The energy of an active day

mix Herbal Active artlife

What is the mix?
In English the word "mix" means a mixture that connection. Mix Herbal Active - a new combination product of functional foods, which is based on cereal flakes mixed with pieces of fruit and peanuts, poppy seeds and sesame seeds. The consistency of the mix like a fruit jelly.

Healthy eating begins with a hearty breakfast. During the night of sleep the average person loses 80 calories per hour. So breakfast is a must to restore the energy balance.
Scientific studies have proven that those who eat breakfast, your metabolism is more intense at 3-4% average.
Conversely, those who do not regularly eat breakfast - 4-5% slower. If we abandon the morning meal, the body will drop blood sugar levels, which reduces the reaction rate and the flow of thought processes. The testing found that regular consumption of breakfast increases the quality of jobs on the concentration and retention
information in memory. Experts in nutrition recommend you to breakfast-mine the 25-30% of the daily diet. Proper and regular breakfast stimulates the brain, reducing the risk of obesity and cardiovascular system. From breakfast in no case should not abandon the people in control of body weight, as it contributes to a balanced food intake during the day and prevents the likelihood of overeating. Finally, a good breakfast has a positive effect on
mood and performance. What should be the perfect breakfast? Useful, nutritious, tasty and quick to prepare.

The new functional product Company Artlife fruit and nut mix, based on cereals Herbal Active is an excellent choice for breakfast:
■ Contains different types of carbohydrates that are in balanced proportion. "Fast" carbohydrates (simple saharà) immediately provide the energy necessary for body and brain. A "slow" carbohydrates (starch) normalize the level of
sugar in the blood.
■ Promotes healthy heart. Included in the product L-Taurine is involved in the metabolism of sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium enhances the energetic processes in the body.
■ It is the source of dietary fiber, which provide normal digestion. In addition, dietary fiber improves intestinal flora, promoting bifidobacteria, improve lipid metabolism, withdrawn from the body's foreign compounds such as toxins and radionuclides.
■ Excellent for programs to reduce excess body weight. The product promotes the full and exists a long-term
satiety, that high-calorie snacks eliminates throughout the day.
■ It increases vitality. B vitamins and vitamin C to increase efficiency and strengthen the immune system.
A unique royal jelly (a source of essential and nonessential amino acids, vitamins, enzymes), increases metabolism,
normalizes the tone of blood vessels, creating a cheerful mood and energized.
■ Simple and easy to prepare. Enough to dissolve the contents of a package of hot water and a couple of minutes and a delicious
nutritious breakfast is ready!

The new functional product Artlife fill your day with new energy. Good luck!

Advice to those who find it difficult to accustom myself to breakfast in the morning:
■ Get up 10 minutes earlier.
■ Make the morning exercises.
■ Take a contrast shower or rub a cold wet towel.
■ When did you find it difficult to eat breakfast immediately after waking up, take it with you to work. While you are finishing their office until -
you have time to finally wake up and get ready for eating.
■ Reduce your calorie dinner.