Liver cleansing


Liver cleansing can be performed after bowel cleansing. During treatment it is important not to overeat, not eat killer food, cocoa, coffee, chocolate. Liver cleansing can restore color of the hair and remove spots of skin.
The liver should be cleaned with:
- Increased irritability, aggressiveness, fear, depression, indecision;
- Vascular dysfunction (low or high blood pressure);
- Hormonal disorders and sexual disorders;
- Heartburn, nausea, heaviness in the right upper quadrant, pain in the hips, waist and knee joints;
- Pale skin, covered with spots and other artifacts;
- Dizziness and impaired coordination.
A major role in cleansing the biliary tract are cholagogue grass. Nature took care of that there were many. They also contribute to the normalization of the entire digestive tract and excretory system.
The biggest choleretic effect have: dandelion flowers and sand immortelle, corn columns with stigmas, the rhizome of calamus swamp and valerian drug, herb Oregano, peppermint, calendula blossoms drug and chamomile, fennel fruit than usual.
Soft cholagogic effect give fruits and leaves of bilberry, wild strawberries and blueberries. Purified biliary tract egg yolks, dill, celery, rhubarb, spinach, carrots, olives, mustard, grapes (black, sweet), cabbage (black and white cabbage), oil (olive, corn, sunflower), juice of black radish, parsley root, horseradish leaves of coltsfoot, chicory, turnips, Jerusalem artichoke.
Cleansing Tea: 1 ch.lozhku choleretic herbs to brew a cup of boiling water. Infuse for 5-10 minutes. Drink 1 / 2 cup 3-4 times a day for 15 minutes before meals for 10 days.
Cleansing the liver sodium thiosulfate
Thiosulfate (or hypo) Sodium is sold in pharmacies in the form of ampoules. The course of treatment - 10 vials (1 vial per day). The contents of the ampoule to dissolve in a glass of water at room temperature and have a drink in two doses: 1 / 2 cup in the morning for 30 minutes before meals and 1 / 2 cup at night before bedtime. Thiosulfate leaches from the liver of heavy metals, residues of drugs (including antibiotics), all poisons and harmful chemical ingredients that are stuck in the liver cells and intercellular spaces.
After a 10-day treatment in the body appear easy, energized, whites of the eyes take on a clean bluish tinge, stronger nails, better start to grow hair, cleaned the skin, improves joint function.

Cleansing the liver with olive oil and lemon juice
In a glass of warm water add 1 des.lozhku lemon juice or apple cider vinegar and 1 ch.lozhku olive oil. Solution through a straw to drink before bedtime. Region of the liver oil Finalgon diluted butter (1:1). This procedure is well tolerated by people who removed the gallbladder, as well as suffering from hypotension (low blood pressure). Course - 10 sessions in a day. The classic way to clean the liver
It is recommended to fans of, and people with a penchant for extreme experiments. 3 days before the full moon to start drinking fruit juice from apples and beets (1 part sugar beet and 4 of the apples). Morning and
in the evening to do a cleansing enema. If it is very difficult to conduct training on the juice, you can have fresh apples with a green-skinned, ie Sour Cherries.

On the day of treatment in the last 14 hours to drink the juice.
In 15 hours - 1 tablet, but shpy and 1 drop of allohola drink hot water. Region of the liver begin to warm with heaters. Warmer should cover the area of the liver in front and back. You can use a heating pad or Finalgon diluted with butter.
17 hrs. 30 min. - Enema.
18 hr. - 1 tablet, but shpy.
19 hrs. - Start drinking harvested in advance (1 cup) olive oil and lemon juice. At a time to drink 1 tablespoon oil, then 1 tablespoon of juice. The procedure is repeated every 15 minutes until the end until all the butter and juice. When you are sick to smell garlic or lemon peel. In between lie a drink on the right, then on the left side, walk, crouch, shake the stomach by activating the work of the gallbladder and liver, all the while to keep heat in the liver at both the front and rear.
In the 23 hours may occur the first release from the gut. As a result of cleaning out the green bilirubin plastilinopodobnye education, necrotic mucosa, spent bile, black stones, sand, various films, including fungi. If the urge to stool for 23 hours does not appear, then you need to do an enema. Purification process will continue until the morning, so it is recommended to maintain the heat in the liver. Morning to do another enema.
First meal - fresh apple juice, diluted with water at a ratio of 1:2. After 30 minutes to eat grapefruit. It is desirable in this day to eat fruit and juices, but if it is difficult to do, then you can eat buckwheat or oatmeal (rolled oats), cooked in water without salt.
The procedure is contraindicated in hypertension, hypotension and cardiac diseases, with large stones in the gallbladder in acute inflammatory diseases, in the days of menstruation and pregnancy. Cleansing the liver in gallbladder
A week before the scheduled day of atonement to the area of the liver within 1 hour to make compresses of the following composition:
• Sporýš (bird mountaineer) 4-6 st.lozhek
• Sea salt 1 tbsp
• Citric acid 1 / 3 tsp
• Boiling water 1 liter
Soak a cotton fabric composition and wrap her area of the liver . On top of it and put a polyethylene cover with a warm scarf. Morning and evening to do a cleansing enema. On the day of cleaning drinking acidic water:
1 ch.lozhku 9% of apple cider vinegar to 1 cup of warm water. In the evening at 19.00 to drink 100 grams of olive oil and as much lemon juice, alternating portions every 15 minutes: a sip of olive oil and a sip of lemon juice. To keep the compress on the liver.
Running for the liver
Running is also an excellent means of cleansing the liver. While running in the liver and gall bladder arise inertial efforts to facilitate a rapid detoxification. To do this within 3-6 weeks to run for 30-60 minutes daily. The process is accelerated by adding a 36-hour weekly fasting: the night - 12 hours per day - 12 hours + night - 12 hours. In the days of famine in the morning to run, and during the day cholagogue drink teas. On the day of withdrawal from hunger after a morning jog to visit the sauna. After the sauna drink a 0,5-0,7 liters of freshly prepared juice (beetroot and apple in a ratio of 1:4). Beetroot and apple juice cleanses and purifies the gallbladder and bile ducts and causes relaxation. After a while you can eat salad, and then germinated wheat or alfalfa and cereal on the water. As a result, running stop and disappear pain in his right side and under the shoulder blade, that will indicate the release of toxins.

Breath to strengthen the liver

To enhance the effect of cleaning and strengthening the liver you need to master the breath through it. Inspiratory to imagine how the energy of health is to the liver, which is accompanied by sensations of coolness, on the exhale - the energy is absorbed, enhancing the liver tissue and removing it from the slag, which is accompanied by feelings of warmth and the disappearance of the discomfort.

Baranova, Svetlana. Strengthening the body