Water Treatments

Water - the elixir of life.

The human body or any other creatures on ¾ of the water. The fact that water can exist in three physical states: solid, liquid and gas - has been known 

always. But only recently, at the end of the 2 nd millennium, it was discovered another, the fourth state of water - information. Suddenly it became clear to scientists that water, like a living creature, has a memory. She sees and remembers any impact, as if knowing everything that happens in space.
Water surrounds us and the information contained in all living organisms, takes, copies, stores and transmits information, even such as human thought, word and
emotion. The sensitivity of the information system of water so high that it is able to feel the impact of forms of surrounding objects, music,
identify people on different photos, to understand human speech and the meaning of words and even empathize with grief and joy. Feeling amazing ease, luxury and relaxation, which give us water treatment, psychologists explain that the first 9 months of existence, a person spends in the water. Everyone knows the beneficial effect of bathing on the health and beauty. Swimming not only used for hardening, but also for the treatment of diseases and to prolong youth. Swimming shown in diseases of the musculoskeletal system, fatigue, gynecological disorders, varicose veins, venous insufficiency, obesity, aging of skin.
Water adjusts the psycho-emotional state, relieves anxiety and fatigue, depression and stress. Cold water, affecting the nervous system, relieves
fatigue, lethargy, infuses vigor and good humor. Reflexly causing vasoconstriction of skin (and in them is a third part of the whole human blood), water intensifies
blood flow and extra nutrients into the body. Following the short-term contraction of blood vessels begins to increase, accompanied by reddening and warming of the skin. Contraction and subsequent expansion of blood vessels - a good gymnastics of the circulatory system, as well as associated with it all the organs, then the entire body. Water below +15 ° C promotes the formation of a pulsed heat. Impulse heat - it's warm-up and skin cells up to +42 ° C. As a result of heating the healthy cells are strengthened, and patients die. Cold water causes a significant loss of body heat. And these losses are greater, the colder the water, and
lengthy procedures. In the first few minutes is the maximum heat loss in the future, this process slows down.
Water Treatments on thermal sensation are divided into:
• cold below +20 ° C
• cool +20-33 ° C
• neutral +34-35 ° C
• warm +36-40 ° C
• hot above +40 ° C
The essence of the hardening of cold water that repeated exposure of cold water creates conditions for the reactions that reduce heat loss and increase heat production, metabolism in the body and to the additional internal heat. The best quenching in cold water - is swimming in natural waters in the summer or winter in the basin. While sailing, water massages the skin, strengthens muscles, stimulates the subcutaneous blood flow and stimulates the nerve receptors. The increased decay heat is compensated by increased heat production. At the same water temperature and air water seems much colder. For example, heat it at a temperature of +20 ° C is 4 times higher than in air. Energy consumption and metabolism in such water increased by 1,5 times. Swimming in the summer in open water - one of the best ways to hardening, because the air, sun and water turn out to be a complex effect on the body. Start to swim when the water temperature reaches 18-20 ° C. Stop swimming when the air temperature 14-15 ° C, and water - 11-13 ° C. It is advisable to swim in the morning and evening, the first time, every day, and then 2-3 times a day. Gaps between the bathing should be 3-4 hours. The water must move more and swim. Than the water cooler, the stronger must be the motion. Duration of swimming individually - until chills. The colder the water, the shorter it should be contact with the body. With adequate application of water treatments improve the function of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, blood composition, harmonized neuro-psychic sphere; improved apparatus thermoregulation; meteozavisimost disappears. Since improving endocrine system, the men recovered and increased potency, but women get rid of frustration in the sexual sphere, and infertility. In addition, cold water is a powerful obstacle to the formation of cancerous tumors, and promotes the resorption has occurred.

Baranova, Svetlana. Strengthening the body