Wiping and pouring

Wiping, pouring, Douches

If the body is weakened, there are chronic diseases, the hardening is better to start with rubdowns and douches.
Rubdown especially useful for people between the ages who have persistent stereotypes and people who are actively pitied himself. After washing the face rubdown - the most gentle means of tempering water. Make it better after the morning exercises or sleep, to remove the relaxation. Sponge oneself down can be a sponge, towel or linen mitten soaked in water and lightly pressed. Uniform-mi quick movements to wipe your hands from the wrist to the shoulder, then - the neck, chest, legs, stomach, back. Belly wipe in a circular motion clockwise from right to left. The whole procedure does not exceed five minutes. During the first week after wiping the skin to rub the hot towel. And the second week - keep moist. It is useful to sponge oneself down before bedtime with warm water and then dressing dry clothes on wet body. Gradual drying of the skin under the clothes relieves mental stress, relaxes muscles and creates the conditions for the development of sleep inhibition. Also, before going to bed can be carried out wash feet. Start the procedure with water temperature 26-28 ° C and gradually reduced (in the week of 1-2 ° C) to 12-15 ° C. After 2-3 weeks you can go to cool off perfusion. Perfusion has been done with the pelvis, a bucket or bath. Better to start with the soul. First, wash your face, hands, legs, chest, abdomen, and then - back. For those who are afraid and do not 
like sudden changes in temperature, chills, etc., who avoids the extreme conditions, first the water temperature in the shower should be slightly cool: 33-34 ° C. Every 3-4 days to reduce the temperature gradually over 1-2 months, bringing to the coldest. After one to two weeks pouring through the soul can go to the pouring out of the pelvis. Take three of the pelvis of water. The first bowl is poured on his head and face, the second - on the chest and abdomen, and the third - on the back. In the first week after dousing the body to pulverize dry towel, and then - do not wipe. Film of cold water on the surface of the body forms a negative ion charge that, penetrating through the skin, neutralizes the positive ions and promotes recovery.
In general, a shower - the best quenching medium. Shower has a thermal and mechanical effects on the body. His influence on the strength of the mechanical zivisit effects and variations in water temperature from indifferent (34-36 ° C). Various combinations of these factors gives a different effect. Hot and prolonged soul reduce the excitability of sensory and motor nerves, increase the intensity of metabolic processes. Warm soul soothing effect on the body. Short-term cold and hot showers increase muscle tone and cardiovascular system. Should I use a douche? Douches requires a high degree of persistence of the organism and endurance. Feature of his that during his reception alternately uses hot and cold water with a temperature drop of 5-7 ° C to 20 ° C and more. Initial mode of tempering with the help of a contrast shower hot water temperature - 37-34 ° C, cold water - 30-28 ° C. Extreme mode: hot water temperature - 41-40 ° C, cold water - 12-15 ° C, 1 minute - hot water for 5-10 seconds - cold water. With a high degree of persistence, you can use douches 2-3 times for 3 minutes, alternating the water temperature 35-40 ° C and 15-20 ° C. Optimal modes of contrast shower: 
hot water - 41-40 ° C, cold water - 27-25 ° C;
hot water - 37-38 ° C, cold water - 12-15 ° C. Douches better not use often. About once a week as a bath.
Rubbing with snow - a procedure to which you can start after long tempering with cold water. Rubbing with snow operates quickly and vigorously for 1-2 minutes. Ground in a mainly upper body. in extreme cold and sudden gale procedure is not recommended. Winter Swimming lessons are recommended in an organized, consisting of sections of winter swimming under the guidance of a coach or an experienced instructor.

Baranova, Svetlana. Strengthening the body