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Military Medical Academy
Siberian State Medical University
Kemerovo State Medical Academy
Altai State Medical University
Novokuznetsk State Institute of Postgraduate Medical
Amur State Medical Academy

Time and place
September 18, Novosibirsk. More than 600 participants from many cities in Russia and CIS countries attended organized by Artlife medical conference. The event was held for the first time this level and has caused great interest. Presentations covered a wide range of topical issues of concern to partners. Were presented 15 reports in which the authors are doctors and candidates of medical sciences, leading scientific workers of educational establishments, as well as doctors and specialists practice medicine. The presence of members of the Russian Academy of Science Academician Vladimir Novikov and Prof. P. Skripkina gave the event a high profile.

Protocol event 
The conference was opened Kopanev Vladimir, head of the Head of the test lab center of Novosibirsk Research Institute of Hygiene FSIS. At the beginning of a speaker read a welcome address of Head of the Novosibirsk region Rospotrebnadzor Mikheeva. During his speech, Vladimir Kopanev stressed the need for correction of the diet with bioactive complexes, noted that most products have undergone Artlife voluntary certification and have support in the form of clinical research. The speaker expressed confidence that the company Artlife, occupying a leading position among Russian
manufacturers of dietary supplements, will maintain a healthy nutrition policy, which serves as a guarantor of health promotion not only present but also future generations.

Program of the event went on Vice-President for Science and the production company Artlife Andrew Vekovtsev. Great interest was aroused by his speech about the aspects of a biologically active complex of new generation, particularly on modern methods of delivery of micro-organism in ronutrientov and their effectiveness. Andrew Vekovtsev
spoke about the unique frame tablets, patented microencapsulated forms of innovation fitonanosomah
with the active substance and hard gelatin capsules with specific properties. The next block of the conference included presentations on the health of the locomotor system. All the speakers pointed out that in today's situation in preventive medicine and modern nutrition deficiency, there is no other way to preserve the health of bone and articular apparatus, but as an introduction to the diet of high-tech complexes, examples of which are products Artlife.
Podiatrist trauma, associate professor of the Military Medical Academy, St. Petersburg Victor Vovchenko told about osteoarthritis and metabolic syndrome, proposed a comprehensive approach to correctional treatment of these diseases with complex Artlife.
Employees of the department of surgical diseases of childhood SSMU (Tomsk), Associate Professor Gregory Slizovsky and young scientist Ivan Kuzhelivsky addressed the issues of correction of children's health. Gregory Slizovsky focused on the fact
that diseases of the joints younger. The scientist gave statistics of connective tissue dysplasia in infants and showed convincingly that the complex is able to optimize Kaltsimaks treatment of injuries in both adults and children.

Ivan Kuzhelivsky presented a report on the materials that formed the basis for a patent for a new way of treating fractures of the long tube
chatyh bones in children with an additional inclusion in the diet of bioactive complex with dihydroquercetin Essentsial Oil and selenium.

Neurologist, Professor of Natural Sciences of Rostov-on-Don, Yuri Skripkin shared the experience of using a program developed on the basis of products for the treatment of Artlife and prevention of systemic osteoporosis. The next set of reports showed how workers in the service centers Artlife regions are implementing a program correcting nutritional status of children in state institutions.
Olga Puchnin, assistant professor of physical culture and adaptation of Lipetsk State Pedagogical University,
Chief Pediatric Gastroenterologist Lipetsk region, and Hope Naidenova, physician from Tomsk, shared their experiences of preschool children healthy functional food products in the Black Earth and Siberian regions. Their reports
was made that regular consumption of products Artlife reduces the incidence is 2.5-3 times, can increase preschool attendance, helping to accelerate the development of children nervnopsihicheskogo.
The following presentations narrow experts showed how widely used products Artlife in various medical fields.
Elena Lobykina, head of the medical ecology, epidemiology, and a healthy lifestyle Novokuznetsk State Institute of Postgraduate Medical talked about the possibilities of functional foods in the complex correction of the quality of life for patients with diabetes showed a scheme used in this product Artlife fairly complex group of patients.
Ekaterina Plotnikova, MD, the highest category doctor, associate professor of Kemerovo State Medical Academy, marked the extent of the problem of stroke, and showed how complex Neyrostrong can help in their prevention
and during rehabilitation.
Hope Novikov, Assistant Professor of Hospital and outpatient therapy with a course of Endocrinology, Altai State Medical University, endocrinologist highest category (Barnaul), convincingly demonstrated that the products Artlife improve quality of life. Its report - an example of integration of service centers in the study of the effectiveness of the Company's products.
Great impression on the participants made a report Svetlana Szeged (Lipetsk), in which she spoke about the positive experience of using complex Artlife for the correction of inflammatory diseases of female reproductive organs and infertility. Given the relevance of the topic in the current demographic situation, the experience is truly invaluable for Partners Artlife in all regions.
Attendance at the conference of young scientists, acting with the initial results of dissertation research, once again stressed that work with the Company Artlife - a general contribution to science.
The prospects of cooperation with young scientists and students of the Siberian Medical University, emphasized the scientific consultant of the Company Artlife Natalia Shilov. She told me what kind of results achieved in the field of active substances Artlife products, presented research projects whose results will be included in the dissertation research in the field of traumatology and pulmonology. Alexander Voronov, showed the first results of a study of properties of lecithin in neurological practice and its potential to improve treatment of demyelinating diseases of the CNS. Alexander does this work on the basis of the Amur State Medical Academy and supported by the service center Artlife in Blagoveshchensk.
Closing remarks at a medical conference was Vasily Novikov, vice president of the Russian Academy of Sciences, laureate of State Prize of Russia, winner of the "Golden Stars of Science" Honored Worker of Science, academician, doctor of medical sciences, professor. In his speech he stressed the high level of the reports, their relevance as a scientific and practical point of view. He expressed confidence that the company has a really great Artlife future, not only in the Russian market, but also the neighboring states.

Conference summary
Conference "Artlife - efficiency, prosperity and success" demonstrated interest in the Company's Artlife by government agencies and regional authorities, but also showed that professionals from various fields of medicine and health products Artlife appreciate and pay tribute to her contribution to the formation of the nation's health.
Range of medical specialties, which reports were presented at the conference, gave practitioners an idea of ​​the breadth of opportunities for application of bioactive complexes and functional foods Artlife. Priceless
sharing experiences, case studies and recommendations for practical use are the result of the conference.