we can take every day without risk to get extra calories, content of essential vitamins and minerals known to be below the standards for the human body. By spending an average of 2200-2500 calories a day, we, the volume of food we get a much smaller number of necessary substances than in the past century. Then the energy needs of more than 3500 kcal, which ensures the supply of more vitamins and minerals;

2. in different parts of the existing deficiency of macro-and micro-elements because of the lack of soil, water and products grown on these soils. Thus, a low content of iodine is the cause of endemic goiter in Tomsk, Kemerovo and other areas. In the northern regions, including St. Petersburg and its region, there is a shortage of calcium, magnesium, potassium and selenium in the water in the soil. This explains the high frequency of diseases of the cardiovascular system, cancer, allergies, osteoparozov, compared with other regions;

3. modern food industry can not provide us with all necessary components of nutrition, as well as the processing and storage of foods change their chemical structure, lose their nutritional value, or simply destroyed;

4. harmful conditions of production, poor ecology, stress load required to maintain the normal exchange of additional income of vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements.

From the foregoing it is obvious that we live in the present epidemic of shortages of vital components of food. In 1991, the USSR Ministry of Health acknowledged that hypovitaminosis in our country are of perennial nature, covering all its regions, including southern, and pose a serious threat to public health. The problem of shortage of vitamins and minerals, as well as other components of the human diet can be solved, thus influencing significantly on morbidity and mortality, through the regular reception of specially designed, balanced, integrated products, built on natural products based on the latest technologies and have been labeled - Nutriceutics, or biologically active food supplements. This path is recognized as an efficient and effective specialists western countries, including Russia, where in December 1997 was held the 3rd international conference devoted to dietary supplements. The conference was held under the auspices of the Russia Academy of Medical Sciences, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Medical Technologies, Institute of Nutrition of RAMS. The conference was the realization of the importance of nutritional supplements in improving health, especially in ecologically unfavorable areas. Accumulated by Art Life "experience with nutritional supplements of various foreign companies and evaluating the effectiveness of their use will enable Russia to establish and develop adaptive Nutriceutics for local conditions. Working with BAA, the company "ArtLife" exchanges with colleagues from different regions of Russia schemes for prevention and treatment of diseases and does not cease to wonder obtained results that are truly impressive! Analyzing the new achievements, we are increasingly convinced that the use of mass prophylaxis and the treatment of virtually all known diseases of dietary supplements - is a huge advantage of nutrition medicine. The peculiarity of today is that academic medicine has given priority to nutrition in the prevention and correction diseases and we are pleased that our company is working closely with official medicine and is actively involved in the birth of a new generation of physicians - the doctors of the future by actively promoting and using a their practice Supplements with their unique properties. 

Formula feeding XXI century

Formula feeding of the XXI century - is the constant use of the diet, along with traditional natural food products with improved consumer properties and high nutritional value, products with desired properties (ie functional foods enriched of essential nutrients, and nutrients). Only today the opportunity to combine the centuries-old wisdom of traditional medicine and modern pharmacological technology.