Forward to Olympic medals!

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Western Kazakhstan. December 6, 2008 in Aktau was fifth championship of the Republic of Kazakhstan on bodybuilding, fitness and body fitness with
the strongest athletes of the country, one of the general sponsored by the Service Center "Artlife-Asia" (headed by Yashaev). "Vserespublikansky rally" builders, dedicated to the Independence Day of Kazakhstan and the 12th anniversary of the Regional Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness, began to Aktau, notable cultural event. It was an amazing celebration of beauty, health and sports! Competition winners awarded at the stage of the basket of products of the Company Artlife.

- For the first time we played our sponsor such a level, arguing loudly about Artlife all over the country - says the status of Partner Companies President Alexander Yashaev. 

- Our company is moving in the direction of Wellness-industry and creates products that help you be healthy, strong and beautiful. Athletes - our potential audience, with which we intend to work actively now. Currently, the country has more than three thousand fitness clubs. The growth potential in the Kazakh fitness industry is significant. For example, in Almaty, the estimated market participants are engaged in fitness from 8 to 12 thousand people. This is less than one percent of the city. For comparison, in Britain the figure is about 13 percent. Accordingly, the audience that are interested in sports nutrition to grow with each passing year. - Some health clubs in Kazakhstan are already familiar with our products - says partner company in the status of Diamond Director Zhamilya Altybaeva. - Athletes praise our products are functional foods, as well as the "Discovery", "Lecithin", "Essentsial Oil", "Hepar Formula." But people professionally engaged in sports, you need specialized products with higher content of active protein. And it's great that the company is now working on creating them - they will be highly demanded. The other day we gave developers the needs of our athletes and coaches on the composition of these products. By the way, interest in the specialized sports nutrition, and biologically active food supplements fold increased after the Beijing Olympics, where Chinese athletes took almost all the gold medals. In China, very serious about nutrition professional athletes, so why do not we create a product that would have led our athletes to Olympic medals?
In the near future leaders of the Service Center "Artlife-Asia" - the active development of cooperation with sports clubs of the country and the establishment of the order of 14 regional centers of correction nutrition and health under the auspices of the Kazakh Academy of Nutrition.