Physical exercises


The most important factor of survival after oxygen, water, salt and food - it's exercise. They are much more important for the health of a person than sex, fun or anything else that is capable of income-generating Sit pleasure. That is why physical exercise - a requirement for good health, good health and longevity.
Physical exercises have the following positive effects on your body:
• Improve the work of the cardiovascular system and prevent hypertension.
• Open up the capillaries in muscle tissue and decreasing the resistance arteries, blood flow, normalize blood pressure.
• Build muscle mass and prevent muscle from burning as fuel.
• stimulate the activity of enzymes that burn fat, and send it to produce the energy necessary for the functioning of muscles. When you exercise, then, in effect, switch to the other, the other source of energy for muscular activity, and use instead of sugar contained in the blood, accumulated in the muscles of fats.
• force the muscles to burn as a supplementary fuel, some amino acids that might otherwise reach toxic levels. Increased blood levels of individual branched chain amino acids (characteristic of the sedentary lifestyle) may cause irreparable harm to the body and empty the reserves of other essential amino acids. In a number of particularly vulnerable include the essential amino acids, which are constantly needed for the production of brain neurotransmitters. Two of the most important of them - is tryptophan and tyrosine. Apart from the fact that tryptophan is the material for the production of neurotransmitters in the brain, he plays a more important role in the enzyme system responsible for detection and repair of abnormal DNA transcription.
The brain uses tryptophan to produce serotonin, melatonin, tryptamine and indolamina - antidepressants, are responsible for the regulation of blood sugar and blood pressure. Tyrosine is used for the production of adrenaline, noradrenaline and dopamine - substances that are absolutely necessary for the coordination of physiological processes, when you have to perform physical actions, such as fight, run, play sports, and so on. In addition, depletion of tyrosine in the amino acid reserves of the body is the main cause of Parkinson's disease.
• Helps strengthen muscles. As is known, untrained muscles gradually eroded. As a result of excretion of residual muscle tissue lost part of the reserves of zinc and vitamin B6. On a definite, permanent stage in the process of depletion of vitamin B6 and zinc begin to develop various mental disorders and neurological complications. This is the reason many autoimmune diseases including lupus and muscular dystrophy.
• force the muscles to hold in reserve more water and prevent the increase in blood concentration, which could otherwise damage the blood vessels. Lower blood sugar in the blood apparently in diabetics and reduce their need for insulin injections or oral medications.
Cause the liver to produce sugar from fat, which she lays, or the fats that circulate in the bloodstream.
Improve the mobility of the joints of the body and create intermittent vacuum within the articular cavities. Vacuum suction force helps in joint cavity of water, which gives back the dissolved nutrient needed cartilage cells.
In addition, increased water content in cartilage provides additional lubrication and a smooth sliding of articular surfaces of bones in each other. Calf muscles act as a subsidiary "hearts". With the help of their contraction and relaxation we overcome the force of gravity when we are in an upright position. Gastrocnemius muscles injected into the venous blood system, deposited at the feet. With one-sided valves in the veins of the reduction in calf muscle pushing blood through the veins of foot upwards against gravity.
Thus, these muscles act as a kind of "heart" of the venous system of the body. This is one of the virtues of exercise, which people have not yet learned to appreciate fully. By-pass other things, the leg muscles stimulate the same intense circulation in the lymphatic system and cause swelling of the legs disappear. 
Strengthen the skeletal system and help prevent osteoporosis.
Stimulate the production of vital hormones, increasing libido and increasing sexual activity.
One hour walk activates hormones that burn fat. These hormones remain active for 12 hours. Walking in the morning and the value of cherom provide them with round the clock activity and clean up the arterial system from deposits of cholesterol. Increases the activity of the sympathetic nervous system, stimulated by adrenaline, which prevents excessive secretion of histamine, preventing asthma attacks and allergic reactions - assuming adequate hydration of the body.
• Helps increase production of endorphins and enkefali-new, natural opiates that will ensure the same "buzz", which addicts are trying to achieve with drugs pre-Paraty.
Develop endurance expedient than to increase the speed or quality to increase muscle mass. When choosing exercise is best to look at them in terms of long-term use. Steyer will enjoy your favorite sport to old age. Sprinter long hundred-meter race will be run for fun. 
The best form of exercise, the benefits of which-cerned, you can use even in old age, without causing any harm to the joints - is walking. Among other sports, stamina, include swimming, golf, skiing, skating, hiking, tennis, squash, cycling, tai chi, yoga, aerobics and dance. When selecting exercises, pay attention to their ability for a long time to maintain the activity of enzymes that burn fat. Exercise in the fresh air healthier than indoors, because in the first case you are restoring a natural connection between the body and nature.
Thus, the four most important step to better health
• the balance of salt and water in the body; 
• exercise to strengthen muscles - the best in the fresh air and sunlight;
• a diet based on a balanced intake of protein and vegetables;
• rejection of dehydrating beverages.
These simple rules can prevent the disease or become the basis of any treatment that would be needed for your body.

Author: Fereydoon Batmanghelidj . Publisher: Potpourri