Healthy starvation


Fasting days on the water or sanitary starvation (OG) are a good test of the ability to control himself. Anyone who gets their own experience in the OG, gets some advantage in dealing with self-improvement. When exhaust the body does not wear out or damaged. Cells decrease in size, but not destroyed. Nucleus usually retain their settings and loses so little mass that becomes larger relative to the rest of the cell. In such a cell is better there are processes of assimilation (assimilation), is growing quickly, which is characteristic of cells of embryos and young animals. As a result, after the exhaust is a quick update of tissues. 2-week OG tissue restores 40-year old man to a state of 17 years. Particularly noticeable rejuvenating effect on skin.
During the exhaust disappear folds, wrinkles, pimples, blackheads. The skin becomes fresh, supple, improving its color. Eyes brighten and become brighter. After the famine frees the body from waste and weakened cells, a healthy and viable tissue takes the place of the obsolete. During the exhaust to clean the entire body. All of the excretory system work for release of toxins. Even through the light emitted over 150 harmful substances. On hunger is an intensive cleaning of the joints. The organism is rapidly released from the salts of uric acid, which is deposited in the joints, limiting their mobility. Mild forms of arthritis completely disappear after an 8-10-day fasting. On hunger stomach starts to eat primarily the sick and the degeneration of cells and tissues, releasing energy to recover the body. Eaten adhesions, scars, tumors, melanoma, moles, wrinkles, stiff areas, cirrhosis, and necrosis. Restoration and renewal of tissues is accompanied by their rejuvenation, the cells begin to synthesize new healthy proteins. OG also provides preventive effect - a long time after the person is not vulnerable to nitrates, phenols, sulfur dioxide, etc. environmental toxins.
After OG person feels the inflow of large amounts of energy, his dream is reduced to 4-5 hours, improves memory, increases intuition. Tuning in to a recreation Fasting Before entering the famine, it is necessary to determine the purpose of which will become a tangible sense of wellness during fasting. You must realize that the release of toxins helps get rid of the troubles in life. Make a note in his diary junk status, from which you want to get rid of, and what you want to achieve as a result of the liberated energy. It is not recommended until the end of the OG to tell others about your goals. It is useful to compose a "zagovorku on favorable flow exhaust, and writing it in the diary from time to time to read.
For example: "Clean the body - its health. Starving, I feel like a body free from toxins, it flows into the energy of life and joy, the body is renewed and restored. Discomfort (headache, weakness, nausea, increased hunger) - these are signs of intense release of toxins, so I am happy because my organs recovered faster. With each passing day, hour, minute recreation of fasting I have young, healthy, becoming a powerful and harmonious ... "
Conditions for the health of fasting
1. During the exhaust need to drink 2 liters of water a day. On hot days - to 3 liters. During each hour of daylight - about 1 glass. Water should be clean, room temperature or heated.
2. Do an enema before the advent of clean water for 2 times a day - morning and evening (1,5-2 hours before bedtime).
3. Every day, take a shower or bath, because 1 / 3 of slag is removed through the skin.
4. Regular cleaning of the tongue, tonsils, and rinse your mouth teas from peppermint, thyme, chamomile, citrus peel, etc., to eliminate bad breath.
5. Active lifestyle: more walking outdoors, jogging, dancing, doing self-massage, stretching and other exercises. 
6. It is advisable to wear clothes made of natural fabrics rather than synthetic.
7. As little as possible in contact with food.
8. It must be remembered that during the exhaust can worsen the symptoms of disease, a fever, appear headaches, stomach cramps, nausea, irritability, weakness - a sign of intense purification. To harmonize the process, you need to drink 2-3 glasses of hot water (you can add a 1 ch.lozhku honey and 1 ch.lozhku lemon juice) and make an extraordinary enema.
9. Usually accompanied by the OG state of cheerfulness, elation and joy, but if, in spite of ongoing activities, maintained pain, irritability, weakness and depression, we must move from water to fruit juices and get out fast .
10. During the withdrawal from the state MG is very important not to overeat, chew, do not use drugs and herbs, as in this period of increased sensitivity to them and the effect is unpredictable.
Contraindications to the wellness starvation 
1. Insulin-dependent diabetes.
2. The second half of pregnancy and lactation in mothers.
3. Far advanced forms of severe diseases (cancer, tuberculosis, etc.) with immobility.
4. Acute surgical disease.
5. Dystrophy.
6. Dementia and severe forms of mental and neurological disorders.
When it is better to conduct sanitary starvation
• Very good effect is given seven days of fasting
- On the change of seasons (November, February, May, August). Organism maintains an active tendency to cleanse and heal itself.
• You can starve: 1 day - once a week, 3 days - once a month, 1 week - once in 4 months old.
• Or 1, 2, 3 of each month, one week - once in 3 months, 2 weeks - twice a year.
• Do not starve 3 consecutive days, if there was fasting for 1 day for 3 weeks. 
• Especially effective curative starvation in the spring and fall when there is a change of type of metabolism with the protein-lipid, characteristic of winter, the protein-carbohydrate, typical for the summer. During these periods, all exacerbated by chronic illness, and cleaning and sanitary starvation accelerate recovery.
• Women are more hungry for the second phase of the menstrual cycle. 
• In general, fasting is recommended after a full moon - on the trailing edge of the moon better go cleaning processes. After the New Moon activates regenerative processes.
One-day fasting for weekly recreation exhaust must be selected or a full day of chores, or, conversely, the day when you can freely go in exercising on the street, take a sauna, etc.
On the eve of the OG should eat only vegetables and fruits, avoiding the copious lunch. From the dinner should be abandoned. In the evening, do an enema to cleanse the bowel. On the day of the OG in the morning to do an enema. During the day, you can do normal things, but do not forget to drink water constantly. Water should be drunk in small amounts, but often, drinking during each hour of one glass. On this day, well go to the bath, which will contribute to an intensive detoxification. In addition, this procedure suppresses appetite and increases thirst. In the evening you need to do an enema and a shower or bath if you have not visited a sauna. On the day of withdrawal from hunger in the morning to do a cleansing enema. Next, prepare 200 ml of a mixture of juices from apples, beets and carrots. Dilute them in the same amount of water and drink 200 ml every 15 minutes. After 30 minutes, eat 200 grams of salad, whisk: Grate carrot, beet, apple and chopped cabbage. Salad fill salty cabbage, olive oil and lemon juice. Through 2-2,5 hours to eat still the same portion of salad. After 3-4 hours you can eat 300 grams of roasted vegetables (potatoes, beets, carrots, zucchini, etc.) or a porridge cooked in water without salt. In the mess, you can add honey and vegetable oil. From cereals preferably buckwheat and oatmeal. At night you can drink 200 ml of stewed fruit and eat 100 grams of various dried fruits. The next day - the usual vegetarian pitanie.V when 36 hours of fasting is difficult, we can restrict the 24-hour fasting, ie, before dinner. In the evening, eat raw and cooked vegetables. Effect. When one-day fasting removes some impurities and restores immune forces, get a breather digestive organs, tones up the nervous system. Particularly well visible cosmetic effect - fade acne, abscesses, boils, spots, etc. Increasing stress, the will and confidence. One-day fasting have virtually no contraindications, especially after pre-unloading fruits and vegetables.
The three-day recreation starvation
Starve for 3 months one day a week, you can pass and through the 3-day fasting.
Rules for the 3-day fasting:
1. Daily to do cleansing enemas to 2 times a day - morning, after sleep, and at night before bedtime.
2. Drink at least two liters of water, better hot.
3. Must go and take a shower. It is advisable to walk outdoors for at least 3-4 hours a day. Long walks will intensify the cleansing process several times. Output from fasting
The entire first day of juice. It is better to drink freshly made apple juice morkovnosvekolny, first half diluted with water and then in the afternoon, the pure juice of 100 ml (half a cup) every hour. If there are difficulties with the juices, it is possible in the evening to fill a liter of cold water 100 g 100 g dried apricots and prunes. On the morning after every hour to drink a glass of compote (no fruit). In the second half of the day to fill with water one more the same portion.
2 nd day: before lunch every hour and a half to drink 100-200 ml of juice.
Lunch - salad panicle, no less than 200 g. You can eat soaked dried apricots and prunes.

Afternoon snack - fruit (apple, banana, orange).
Dinner - baked vegetables (potatoes, carrots, beets).
3-day 4: the usual vegetarian diet with no fried, spicy, salty, protein foods, confectionery, coffee, cocoa and chocolate.
Effect: 3-day fasting heal chronic and acute bronchitis, restores liver, stomach and intestines. 30% increase in the number of T lymphocytes. 07.10 daytime recreation starvation
It is recommended that only on the advice of a leading instructor. It shows people with chronic diseases that other methods of ill-adjusted.
Conducted 10.7 days fasting in the same way as the 3-day. Features daily 7.10 OG is that:
From 2-3 days become unpleasant, artificial fragrances, tobacco smoke, the smell of alcohol, etc. This should be taken into account in smoking cessation and alcohol.
At the 3-day 4 increased bad breath, accompanied by weakness, poor sleep, apathy. This is a sign of transition of the organism to endogenous nutrition diseased tissues, regenerate cells, fat, etc. Lose weight by 1 kg per day in the first 5-6 days, and then to 100-200, the sign of purification of the body is clean pink tongue. 
Output of 7-10 days fasting
The first day you should drink diluted with water, juice. You should begin with 100 ml (50 ml of juice + 50 ml water). Every hour until dinner drink such a composition. After lunch, a dose increase to 200 ml (100 ml of juice + 100 ml water). Total for the day you need to drink 1 liter of juice and 1 gallon of water.
Day 2: in the morning to drink 200 ml of juice with water, then every 2 hours to drink the pure juice.
3rd day: before lunch, drink juice every 1,5-2 hours.
Lunch - salad panicle. Snack - Salad panicle. Dinner - raw fruits. 4 th day: breakfast - salad panicle. 2-nd breakfast - fruit. Lunch - baked vegetables. Snack - fruit or salatmetelka. Dinner - vegetable stew or vegetable soup without butter and salt.
5 th day: breakfast - salad panicle. 2-nd breakfast - fruit.
Lunch - buckwheat. Snack - raw vegetables or fruit. Dinner - baked vegetables or porridge with butter, but without the salt.
6-Day and later in the week - a vegetarian diet with restriction of sharp, salty, smoked, pickled, muffins, coffee, cocoa, chocolate, dairy products, including cheese, cheese and eggs.
Effect: 7-10-day starvation does not cure serious diseases, but cleans the joints, which results in considerable flexibility. Improves heart and blood vessels disappear headaches, reduced sleep are many skin diseases, neurodermatitis, neuralgia.
Effect of fasting health
People who practice sanitary starvation, found that: 
1. Fasting up to 3 days activates the central nervous system on the principle of stress on the lack of nutrients, relieves digestive system and gives it rest, cleanse toxins from the blood and interstitial fluid.
2. Starvation of 3 to 7 days further purified intercellular fluid, eliminating the pus-producing microorganisms; restores epithelial tissue of the small intestine and stomach.
3. Fasting 7-14 days to completely clean and restore the epithelium of the gastrointestinal tract (if there is no serious pathology); partially cleanse the liver and connective tissue (the body becomes more flexible), set up the cardiovascular system may dissolve some infiltration, tumors, polyps .
4. Fasting from 14 to 21 days to cleanse and renew the cells of the liver and kidneys, the majority of the endocrine glands, can bring the sand and stones from the gall bladder and, will resolve most of the salt deposits, compacted mucus and tumors of various kinds; purified and renew connective tissue and skin; partially purified bone.
5. Fasting from 21 to 28 days would destroy almost all kinds of tumors and infections (particularly in the genitourinary system), to cleanse maxillary and other cavities, removes old cells and tissues of the body, normalizes adipose tissue, about 1 / 3 clean bones.
Fasting day without water 
Besides the classical sanitary drinking water fasting and enemas, there is a dry fasting, that is without water. Fans of dry fasting believe that in the course of his alien tissue destruction and waste is faster to rest not only the gastrointestinal tract, and urinary ways, and actively removes "heavy water" from the body. They believe that
appearance during dry fasting is changing towards more intense rejuvenation. This is attributed to the presence of deuterium in the body of water containing heavy hydrogen. Deuterium water enters the body in small amounts, but has the ability to accumulate, causing the body to age (wrinkles on the skin, wrinkled skin on the face, arms, etc.). And bring the surplus from the body it helps to dry starvation. Dry fasting is divided into full and partial. When fully dry fasting is completely absent, even contact with water. In partial allowed to take a shower, pour, and rinse your mouth. 
Recommended scheme: the last meal - no later than seven o'clock in the evening. Morning to do an enema and flush the stomach. Starve no more than 36 hours.
Yield: sip a drink soon 2 cups of water at room temperature. A couple of hours to eat 1-2 cups yogurt or fermented baked. Fermented milk products stimulate peristalsis and the secretion of bile and stimulates the normal microflora in the intestine and promote the assimilation of water. After 2 hours, then eat a salad a whisk. This kind of discharge, we recommend that those who are not satisfied with the fasting days on the water. According to our same views, during the dry fasting is not normal leaching toxins from the body, an excess of by-products of nitrogen
exchange, which is a stress for the organism, and also out of starvation on protein products leads to strain the immune, lymphatic, circulatory, cardiac, renal and other systems.
Therefore, if you like this way of "cleaning", then use it only after the council with an instructor-ozdorovitelem.

Baranova, Svetlana. Strengthening the body