Air baths

Air baths

Air - one of the key elements necessary to sustain life. It needs all the cells of the body. Hardening air - the most gentle and safe
tempering procedures. With air baths, and is recommended to begin a systematic hardening. Tempering effect of the air depends mainly on its temperature. However, we must also take into account humidity and air velocity. According to the called teplooschuscheniyu air baths are divided into:
• cold 6-13 ° C
• Cool, 14-19 ° C
• indifferent 20-22 ° C
• warm 23-30 ° C
• hot above 30 ° C
This gradation is conditional and is designed for the average person. Naturally, people feel cold hardened occurs at lower temperatures. Starting air baths are best in summer, while in the park, in woods, in waters where the air is full of beneficial plant emissions and air ions. Everyone knows how easy and good in there to breathe (after hectare of coniferous forests filter out 30-35 tons of dust per year, deciduous - 50-70 tons), and how uncomfortable happens to urban traffic or in cramped, poorly ventilated areas. In these cases say about the lack of air, oxygen. But it is not a shortage of oxygen, but in its quality (ionic) state. The presence of ions in the air - a permanent environmental factors such as temperature, pressure, humidity. Value for human life represent
negatively charged oxygen ions. Number of them in nature increases due to lightning, solar radiation, radiation, soil, cosmic rays,
moving air. They accumulate at the surface of water, especially moving near the rocks, pine needles, leaves, trees, etc. On average over the surface of the Earth
in 1 cm3 of air contains up to 1500 ions, among which are increasingly dominated by positively charged. Negative ions more than just a mountain and sea air - up to 20 000 cm3, in a suburban forest - 2000 cm3, and on city streets around 100-200 cm3, and in the apartments of 20-50 per cm3.

Change in the degree of ionization of the air inhaled entails changes in various organs and systems responsible for the vitality of the body. Lack of negative ions is especially true in the blood, appearing thrombohemorrhagic syndrome (blood clots and blood clots). As a result of this syndrome vsevnutri-and intercellular structures reversibly or irreversibly thicken, exfoliate and dissolve, disorganizing tissue. Thus, developing almost any illness. And if this process is caused by the decrease of negative oxygen ions in the cell, they increased the number of domestic can recover and lead elektroobmen body to recover. Very useful to inhale the sea air. Sea - especially when a storm - the best natural inhalation. In 1 cm3 of the coastal marine air contains more than 2 thousand of negatively charged ions that are beneficial to the body. Scattered tiny splashes are a lot of mineral salts contained in sea water, minerals, ozone. Their inhalation is useful for respiratory diseases, cardiovascular disorders, neurological disorders and other ailments.
Air baths, that is, tempering air is best done by direct contact of the body unprotected clothes with an air environment. Take bath
lying down or in motion. During cool and cold baths to perform physical exercises. In wet and windy weather, the duration of air
bath reduced. When it rains, fog, wind, more than 3 meters per second to carry out the procedure should not be.

Dosage air baths in two ways: gradual decrease in temperature or increase in the duration of the procedure at the same temperature. The first air bath at a temperature of 10-15 ° C should be no longer than 15-20 minutes. During their must-vyponyat energetic movements. Control the residence time in the air without clothing can be subjective sensations. The appearance of a fever is a signal for vigorous rubbing of the body and clothing. Chills, shivering - the physiological reaction to cooling, which is characterized by the inclusion of the thermoregulatory system increases heat generation and decreased heat loss through the narrow vessels of skin. Heat production may increase 10 times. Thus, the body warms itself. To help the body to warm up, you can make a jog and do some gymnastic exercises. Effect of wind increases the effects of air, increasing the flow of ions, accelerating cooling, training vessels, body massage, etc. In winter, start taking the air bath is recommended in a pre-ventilated area. The air temperature should not exceed +16-18 ° C. For
increase in the ionic composition of indoor air can be used chandelier Chizhevskogo or its analogs, ionizing the air. The residence time in the nude

condition is desirable to bring up to 2 hours daily. Naked body - a sign of openness to the world, trust life, merging with nature. At this time the unprece-
pyatstvenny exchange of energies between the body and the environment in a positive wave. Therefore, even a 15-minute scheduled air baths give a positive energy
goinformatsionny effect. By tempering the air is also a dream at an open window or window at any time of year. Need to sleep on a flat hard surface. Ideally, as the surface is better to use non-colored and lacquered boards resonantly friendly wood. On top of them can put a blanket. It is not necessary to apply the foam because it absorbs energy. As a pillow, you can use thick or thin cushion, but rather a dense cushion. Sleep better in the nude

under a light but warm blanket. If you are emotionally easily excitable, then head to go to the north. This area of calms the nervous system, eliminates fear, increases physical strength and confidence. If in the morning you find it difficult to get up, you better head to bed to the east. Sleep in an easterly direction gives lightness, flexibility, intellectual mobility. And if you develop unusual in his ability, or want to become more sensitive, you can choose the southern route. 
As the tempering procedure is transferred to the open air. Hardening in air occurs due to prolonged exposure to the outdoors. Moreover, the greater the difference
between body temperature and air temperature, the greater the tempering effect. Starting out, you need to dress for the weather, taking into account what would have to deal with. If you have a lot to move, physically work, the clothing should be possible to facilitate the return of warmth and protection from the wind. An increase in physical activity need for warm clothing is reduced by about a factor of 5-10, and the intensity of metabolism in the running kkal/m2 increases to 400 per hour, so the frost in light clothes to move quickly. For sporting activities in the air at a temperature above +10 ° C to wear a sports jersey, shorts, sweat suit, cotton socks and athletic. By lowering the temperature up to 0 ° C and lower costs to warm clothes: instead of a light tracksuit to wear a tracksuit with fleece and wool headphones. If the frost on the street to -20 ° C, clothing should be supplemented with insulated liner jacket, wool socks and mittens.
Not recommended to wear headgear. Hair well protect the head from overheating and overcooling, and hats, Panama, his cap, caps degrade heat and
ventilation with appropriate consequences. You can use a visor, which regulates the solar light entering the eye. But it is better to train the eye to sunlight, increasing with the help of life force. The coat protects the head from the cold. If you do not wear headgear in the winter hair begins to grow faster, become thicker and thicker. The view that the cold hair falls out, unnecessarily. If this happens at someone, it is not from the cold. To neutralize the stereotype that a cold is bad for the hair, in winter you can go first on wearing a knitted cap, and then headphones or wool rim, covering the ears. Especially important to keep an open mind boys and men. Reducing the amount of clothing in the cold period, you must be aware of adequacy. It is a process of tempering, but not on hours of work in the snows of Antarctica at -50 ° C.

Baranova, Svetlana. Strengthening the body