Secret of the women s mood

Every woman there were cases of sudden surge of boat drowsiness or, conversely, irritability. At least once in a lifetime mood changed in an instant: on the background like a complete order and wanted to weep. A headache! Stupid and exhausting or acute recurrent, they not only deliver the most unpleasant woman, but sometimes the rebound effect on her family! And now I see how the older ladies are ready to continue my story with the words of the outgoing youth coming climax, because the situation described could not be more reminiscent of what they felt. And some of the girls and very young schoolgirls, blushing with embarrassment, saying: "Well, just like before my critical days ..." is it possible?

Acetylcholine or adrenaline 
The action of each body is regulated by the parasympathetic and sympathetic systems. In the case of prolonged or intense stress of a system bound to happen when switching on the regulation of the second system. This should be considered when prolonged pressure on any body and the organization as a whole.


                                                                Hussey, OR hysterical?

Could be so similar to the state of women from vastly different ages? Yes, and the reason for this - to change the level of female sex hormones, estrogen. These substances, acting in very small quantities, significantly affect the state of all organs and systems of women. And there is evidence that those women who have hormonal imbalance in youth manifested premenstrual syndrome, in adulthood, most likely, will not avoid meeting with the climacteric syndrome.

I think everyone can recall at least one acquaintance, who, being a totally balanced special, from time to time turned into a fury, or whining hysterical. But it's not in character. And from the woman sometimes little depends, because the imbalance of hormones in her body is not manageable at will. Consider the most frequently encountered symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS): for example, irritability, hypersensitivity, pain. For normal flows of the second phase is characterized by low levels of estrogen and increased - another regulatory hormone, progesterone. But if it is less than needed, then the female organism acute sensitivity to estrogen. They stimulate the activity of the system response to stress, which increases the sensitivity of nerve endings, and the woman's body begins to resemble a cat, ready to pounce. And now annoying loud sound, bright light, and from any little reason to take offense and want to cry. If such a woman for 10-14 days before the expected menstrual period to appoint an active complex "formula for women", then it contains a molecule of phytoestrogens "deceived" the endocrine system, for it will create the illusion of increasing estrogen levels, and will develop it needed its own progesterone. And no PMS - in a good mood! And along with him - a full communication with colleagues and friends any day of the female cycle.



And what happens in a woman's body in old age? She has repeatedly lowered the level of estrogen. So, irritability and mood swings are not associated with them? No, it is with them, or rather with the fact that the menopause of these important hormones. That protect the vessels from cholesterol, help maintain stronger inert tissue calcium, providing a balance of excitation and inhibition of the nervous system, it becomes much less topologies in adolescence and adulthood. Here's how it happens.

Activity of the organism is governed by complementing each other sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. The first transmit their signals in the tissue through a molecule of adrenaline: its entrance in the tissue increases their arousal. To present the effects of adrenaline, imagine a person under the influence of stress, the dithers. The second system sends signals to the tissue, using a molecule of acetylcholine. Its effects are best to submit to, imagining a peaceful relaxed person. Estrogen in the body enhances the effects of acetylcholine, and when they become less advantage in regulating the body goes to the system, whose signals are transmitted to the adrenaline. And everything that happens is seen through the prism of human stress.

Another well-known fact: older women are much more likely to suffer from long term healing of fractures. Do not be surprised it again in estrogens. These molecules serve as guarantors of the strength of bones, because they do not "produce" out calcium. In postmenopausal estrogen concentration rapidly decreases, the bone is unable to retain calcium, and he rushes out. Bone tissue becomes thinner, and the woman is much harder to tolerate even such a burden, as a simple walking. And it is not surprising that dramatically stumbled, it would risk breaking a bone. Who left bone of calcium circulates in the blood, causing the smooth muscles of blood vessels, especially small diameter. The result is increased blood pressure: blood difficulty making its way through the narrowed blood vessels, and its pressure on their walls grows up. A woman at this time suffering from debilitating headaches.

Bioactive complex
Woman's Formula, which contains phytoestrogens, can protect women from all these troubles adulthood. 

Phytoestrogens are similar to the female body in its chemical structure, so the body can perceive them as their own. When the natural hormone levels are reduced in coming from outside the molecules of plant origin stimulate the receptors in the tissues, "tricking" them and causing a backlash. Fabrics respond to stimulus phytoestrogens as on conventional hormones. That is, the bone firmly hold the necessary calcium, blood vessels maintain their normal tone, blood pressure did not rise. A normalization of impaired functions, improves overall health, mood - and no irritation.

Pay attention to the women around you. If you see a mother and daughter who come with smiles, if the ladies in the office, the store is always courteous and helpful to each other, and pulled a good means of hormonal balance in order. Of course, this may well be a coincidence: just each of them a good period in life when things work and it turns out, or loved one has made a gift. Or maybe they are already familiar with the complex
Woman's Formula from ArtLife?


             Natalia Shilova