Eye cream Functional Cosmetics

That instantly gives our fatigue, mood and tension? Of course, our eyes. All tissue of the eye is very sensitive and react immediately to external stimuli - chemical and physical. The same can be said about the skin around the eyes: it is extremely sensitive, poorly protected from external influences and a lot of trouble at the wrong care.

The first and main reason for this excessive sensitivity of the skin around the eyes - its structure. The fact that the skin around the eyes is very thin - just half a millimeter, whereas the rest of the facial skin is four times thicker. Under it there is almost no subcutaneous fat, a little greasy and sweat glands, as well as supporting fibers such as elastin and collagen. In the first place there are wrinkles, crow's feet and other signs of aging. Environmental factors: ultraviolet light, wind and cold affect the skin condition. During the night of the liquid in the body, partially accumulates under the skin, stretching it, and it can cause swelling under the eyes.

Due to the structure of skin around the eyes is recommended to use special tools for maintenance. Several different pH than in other parts of the skin, and a tendency to water retention in various pathological conditions, the formation of wrinkles in the wrong area of eye care make a special section of the skin, which requires specific attention.

That is to comprehensively address these problems, the company Artlife was developed eye cream line Functional Cosmetics.


Light cream, very rich specially selected plant extracts, is a means of regular use. Prevents the appearance of deep and fine wrinkles and crow's feet, smooths them if they have already appeared. He perfectly moisturizes and protects the delicate skin around the eyes. The cream contains a patented complex Eyeliss (Eylis) - very effective and versatile ingredient. He has a complex effect on all of the major causes of bags, puffiness under eyes, neutralizes free radicals, restores skin elasticity. Thanks to corrective pigments, optical reduces wrinkles and minor skin imperfections.

Suggested Use: Apply cream should be in the morning and / or evening light movements fingertips. Before the application of the cream should be thoroughly cleansing the skin around the eyes, with the help of make-up remover emulsion line Functional Cosmetics. The effectiveness of the cream depends on how you thoroughly cleanse the skin. Cleaning the skin to 2 times a day - morning and evening. Even if you do not use decorative cosmetics - should still carry out a purification procedure, the day on the skin of accumulated dust, germs.

You can not change the structure of the skin around the eyes, but caring for it will help you successfully deal with wrinkles, dryness, swelling and other signs of irritation and skin aging.