Symptom-gels: tested in practice

symptom-gels Artlife

We recently visited Kiev at the school doctors. There were doctors of different specialties with the reports on the application of company products Artlife. The event was visited by about 100 doctors from various hospitals and medical centers. By the way contains excellent directory of clinics in Kiev. After the event we asked the opinion of doctors about the new symptom-gels: 

Lydia Bobylev, a physician-gastroenterologist highest category 
- I work for a doctor for over 30 years, of which the last 20 - in Gastroenterology. Very often in my practice I deal with the need to use long-term courses of antacid drugs, which, unfortunately, have serious side effects. With the advent of a new gel Atsidneytral my job to maintain the high quality of life of patients significantly simplified. In terms of composition Atsidneytral partly overlaps with antacids, but also contains herbal extracts with a mild anti-inflammatory, gastroprotective and shielding effects. All of my patients reported rapid effects after taking the complex Atsidneytral. Heartburn and discomfort go through 15-20 minutes of side effects were noted. In patients with giperhlorgidriey while taking Atsidneytrala could shorten blockers of ion pumps in the future not to use liquid antacids, replacing them with exchange application of the gel Artlife. Convenient packaging allows you to put in a bag Atsidneytrala handbag or jacket pocket, which makes the product indispensable companion of people who care about their health.

Svetlana Rzhevskaya, valeologist *, osteopath 
- Before any significant holiday of the most popular product is a symptom-gel Alkoneytral. The purpose of this product is clear to everyone, and its effectiveness, many of my patients and friends to check on yourself. Really, who does not like gay company who does not like to meet friends or go to visit? It is pleasant to drink in the warm company of wine, brandy or other alcoholic beverage. And even nicer the next day did not feel "the effects of the holiday." Due to the complex Alkoneytral head does not hurt, no nausea, efficiency and focus on high level.
Partners at the height of the structure of my holiday feast never miss a chance to tell about this product to my friends and acquaintances. And they do it very professionally in front of an astonished audience pull out a bag Alkoneytrala, poured its contents into a glass and ... the only time to answer the questions: what, why and why! And, of course, the most important question becomes: Where can I buy this wonderful product. New meetings, new clients and partners - all thanks to one product Artlife. Good luck!
* Valeologist (Latin vale - the standard for the Roman form of greeting, "bless you"; 
Gr. logos - study) - a specialist who studies, capacity and reserves of physical and mental health, as well as methods, tools, technology, conservation and promotion of health.

Hope Petrosyuk doctor-gastroenterologist highest category 
- Probably not the people who at least once in my life have felt that such a diarrhea. Diarrhea can be caused by poisoning, antibiotics, viral infections such as influenza and acute respiratory infections, travel, enzyme deficiency, especially with overeating, or taking an unusual food allergy and, of course, stress. Whatever the cause of diarrhea dramatically reduces the quality of life. Alvinusneytral effectively cope with this problem. Herbal extracts that are part of this product, well cropped diarrhea due to specific actions on the gastrointestinal tract. Receiving one or two bags per day reduces the symptoms of intoxication increases the vitamin balance and immune status of the body due to the normalization of digestion. Practical application of the drug Alvinusneytral showed that when taking it from day one is improving the state: is bloating, swelling, decrease pain, normal stools. I would especially like to note its significant advantages over pharmaceuticals, which are advertised, but have many side effects, especially when administered nausea. My clients say the high efficiency of gel Alvinusneytral and especially how quickly it takes action. I believe that this symptom-Gel is essential for everyday use, even perfectly healthy people and must be in every home medicine cabinet!