Our organism - everything you need to know


Our bodies

The validity and richness of life depends entirely on human health. Enormous role in maintaining health is nutrition. In order to understand - why it is necessary to clarify what constitutes food for our body.



First, it is a source of energy - a healthy person's body temperature 36.6 degrees, exactly, it is optimal for the occurrence of processes that underlie life. Up to 40% of the energy goes, that is, "to heat" of our body and maintain this temperature.
Secondly, the food is a source of building material for the body. Food substances, releasing energy that remain in the body in the form of structural molecules that the body uses to build and update their own tissues.

Some trace elements the body can not synthesize and must constantly receive from the outside. For example, calcium is the basic material that provides bone density. But in addition, it is necessary for muscle contraction, including - heart muscle, for clotting to conduct impulses along nerve fibers. Lack of calcium in the body adversely affects all the listed functions. If calcium intake has not been sufficient, then the body for some time can get by releasing this microelement from the depot, which performs the role of bone tissue. But thereby decreasing its density, which means - strength.


  No less important is the timely and adequate collection and other biologically active substances, which man himself does not synthesize themselves.
For example, lutein. The content of this substance in the body determines the saturation of the yellow pigment of the macula in the eye. Is a small rounded area of the retina that is responsible for visual acuity. The lower pigment content, the worse the vision. Lutein is not produced by the body, and its resources are not infinite. Losing pigment eye worse functioning. Man is forced to resort to glasses. However, regular and timely eye tissue saturation of zeaxanthin can delay age-related deterioration of visual function, improve the condition of those people who have already put on his spectacles.

Another important example of essential substances are a number of amino acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids.
Methionine - an indispensable sulfur amino acids. In the body, it is not made, but each protein starts with her. Exclude methionine from the diet, and every one of the organism will fail. For a while they will hold on to the contingency reserve, but he quickly finished, and then people will like the metropolis, which at the same time there was a fire, flood, squally wind and eruption of the volcano.
Polyunsaturated fatty acids are a class of omega-3 and omega-6 is also not produced by the body, but they protect the arteries from the oxidation products of cholesterol, reducing risk of atherosclerosis, which is associated with over 50% of deaths from diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

Vitamins, biologically active molecules, as they are not small, their importance in full operation and impeccable quality of life can not be overemphasized. One need only imagine what it would be the body, do not be in it enough of a particular component.

Let us remove calcium and phosphorus - the bones become brittle erase glyukozminoglyukany - will become stiff and inelastic ligaments, simple movement will bring the pain and, eventually, becomes impossible.
Reduce the content of phospholipids in the body - and the nervous system is no longer fully perceive the information about the world, because phospholipids make up 30% of brain mass. And each cell of the body will reduce its life span, because phospholipids - is the foundation of cell membranes.
Restrict intake of vitamins C, E, bioflavonoids - and the vessels become brittle and fragile, there will be bruising, bleeding.
And without vitamin E, people may well face the fact of infertility.
Why check the body and its resources for strength?



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