Fasting days

Fasting days (FD), including sanitary and starvation, can be carried out if the body is pure enough, or that there is an urgent need, such as illness. Usually animals avoid eating during the illness. Children, too, reject it if you feel unwell. In adults, the disease is observed during the loss of appetite, but food intake, as a rule, is continuing. Currently, many already know what to eat during a disease - it means to feed the disease. This particularly applies to food of animal origin. Go to the juice or fruit diet makes the disease and promotes a speedy recovery. Especially shows the FD for colds and chronic chronic illnesses, often associated with intoxication of the body products of metabolism, with dysfunction and fatigue in some of the conditions of limit loads. Stomach during the fasting-diet therapy, eats the extra tissue, freeing up energy for the recovery of the body. 
Short break from food is a necessary preventative measure to remove from the body of accumulated degradation products. RD has a rejuvenating effect and contribute to the prolongation of active life. FD are rather severe test, especially for a man who has decided for the first time on this step. Fasting days are conducted on raw fruits, vegetables, juices, and just on the water. Discharged to 1 time per week in the same day. Within three months of the FD are found in raw vegetables and fruits, and within three months - on the juice, and only then can proceed 
to the taxiway on the water. For unloading of raw fruits and vegetables to stock up on them so as to eat during the day 1-1,5 kg. It is desirable to eat every hour, eating 100-150 grams of raw vegetables and fruits. You can make salads, but only fill them with lemon juice and vegetable oil (without sour cream, mayonnaise and salt). Drink water and herbal tea throughout the day, when I want. For unloading at the juices to cook 1,5-2 liters of juice. Drink them better-prepared as 1 glass every hour. Water and teas - as needed. In summer you can make a fruit and vegetable discharge for 7-14 days. Due to intensive feeding the gifts of luscious summer in the internal environment will go pure vegetable and fruit juices that will have on its antioxidant, detoxification and obscheozdoravlivayuschee action.

At the beginning of cleaning you need to eat grass, parsley, which has detoxication, antiseptic, antispasmodic and pronounced diuretic, so it is especially useful for people with kidney and cardiovascular disorders, accompanied by edema. Eaten in the morning a bunch of parsley in the body creates the prerequisites for forced diuresis, causing the urinary system work hard and show nitrogenous waste products from the body. Active urea division will strengthen the movement to liquid body. The result will be printed is the fluid, which for a long time was at a standstill. Due to this swelling will disappear and improve the performance of all body systems. After parsley can eat raw vegetables, fruits and berries. This will create conditions to sustain for some time a small negative water balance that is fluid for some time will be allocated to more than come inside, which will lead to a gradual purification and alkalinization in the interstitial fluid space. Orange activates all body functions, strengthens the nerves and brain, rapidly neutralizes excess acidity, a variety of healing inflammation, heals long nonhealing ulcers, improves vision, strengthens the gums, blood vessels, immune system, provides a flow of power, extend life, it is recommended in diseases of the gastrointestinal and genitourinary system.

Watermelon is a diuretic, laxative, choleretic and anti-inflammatory actions, is a styptic and anthelminthic; shows people suffering from arthritis, gout, and atherosclerosis. Watermelon cleanup recommend to spend the summer for 1-2 weeks, eating during the day 2-2,5 kg of watermelons. The flesh of watermelon and a decoction of its crusts have a strong diuretic effect, but do not irritate the kidneys and urinary tract. Alkalization of urine contributes to the dissolution of salts
prevents the formation of sand and stones.

Grapefruit restores strength, eliminates functional disturbances of liver and gastrointestinal tract, stimulates metabolism, prevents The formation of stones and atherosclerotic plaques, strengthens the gums and teeth, and improves the condition of patients with diabetes, has a slight soporific effect, activates the cardiovascular system.

Melon in its effects similar to a watermelon. It is recommended for nervous and mental disorders as a good sedative. Strawberries - the universal remedy, indicated for diseases of the cardiovascular system, weakened immunity, inflammatory diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract infections, skin diseases (eczema, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis). Remove excess salt from the body to treat gout, liver and spleen. Useful in anemia, anemia, arteriosclerosis, gastric ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer.

Cabbage has a purifying, anti-inflammatory, antitumor, expectorant and diuretic properties, prevents the absorption of toxins from food, removes excess salts in the joints, has anti-radiation effect, improves eyesight, promotes weight loss, helps in the treatment of gastric ulcers and 12 duodenal ulcer, chronic gastritis with acidity, treating other disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, liver and spleen, and atherosclerosis.

Potatoes (raw) has a diuretic effect, normalizes the function of the cardiovascular system,
blood pressure, eliminates the hormonal imbalances, shown in gastritis with increased secretory activity, peptic ulcer, dysbacteriosis, constipation, hemorrhoids, inflammation of the airways.

Lemon - a universal remedy for maintaining health. Naturopaths believe that each person should accustom himself to the fact that eat at least one lemon a day. Lemon has antibacterial properties - kills pathogens of dysentery, cholera, paratyphoid fever, meningococcus, staphylococcus, etc., has a depressing effect on viruses and cancer; facilitates disaccustoming from alcohol and smoking, dissolve tumors, and then restores the tissue removes toxic substances of the liver, which does not display any other means; eliminates dysbiosis, enhances immunity, improves eyesight, hearing, memory, displays the heavy metals; burns excess fat ballast. 

Carrot has anti-inflammatory effect, strengthens the immune system, improves the function of the liver, stomach, eye, cleanses the skin, improves its elasticity, wrinkles, showing pregnant. Sea Buckthorn - one of the best ways to treat joints restores immunity. Cucumber has a laxative, choleretic, diuretic, sedative properties, improves digestion of proteins and fats helps to eliminate excess fat from the body, shown in heart failure, endemic goitre, gout, inflammation of the airways. Peaches and apricots are good restore and strengthen the cardiovascular and urogenital systems; renew the blood, help to cleanse the respiratory tract.

Tomato is recommended when disturbed salt metabolism, excess weight, inflammation and cirrhosis, dysbacteriosis, cardiac arrhythmias, atherosclerosis, normalizes blood formation, activates digestion restores sexual function, to meet the daily requirements for vitamins C, A, iron, potassium, sufficient 200 g fresh
tomatoes (2-3 pieces).

Rowan - a multivitamin agent is useful in diseases of the liver, kidney stones, hypertension, cholecystitis, atherosclerosis, anemia, diabetes, strengthens the walls of blood vessels.
Beetroot has protivoskleroticheskim action, improves metabolism, blood, intestinal motility, normalizes heart rhythm, prevents cancer, resolves tumor eliminates constipation, inflammation, calms the nervous system, treats diseases of digestion and lymphatic vessels, hyperthyroidism, chronic nephritis, has a rejuvenating effect ; effective for myocardial infarction and coronary vessels.
Celery tones up the nervous system, cleanses the blood, stimulates the adrenal glands, helps burn excess fat, increases the potency in men. Is recommended for fatigue, kidney failure, slow digestion, nervousness, rheumatism, liver, lungs and kidneys.
Apples summer restoring acid-base and electrolyte balance, the integrity of the mucous membranes and other tissues, because contain an enzyme that promotes rapid healing and regeneration of damaged tissues. Autumn apples reduced activity of the immune system, improve eyesight, clean liver and gall bladder heals the respiratory system and rejuvenate the body as a whole. Eaten whole fruits, vegetables, berries and herbs represent a wonderful enterosorbent - a substance that can bind and remove toxins and poisons. Juices do not contain cellulose, such a purifying effect on the body can not provide. Coarse fibers of cellulose, advancing to the gastrointestinal tract, have a mechanical effect on its walls, schischaya with their excess mucus and "scum", but not
removing from the intestine useful for the body material. Cellulose fibers have a mild laxative effect, so such a discharge can be carried out without prior enemas. An indispensable condition for the effective conduct of the FD is an active physical work and exercise outdoors.

Baranova, Svetlana. Strengthening the body