Sun - the source of life on the planet. The sun radiates a wide range of frequencies. Impacting on the human body, gets into all of its structure, affects all functions. Sunbathing extends the frequency range of the human physical body, especially in the direction of the light elements: helium, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, etc., which is very useful for the organism. In fire while lying on the sand in the body extra energy comes of silicon, which strengthens the cardiovascular system, bone and muscle.
Sonastraivayas to resonate with certain frequencies of sunlight, need to learn specifically to absorb the energy of joy, youth, beauty, health ...
From dawn to dusk in natural light affects the body as a natural color therapy. Before sunrise the invisible ultraviolet rays stimulate the endocrine system, accelerate the process of purification and self-healing bodies, prepares the body for eating. At dawn the red and orange components of sunlight have a bracing, stimulating effect on the entire body. In the evening, at dusk blue and violet rays relieve stress and soothe. Under the influence of ultraviolet rays increases the ability of cells to repair itself. Therefore, ultraviolet light treat many disorders of the physical body.
Transformed, the sunlight is stored in various parts of the body, down to cells and molecules. Just as with other procedures, while strengthening the body's own sunbathing is necessary to observe gradual. Sunlight has the unique ability to transform negumanoidnye energy egoism. And if their concentration in the body is high, it is likely to get skin burns, even after brief exposure to the sun. May also activate different diseases, including cancer.
Given this, sunbathing should be taken slowly and gradually from early spring until late autumn. Sunbathing is best to take in the morning when the earth and the air is less heated and the heat is easier. Sunbathing is recommended to take 30-40 minutes after ingestion. Undesirable to sunbathe on an empty stomach and just before eating. Early spring and late autumn sun can be 11 to 14 hours, and in late spring and summer - from 8 am to 11 am. If there is a desire to soak up the sun during the day when the sun
is already high, the subject's body irradiation is better through the foliage. First Solar procedures are encouraged to continue no longer than 30 minutes, gradually bringing the time down to 2-3 hours. Every hour to take breaks at least 15 minutes resting in the shade. The ideal option is to stay in the sun all day, learning of his energy and
translating it into its own vitality. It is best to take a sunbath, sitting on the couch or litter, his feet toward the sun. The head should be covered with bright dresses or umbrella. It is not necessary to bandage his head with a towel, a scarf, and the more wear on the head of rubber or plastic bathing sharochki. Recommended more frequently to change position. You can not sleep during sunbathing, as You can get burned. The speaker on the skin to wipe the sweat because on wet skin also increases the likelihood of burns. When there is a meaningful absorption of solar energy in various organs, tissues, emotions, states, situations, etc., must alternate periods of relaxation with periods of movement - walking, dancing, exercise, swimming in the pond ...
During a sunburn every 15-20 minutes is useful to bathe or douche. Wash with soap and water before tanning is not recommended, since the soap washes off the natural
lipid film, which helps to absorb the sun's rays. In the sun, the skin temperature rises by 4-8 ° C for 10-15 minutes, and in the shade during this time reduced to the original.
The temperature of tissue lying at a depth of 2-3 cm normal within an hour. Therefore, the combination of sun-bathing with water procedures creates a tempering effect. In winter, the surface of the body exposed to solar radiation, significantly decreases due to wear. open areas in summer is 10-12% of the total body surface, but in winter only 5-7%. Even in the mid-latitudes, not to mention the northern regions of Russia, the human body lacks ultraviolet rays. In winter, a must use every sunny day to soak yourself solar energy. Pulling them through the eyes, face, palms of hands, you first need to saturate the brain and nervous system, and then the energy is stored in the solar plexus and liver, feeding out the internal organs. Proper absorption of solar energy promotes good physical and mental state of health, increased optimism, increasing efficiency, improving the perception and memory, purifying the skin,
normalization of the functions of the gastrointestinal tract, strengthen hair and nails, improve eyesight, hearing, the disappearance of nasopharyngeal disorders, increase the ease and joy in the body.

Baranova, Svetlana. Strengthening the body