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Walking barefoot

Walking barefoot

Walking barefoot - important to strengthen and revitalizing treatment. Numerous receptors located on the bottom, sending a huge number of nerve  impulses to the brain. In the future, this energy saturates neuroendocrine, cardiovascular, respiratory, excretory, and other body systems. Foot, located in the shoe, sends signals to the same type that accelerates the fatigue and imbalance. Various same irritation when walking barefoot - biting, soft, rough, wet, cold, etc. - Selectively affect physiological functions, coaching them. Walking barefoot evokes positive emotions in the body, preventing illness and disease. Strengthening the skin of the feet, walking to prevent contamination by a fungus, improves the ability of teploregulyatornye soles, strengthens the body's resistance to cold infections. By walking barefoot to get used to gradually and systematically. First, train yourself to walk barefoot around the apartment, on a cold water bath, then the earthen ground in the yard. With the onset of frost walk on ineyu, and later - in the snow. Walking barefoot on hard ground and gravel promotes foot skin and reducing the perception of pain and cold stimuli. Walking on water, wet grass, the cold wet stones - a powerful tempering factor. Start walking in the cold water in winter can be in the bathtub, pouring water just above the ankles. It is recommended to walk, not stand in water. Time dose of sensations. Starting with 3 minutes to bring it up to 15 minutes. This procedure is especially useful for children suffering from enlarged adenoids. Walk barefoot in the street is better for 2 times a day - morning and evening - throughout the year. This procedure gives a significant influx of energy into the body. Quenched body, strengthens the immune system, there is a reflex recovery of the internal organs, especially the liver, eye, stomach, pancreas, intestines, heart, lungs, kidneys, etc. 
Through bare feet resets the accumulated static electricity, which adversely affects the body, causing rapid fatigue or excitement, as well as various pain. If you start walking barefoot in the winter, before it needed 2-3 weeks to wash his feet in cold water. You can then take to the streets, stepping on the snow and then put on shoes. Increase the time needed to gradually bringing it to the end of winter to 5 minutes. When walking barefoot on the street, you can learn the special Curative breath: the breath to pull energy from the Earth to the very top, feeling, as she makes up for lack of health, vitality, strength, peace of mind ... On the exhale envelop her own body.
Started walking barefoot, be aware that:
- Hot sand, asphalt, snow, ice, sharp stones, slag, pine needles, cones have a stimulating effect on the nervous system;
- The warm sand and soft grass, road dust, the room carpet - calming; 
- Average between these actions has a neutral temperature of the asphalt, uneven ground, the room floor, wet grass, which is moderately tonify the nervous system.
After each procedure, walking barefoot to wash his feet. Then do a 2-3-minute massage, vigorously kneading fingers, soles and calf muscles. Hardened foot can and shoes, putting back a slightly damp grass of mint, violets and thyme. Occurs when running or walking a slight irritation soles stimulates blood circulation, restoring the power of an organism.

Baranova, Svetlana. Strengthening the body

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