Sea bathing

Sea bathing

Sea bathing useful for neuroses, sexual disorders, weakened immunity. Sea water enlivens all living processes,
improves blood circulation and metabolism, and harmonizes the nervous system, increases resistance to negative factors. Sea bathing is recommended for back pain, lower back, joints, and wounds and fractures. After bathing, skin vessels dilate, she blushes, the muscles relax. Miniscule salt crystals remain on the skin even after wiping, which helps to activate blood circulation for a long time. This increases the turgor of the skin, its elasticity, cellulite disappear.
How to bathe in the sea?
Healthy and strong people can swim at any time of day. Those who are weaker, must not enter the water on an empty stomach or after eating. The best time for swimming - 30-40 minutes after breakfast.
• Water temperature for swimming also depends on the individual features: hardened people can enter the water even at 14-16 ° C without any special preparation. Impaired should be dipped, if the water temperature not lower than 21-22 ° C, and they must be sure to warm up in the sun or sit clothed, to warm the body. But it is better to warm up the active movements: walking, jogging or gymnastics.

• Duration and frequency of bathing is also dependent on the health and weather. Impaired people enough to go into the water 1 time a day for 5-7 minutes.
• Do not allow sea bathing in epilepsy and other serious central nervous system and blood vessels, with some lung and kidney diseases, malignant tumors.

Baranova, Svetlana. Strengthening the body