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diet with products of Artlife company

Why diets do not work?
The answer to this question is simple. Let's imagine that you have reduced calorie diet. The first time the body will be taken from food only to what was used - namely, the most digestible. For
some days you lose weight a little. But then the body will realize that something is wrong and starts to process more complicated matter. Come the so-called "plateau phase", when the weight loss will stop. You further redutsiruete diet. Weight is reduced, but the body reduces the cost of energy to a secondary function - the metabolism slows down. At this point you can start to lose muscle mass, but only one that is not perceived by the body as a vitally necessary. When you reduce caloric intake to a critical point, the body is not getting all the necessities of life, is at last beginning to spend that same unwanted body fat on the sides. Are you happy, but your body does not know that you are starving, "temporarily", and regards this as a threat to life! The problem is strongly reduced diets is that they only train the body to store fat. Relatively speaking, after the diet the body, not knowing when it's following "hunger strike", begins to prepare for it in advance, making a fat reserve as much energy coming from food. That's because people who have lost body weight during a diet, then gain it back in abundance.

What is the solution? 
In no case can not drive themselves into the framework of rigid, low calorie diets! If it is really necessary, reduce your calorie intake, but remember that the power must be rational and complete. The lower caloric intake, the higher should be its nutritional value. Great help during the diet can be a functional food Artlife that with a low calorie provide the body with essential micronutrients for normal life, you will also come in handy calorie calculator to help you adjust your calorie daily diet. If you compare the same in caloric intake from traditional foods and diets supplemented with functional foods Artlife, their nutritional value will be different in two or more times in the latter. This means that getting everything you need, your body will be set at physiologic weight loss and begin to consume fat stores without the stress and slow metabolism. You will not feel weak, tired, you do not fall immunity, add strength for sports, to increase efficiency.
Today in the range of the line «Light», a new functional product - cereal protein-cocktail «Amino Active». Recent clinical studies have confirmed the effectiveness of protein in  getting rid of excess body weight, as well as improving blood lipid profile and insulin sensitivity. Moreover, many experts believe that by putting their weight loss goal, it is necessary to maintain the protein level is above average. Reducing calorie intake should come from saturated fats and carbohydrates, but not at the expense of protein. 
Proteins - a nitrogen-containing substance (in the body are broken down into simpler components - amino acids), which play an important role in the synthesis of structural proteins of the body such as muscles, skin and hair, as well as provide a basis for the synthesis of hormones, enzymes, hemoglobin. That is why the constant updating and quality dietary protein is essential for normal functioning of the body.
There are various sources of protein - plants and animals. Proteins of animal origin are the source of all essential amino acids, whereas vegetable proteins were incomplete in the absence of one or two required amino acids, but at the same time they reduce the consumption of saturated fat and cholesterol. A special place among the sources of vegetable protein is soy. Nutritional value of protein is possible and in fact is equivalent to animal protein, while in its amino acid profile of soy protein more precisely meet the needs of man. The distinctive qualities of soy proteins is that they help the body comfortably to reduce weight, helping to ensure that the muscle mass is pushed out the fat. The consumption of soy protein appears full sense of fullness, reduces cravings for sweet foods.
Functional cocktail «Amino Active» of Artlife company is a source of high quality Artlife easily digestible soy protein, a balanced amino acid composition. Also used in its preparation of the protein contains a large amount of minerals in the form of biousvoyaemoy and vitamins B, D and E. This is no ordinary monobelkovaya mixture, and a comprehensive product that solves the problem of optimizing the diet at different levels.

Amino Active 
The action of protein and cereal cocktail «Amino Active» aims to maintain the amino acid and vitamin and mineral balance in the body during weight loss, normalizing metabolism and support the work of the gastrointestinal tract. The product is a supplementary source of iron, vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, B12, C. Included in the cocktail of corn flakes and wheat bran is a source of fiber. They have a pronounced influence of sorption, improve intestinal motility and a positive effect on the state of its normal flora. Included in the product lecithin improves the metabolism of fat and supports the nervous system. An important role in the play useful lipids - medium chain triglycerides.
When a diet low in fat can cause deficiency of certain fatty acids required for participation in the processes of metabolism and for the circulatory system. Medium chain triglycerides compensate for the body's need fatty acids, are involved in the creation of the "effect of satiety," and thus - in contrast to other lipids - not deposited in the form of excess fat tissue.
For the first time in the functional product Artlife entered patented complex Nutriose ®! Soluble fiber Nutriose ® have exceptional nutritional properties. They not only have a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract, but also can reduce the calorie content of the product, cause a gradual release of energy.
Protein cereal cocktail «Amino Active» is an energy product. Its success can be used as an additional element of the usual diet, as well as substitution of one or two meals. In the fasting days cocktail «Amino Active» can be used as the basis of a full mono-diet. In addition, this product is indispensable for people who are actively involved in fitness or other sports. Cocktails should be taken immediately before and / or immediately after a workout in 30-60 minutes - this helps the body recover quickly, as well as enhance the metabolic processes that need to go to fat to muscle.

Functional Foods Artlife passed strict quality controls. When they are created using only natural ingredients, contains no genetically modified ingredients. Be confident in yourself, control your calorie intake, increase physical activity - and then you will surely achieve positive change in the fight against overweight and functional foods and bioactive complexes Artlife will be your faithful and reliable allies!