Avirol: season without viruses!


Given the evidence of epidemiological surveys on influenza, this information should be taken seriously as possible. Why modern civilization is extremely vulnerable to infections? Advanced communications systems, on the one hand, it is the greatest achievement: linking countries and continents, they can quickly be anywhere in the world, but on the other hand, they promote that easily displaced,
schalis pathogens. A negative role is also played by an unfavorable environment, improvement of the radiation emitted into the atmosphere of chemicals. Under the influence of these factors, viruses are becoming more aggressive, and we - even more vulnerable. Knowing the disappointing statistics, it is possible to understand what a responsible role in our body carries out the immune system that constantly finds and removes trapped outside
alien bacteria and viruses, and how important it is to ensure her continued support. Ways to strengthen the immune system a lot, but, unfortunately, not many of us are engaged in hardening or a day with morning exercises toning, and walk in the industrial metropolis is not always beneficial to health. For centuries people have tried to maintain their health with the help of substances of natural origin and
Today this method recognized not only as one of the most popular, but the most effective. The company offers Artlife new facility for the best virus protection - "Avirol." What distinguishes "Avirol" from other immunostimulatory tools on the market? The main advantage of the new complex - composition, combining data on the latest scientific developments antiviral effect of amino acids
lysine with experience in the use of immunomodulators of plant origin. Let's see how lysine helps to cope
with infectious agents. Once in the human body, the virus uses its biological resources, in particular amino acids to build their own proteins. In order to persist (either continuously or cyclically proliferate), herpes virus type or those that cause acute respiratory infections, essential amino acids arginine. It almost like a twin sister looks like another amino acid - lysine. If you have enough lysine in the body it starts to "confuse" the amino acids lysine filling their proteins. And at this moment being connected to the body enzyme L-lysine alpha-oxidase, which blocks the replication of the virus. The action of the amino acid lysine
in a complex "Avirol" reinforced components of natural origin, which provide the activation of all systems of defense against viral infection. The active ingredients of Echinacea purpurea and green tea, as well as polysaccharides shiitake mushrooms stimulate the immune system cells to the immediate destruction of the virus. Rutin and quercetin, vitamins C and E reduce the permeability of the capillary network, not only preventing the penetration of new viruses, but also reducing the swelling of the tissues, which manifests a decrease in tearing and nasal congestion. Willow extract contains
natural organically-bound salicylates, which are successfully struggling with symptoms of virus infection, as headache and muscle aches, fever. Vitamins B1, folic acid, B12 possess exchange-regulating effect and positively affect the blood, these
components of cell depletion of resources prevent virus protection and protect tissues from hypoxia, providing oxygen to every cell in the body. Bioactive complex "Avirol" will be effective as a means of prevention and the element
the treatment of exacerbations of herpes and other viral infections, chronic viral hepatitis, infectious mononucleosis, and papillomatosis.
"Avirol" - reliable support for the body to fight viruses, which is not outside interference, but only enhances and strengthens the possibility of natural resistance to infections. Get ready for the next season to increase the activity of viral infections in advance, and your life will be complicated by the unpleasant and unexpected problems.