Basis of a separate food

separate food

Chemical basis of a separate food 

One of the main provisions of a separate power supply is a balance of food consumed by chemical reactions and required for the preservation of vital activity of the acid-base balance through food intake. 
Now it is known that acids and bases into the internal environment of the body in two ways: through food and through their education in the process of metabolism. As a result of digestion of some foods acid forming, so they are classified as "acid-forming, and the digestion of others - alkali, therefore, they are among the" schelocheobrazuyuschih "foods. 
The result of converting the former are urea and uric acid. They stand out through the kidneys. With an abundant intake of acid foods, the body can come to perekisleniyu. This is the main cause of numerous diseases. Accumulation in the body of lactic acid and carbon dioxide causes fatigue, leads to pain in nerve endings. Displacement of metabolism toward acidosis - acidification of the fluid environment of the organism can lead to depression, to feeling depressed and overwhelmed. 
Herbal products, which are schelocheobrazuyuschy character, by contrast, shifting the acid-alkaline blood, lymph and interstitial fluid in the alkaline side, contributing to the vitality and mood. 
With this in mind, all products according to their acidic or alkaline properties are divided into four groups: 

1. Strongly Acid: meat, sausages, fish, eggs, cheese, sweets, white flour products, alcohol and coffee.
2. Weakly Acid: cottage cheese, sour cream, nuts, and foods from meal. 
3. Weakly schelocheobrazuyuschie: dried fruit, raw milk and mushrooms. 
4. Strongly schelocheobrazuyuschie: vegetables, fresh fruits, potatoes and green salad. 
That alone says a lot about the division. For example, if dinner consists of meat dishes, in addition to which eats cottage cheese with sour cream and coffee drinking (all acid-products), then this could lead to ne-rekisleniyu organism that is known to be a real threat of disease. 
There are several links between the nature of power and perekisleniem. 
First of all, this consumption of unnatural foods, ie, processed industrial way. For example, white bread or sweets in the body to break down carbon dioxide. For their digestion, need schelocheobrazuyuschie minerals. That they would have to maintain the acid-alkaline balance. But while undergoing the process of metabolism, they are neutralized and can no longer maintain the alkaline balance. 
By perekisleniyu are also constipated, which resulted in the gut is rotting and fermentation. This also contributes to the improper selection of food. As a result, there is an overload of digestive organs and the delay in digestion and, consequently, the formation of acids and subsequent decay. 
Alkaline foods also cleanses the body, creating a normal environment, the digestion forms a small amount of waste, and acidic foods, by contrast, is more difficult to grasp, zashlakovyvaet body. Two-thirds of the alkaline and acidic one-third of food - only with such a balance of nutrition the body will be protected from dangerous glut acid. 
Regulation of acid-base balance is carried primarily by the right, the serial combination of acid and schelocheobrazuyuschih food. 
Excess alkali can also be obtained through the use of highly schelocheobrazuyuschih root crops, particularly potatoes or carrots. 
Energy basis for a separate food 
One of the major arguments in favor of a separate power supply is the concept of "live" energy, developed in the second half of the XIX century Swiss Max Birher - Benner, according to which the biological value of food is determined not by their calorie content, and above all the ability to increase the charge of vitality in the body. In this case, preference should be given to plant products, provided that these products are environmentally friendly. In addition, it is desirable that they were produced in the same area, which is home to the consumer, and are consistent with the time of year. To preserve the health of a person should eat only natural and natural products, since in this case in metabolism included the entire arsenal of the required elements. Of course, it must be products of different species, as none of them individually is not adapted to human needs. 
The only universal product, and then only with certain reservations, can be considered a woman's milk, which is good only for babies but for adults - is unacceptable. 
Herbal products are not only major sources of nutrient values, but the energy of sunlight, which they accumulate in itself. Solar energy is absorbed by plants during photosynthesis and is partly used for their own life, and partly accumulate in vegetable proteins, fats and carbohydrates. People are not able to directly absorb solar energy, and therefore they have to assimilate it from plant foods. In humans it is transformed into other forms of energy needed to carry out physiological processes at the same time as if "the sun shines in our tissues." 
Herbal products should be eaten in raw form, because as a result of relentless industrial and culinary processing of them derive some elements and reject others. Treated thus deprived of food has all that is necessary for human organism in the process of metabolism. 
In contrast to the raw, boiled greens, in itself significantly enrich human food, still can not compare to its advantages with raw plant food and bread. " This is because the organically interconnected mineral salts plant when boiled in salt water are released from their compounds and partly dissolved. So these are important for the construction of the body substance lost. Usually, they merge with the water in which boiled plants. 
That is why it is recommended to cook for a couple of plants or on the water in which they were boiled, roasted soups. However, the cooked greens is a full-fledged component of the diet only under the condition that it combines the raw plant, and bread. 
Hence, quite naturally begs the conclusion of the feasibility of feeding raw plant food. 
Least valuable in terms of energy are animal products, the chemical energy which has undergone a great weakening in connection with necrobiotic processes caused by their preparation. This muscle meat, liver, kidney, brain, game, poultry, fish, smoked and salted meat products and animal fats. 
These products of animal metabolism, necrobiosis and decay are supplemented in the body (eat meat), yet the decay products of combustion and digestion of proteins. Nitrogen nutrient material primarily supplies uriniparous substances, namely: urea, uric acid, sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, etc., the allocation of which lies on the kidneys. With abundant meat diet of these foods release increases dramatically and, therefore, the kidneys become tense. Abundant formation of mineral acids makes the meat and acidic foods reduces the alkalinity of the liquid media of the human body. It is quite clear that toxic decomposition products of meat spread and its effect on other organs of metabolism (liver, colon, pancreatic), eventually causing a total self-poisoning. 
Also highly controversial product in a separate feeding is considered, and cheese. How do foods rich in nitrogen, he, like meat, overwhelms the human body decomposition products of protein substances. True, the cheese stands out meat is very low in purine bases, which, however, leads to a weakening of its internal chemical energy. Therefore, the value of cheese as a food product is negligible. Although perhaps it should be noted, and the fact that cheese contains flavorings that make it in moderate doses suitable for seasoning vegetable dishes. 
Boiled eggs and egg dishes are all the shortcomings of food rich in protein, but nevertheless they are preferable to the meat and cheese, because the human body, they are less toxic. 
Physiology of digestion in terms of a separate food 
It is known that the digestive process begins with crushing the food in your mouth. Available in the saliva enzyme ptyalin cleaves starch into maltose (a complex sugar). It acts only in an alkaline environment. However, if we eat different starches on the composition, the effect ptyalin stops. This means that starch enters the stomach and small intestine small split almost undigested. Action ptyalin stops and when we eat the potato, which contains a lot of starch, together with acidic fruits. In this case ptyalin can not act effectively as in the oral cavity due to fruit acids is virtually absent weakly alkaline medium. Not valid ptyalin and in the stomach, where the environment is pronounced acid reaction. 
In the small intestine, where again Wednesday alkalescent, starch is also digested, but with the help of another enzyme - amylase produced by the pancreas. If the medium in the intestine is not alkaline, it can damage occurring there digestion. 
At various stages of protein digestion is split by different enzymes, but without the initiating action of pepsin no other enzymes are not able to break down. Pepsin acts only in an acidic environment. If you use refrigerated beverage of pepsin action slows down or stops altogether, which results in pain in the stomach. Stomach aches, and sometimes after eaten ice-cream, which consists of sugar, protein and fats, and as we already know, pepsin can not simultaneously break down various substances in the stomach during digestion. 
The tragedy of the standard meal consists in the fact that we eat at the same time incompatible products such as bread with fatty bacon and sausage, porridge with butter and sugar, fruit pie, etc. Thus, the food enters the stomach is the most disorderly manner, proteins mixed with fats and carbohydrates. The trouble is that the protein products in the digestive process can not be combined with carbohydrates - starches substances. Take these two types of food while it is not recommended for the reason that the first stage of digestion of starch requires an alkaline environment, and the first stage of digestion of protein - acidic. The splitting of proteins begins in the stomach by the enzyme pepsin and hydrochloric acid, and therefore quite natural that for the normal digestion of environment of the stomach should be strongly acidic. So, if foods rich in protein (these include meat and fish) are eaten together with foods rich in carbohydrates (eg potatoes), the digestion of either of the other food can not pass optimally due to the fact that the enzymes amylase and pepsin counteract each other: since amylase is needed weakly alkaline medium, pepsin - sharply acidic. Hence, when mixing protein and carbohydrates for the body excessively difficult work for their assimilation, to the same undigested starch absorbs pepsin, and without it, as we know, can not be split proteins. 
Unreasonable as the simultaneous consumption of several kinds of proteins, as this leads to a glut of the body proteins. In addition, two proteins that differ in their chemical composition, require production of gastric juice at different times. Secretion of gastric juice not only begins at a different time, but depends on the qualitative and quantitative composition of food eaten. For bread and milk are not consumed the same amount of gastric juice, despite an equal amount of protein in them. The same thing happens with pepsin, when both eat meat and milk. These different composition of protein foods prepared enzyme pepsin in amounts that correspond to its digestibility. For pepsin digestion of meat protein requires more than for milk protein. Thus, the meat needs more gastric juice compared with the milk. 
Fat, which are full of butter, cream, vegetable oil, margarine, etc., slows down the digestion of protein, which is why the use of protein foods with fat impractical. 
The greatest amount of fat found in fatty meat, fried eggs and meat, nuts, etc. Therefore, they require a longer digestion than postnoe roast, boiled eggs or a sack. Fat neutralized many green vegetables, especially raw sauerkraut. With cheese, nuts are best eaten green vegetables, but not sour fruits, although to someone it seems tasteless. 
Sugar also interferes with the digestion of proteins. He is not digested nor mouth, nor in the stomach, and delayed in the stomach and ferments. Therefore, one can not eat proteins with products containing sugar. A characteristic example are the cream with sugar and eaten as a dessert: digestion, stretches for several hours. 
Neither a substitute for natural vitamins does not have the beneficial effect on digestion, as natural products. Natural vitamins we need to consume only natural form, but that is sold in a pharmacy - just an imitation, simply put, a fake, does not replace healthier diets, which endows us nature. 
Body needs absolutely all the vitamins. A considerable number of them contained in a salad of raw vegetables. In the process of eating vitamins interact not only with each other but also with mineral salts. 
Gastro-intestinal tract is focused on human consumption of natural combination, and not those of random and indiscriminate complexes foods and synthetic vitamins that are so generously stuffed with our civilized world. In this regard, one of the experts on a separate feed joked that nature never produced sandwiches and hamburgers. 
Thus, the human digestive system has to live in harmony with natural natural food combinations, rejecting unsuitable.