Fruits, vegetables

Fruits, vegetables and herbs the body must receive daily. This is an ideal source of natural vitamins and minerals we need. Besides herbs and vegetables contain lots of beta carotene and even kakoeto amount necessary brain fatty, docosahexaenoic acid. Fruits and vegetables needed to maintain acid-base balance in the body. In the chlorophyll a lot of magnesium. Magnesium for chlorophyll has the same meaning as hemoglobin for blood - it is the main transporter of oxygen. In humans, magnesium acts as an anchor, holding in the membranes of all cells of a substance which is the main source of energy. This magniyadenozintrifosfat or magnesium ATP. When the water gets to the magnesium-ATP-store and under the action of the enzyme begins to break down its molecules, a large amount of energy - with the formula for this reaction, you've already learned.
Sunlight. For asthmatics, the sunlight is medicine. The sun's rays affect the deposition of cholesterol in the skin and convert them to vitamin D, which promotes bone formation and retention of calcium in them, which helps the body's growth in childhood. In addition, vitamin D stimulates calcium absorption tract. Calcium has a direct neutralizing effect on acid contained in the body and effectively regulate the acid-alkaline balance of cells, which ultimately helps to prevent the complications of asthma.
If you are going every day to drink enough water, take the necessary amount of salt and provide the body with good exercise (preferably outdoors and under the bright sun), then he himself will lead their needs in proteins, carbohydrates and fats in line with the amount of energy used . Your protein needs will grow, the need to decrease carbohydrates and enzymes that burn fat will start to recycle more fat than is contained in the diet. Contrary to the belief that cholesterol deposits can not be involved in the metabolism of these stocks, too, can be gradually eliminated. The process of cleaning the arteries by cholesterol deposits may take more time than you would like, but in the arsenal of the body has all the necessary chemical technology to remove plaque.
Again, that "bad" cholesterol does not exist. As you may recall, the cholesterol is very necessary to carry out many physiological functions. It remains to determine the reasons the body begins to produce it more than usual.
When the body lacks water, it produces less hydroelectric energy to activate all energy-intensive functions.
An alternative source of energy in the human body are calcium deposits in the bones or inside the cells. Instead of using hydroelectric energy contained in a bundle of two molecules of calcium. Calcium atoms are joined in pairs, while grabbing one molecule of ATP. The cells have large reserves of calcium to the ligament of whose collapse as needed, and stored energy is used in them. Eventually there comes a time when this process leads to too many free calcium atoms - the ashes from the burned fuel. Fortunately, calcium "ashes" is easily turned back into a carrier of energy. To implement this process, recycling the body needs vitamin D.
As I mentioned, the sunlight - energy in its pure form - it converts the accumulated cholesterol in the skin into vitamin D, which is responsible for the process of recapture calcium and to return it to the cells and the bone, where it binds to and stored. Molecule of vitamin D are clinging to their receptors on the cell membrane, while one atom of calcium is attached to a molecule of vitamin D, which is in the process of introducing into the cell through the cell membrane. A bunch of calcium with vitamin D and its receptor on the membrane acts as a kind of a bar magnet, so the whole chain of other essential elements and amino acids is attracted to the publicly available atom of calcium, and with it pulled into the cell.
Thus, the energy of sunlight, which converts cholesterol into vitamin D, has a direct physiological effect on the mechanism of power cells. When calcium enters the cell again, it brings with it other substances it needs. As a result, the cell gets the materials for repair and energy metabolism.
At the same time, the additional energy that enters the cell, used to bind calcium atoms and of the next cycle of accumulation of calcium in bundles of energy reserves for use in the future.
As soon as you make out the logic in a cascade of chemical events occurring in the body, you will be able to fully assess the significance of cholesterol for cellular metabolism, state of the cells and bone structures. My studies have proven that the bones are an emergency reserve of energy that is stored in the sediments of calcium. When the body naturally compelled to destroy the bone calcium for the sake of energy contained in it could happen softening of the bones that you will not be able to maintain high-load, that is, to osteoporosis. And then as a preventive measure the body increases the level of cholesterol in the hope that solar energy will convert it into vitamin D, which will help to fill reserves of calcium in the bones.
Elevated levels of cholesterol in the body should be fully utilized. Try to get out of it as much vitamin D, to increase functionality and efficiency of energy saturation of body cells. Use the sunlight to lower cholesterol.
Some of you may meet this statement with hostility and say that so you can earn melanoma. V.otvet this I give my informed belief that cancers arise due to dehydration, immobility and the wrong choice of food and beverages. More than 20 years, I have three hours six days a week, playing tennis under the burning rays of the midday sun in Tehran. I did not develop any cancer. In support of this statement let me announce the information published in the newspaper «Science Times» July 20, 2004.
Author of article Gina Kolat acquaint readers with the opinion of Dr. A. Bernard Ackerman, a dermatologist about the level of competence which they say 625 scientific publications. Just like me, this authoritative LIMITED doctor does not believe that the culprit of cutaneous melanoma is the sun. Wanting to prove his point, he spent a month vacation on Israeli beaches. He returned from there tanned to blackness, but his health is not affected.
Dr. Ackerman brings indisputable facts. In people with black and yellow skin melanomas do not develop in those areas of the body that are exposed to sunlight, and in places where sunlight is usually not covered - by the feet, palms and mucous membranes. In men, the white race melanomas occur most often in the torso, and women - on their feet, and in those places that most rarely open to the sun. According to Dr. Ackerman, people with fair skin should beware of the sun for one reason only - premature aging. But to cope with this problem is easy: you just need to drink more water.
Do not sit at the table bathed in artificial light in the office and wait for that you have normal cholesterol levels. In this case, you most likely will be an adviser from among the doctor, who not takes on the mechanisms of energy conversion under the action of sunlight, and consider this a natural result of an incomplete chain exchange process "disease" as a vital element of the cholesterol-rin called "bad .
I am sure that the term "bad cholesterol" was invented just to fool people and get them to buy medicines, which reduce the level and make the gullible townsfolk to fill their pockets with someone else's blood. More recently, an explicitly when-feeding "expert group" has gone further and reduced the safe level of cholesterol to such an extent that now almost everyone has to take medication for heart attacks. Charlatans know perfectly well that if cholesterol is never clogs the vein, it can not make responsible clogged arteries - in the history of medicine is not known a single case of cholesterol-clogged veins! Only God can save you from corrupt authorities, who hold key positions in the medical business. To them belongs the final word.

Author: Fereydoon Batmanghelidj
Publisher: Potpourr