Getting rid of parasites

Parasites, giardia, helmints, lamblia

bacteria, viruses, worms, living at the expense of the owner is the true cause of most diseases.
The main objective of any parasite - to live quietly in the body of media. There are external and internal parasites. We're talking about parasites that live inside the human body. They can live in any tissue or organ support.
The total number of species of parasites that can live off human, is several hundreds. Research methods that exist in contemporary parasitology, still not perfect, to detect all parasites hiding in the body. It is believed that the parasites - a "disease of dirty hands." Thinking patterns formed by health education, do not give a complete picture of the causes of helminthiasis. Parasites recorded in the organism not only with dirty hands. Their source may be different products. Transfer of worms all flying and crawling insects, as well as dogs and cats. Eggs of worms can even be transmitted from mother to newborn through the blood. Worms can survive in the human body for decades, adapting to the most adverse conditions and almost nothing themselves are not showing up to the moment to reduce the host immune system. On the intestinal parasites symptoms can say, if a man come in bouts of weakness, he abruptly lose weight or fullness, if he has weird headaches, tendency to gastro-intestinal disorders, diarrhea, nausea, etc. Skin diseases: psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, herpes, common acne - may also indicate the presence of parasites in the body. Manifestations of helminthiasis can be completely non-standard and depend on the type of worms and their location. And they might take a fancy to any organ and tissue.
Release from parasites often removes the diagnosis of infertility derives from precancerous condition; exempt from colitis, ulcers, cholecystitis, nodes on the thyroid, arthritis, endocrine and cardiovascular disorders, skin diseases. To get rid of parasites, one must observe a vegetarian diet. Long and winding digestive tract rights differs significantly from the short digestive tract of predators feeding on meat. Man on the structure of an organism refers to primates (monkeys), so natural for him is to plant foods. The processing of meat food human-agency body has to expend much energy, and yet the meat is exposed rather than digesting and rot, creating a breeding ground for worms. In addition, the meat - the main source of pathogenic microorganisms and nutrient medium worms, their breeding grounds.
To destroy the worms, the meat must be cooked for at least 3 hours, but after that it becomes practically inedible. Vegetarian diet deprives the parasites feed
environment. Nuts, vegetables, fruits, herbs in raw form contain enzymes, volatile and other substances that are incompatible with life parasites. Green and orange paralyze the functions of worms, so the greens, carrots, pumpkin, tomatoes, sea buckthorn, persimmon long appreciated in folk medicine.
In exile, the parasites is of great importance spleen - the body produces special flora, which is detrimental effect on the worms. Spleen is necessary to maintain the bitterness that enhance its function. Bitterness and the need to form a complete bile produced by the liver, is also involved in the antiparasitic defense.
In the southern peoples diet is not by chance prevail burning spices and bitter: these spices protect against infection by parasites, which are especially numerous in warm climates.
The Russians, too, it was decided to add food bitterness. Powder from tansy, for example, refueled soup, stew and main dishes. An indispensable tool for getting rid of worms - wormwood. It not only kills any parasites, but also to heal, Vaeth many diseases. To get used to her grief, we should start with small doses: before eating for a long time to chew a small flower (dry or fresh), and then swallow. Every 2 hours to repeat the procedure. On the second day - every 2 hours already swallowed by 2 flower. On the 3rd - 3. On the fourth - to 4 flowers. With the 5-day absinthe take to 5 flowers 3 times daily before meals and the fourth time - at night for 2 weeks. Wormwood can hold for a while in your mouth to disinfect the teeth, gums and throat.
Dry grass is better than broth, so that the liquid quickly runs through the gastrointestinal tract, and the powder is processed for much longer, permeating all inaccessible places.
Likewise, you can take tansy and yarrow. The effect of purification will increase if the pre-anthelminthic drugs to fasting-diet therapy in the juices and herb broth for 2-3 days. And before that, 1-2 weeks to observe a vegetarian diet. All antiparasitic treatments must be accompanied by microclyster as helminths, dying, decay and poison the body. For this, 1 ch.lozhku Artemisia pour 1 liter of water, bring to a boil, hold the fire for 30 seconds, for 10 minutes, cool to +40 ° C. Before going to sleep type 50-100 ml of solution into a clean rectum and leave overnight in the intestine. Women are useful to make this solution douching, as the vaginal mucosa is a fertile environment for the habitat of parasites, ranging from protozoa (trichomonas, chlamydia) and ending crawl here from intestinal worms. Receive de-worming plants better in the days of the full moon and new moon, when the parasites become active and
lead the process of reproduction. During this period, to avoid foods high in sugar and yeast products that are perfect breeding ground for worms. Conducting antiparasitic procedure will be painless, if free from worms their pets, drugs for which you can buy in pet stores. Treatment of animals should be carried out at least 2 times a year. Check the condition of his body, and as soon as you feel malaise and weakness that may indicate infection of worms, use the above tips.

Baranova, Svetlana. Strengthening the body