Cleansing the internal organs

Catharsis is necessary to learn to play in case of poisoning or overeating. The process should not be accompanied by vomiting, as recommended by some experts. It is simply the ability to regurgitate everything that came in the stomach, without passing into the lower sections of the intestine. For the procedure, you must drink a solution of warm water (0.5 liters of water + 1 / 3 tsp baking soda + 1 / 3 tsp salt). After this slightly povstryahivat stomach and bent over the toilet, to press his hands on the stomach causing belching. In 2-3 hours to empty the water from the stomach. After the treatment, drink a glass of warm water. Catharsis strengthens it eliminates the dysfunctions, excessive mucus, gastritis, indigestion, etc. Also, this procedure is recommended for liver and gallbladder.

Cleansing Colon 
Cleansing the colon with enemas should be able to do any cultural civilized man. And did we mention the important role of the colon, including the line? Enough to pay attention to what looks like people are groomed to misshapen large intestine: the abdomen is usually a big fat layer, there is no waist, belly hanging out of the weakened muscles, the sweat has a distinctive smell groomed viscera, halitosis, color and texture of skin is left much to be desired ...
The walls of the colon devoid of tone due to stretching their plastilinopodobnoy "scum", a part of which consists of a swarm of food toxins, fungi, pathogenic microbes and their toxins. Often the person suffers from constipation, but even if he has a regular chair, it felt healthy gut is wrong. Colon Cleansing with enema procedure is quite affordable. The most simple enema at home
conditions - a rubber tube length of 50-100 cm and 1 cm in diameter and the faucet with warm water. One end of the tube is inserted into the tap. Water temperature and pressure are regulated to the desired. The other end is brought to the anus, but can not be inserted into the anus. Water gently pours herself into the rectum to the feeling of fullness. Posture should be easy: you can slightly
bend forward while sitting on the edge of the bath, you can sit on their haunches directly in the bath. Ideal - over the bidet. After filling the intestine must immediately pour the contents into the toilet and into the intestine re-inject the water. And so to clean water. If this method is difficult for you, you can use a mug Esmarha. Mug Esmarha convenient because it has a specific volume, plastic tip, which can be inserted into the rectum, and tap to regulate the water flowing. Esmarha mug filled with warm water to +30-36 ° C, hang above the breast and remove the tube from the air. To do this, open the tap and wait
When water flows, and then close the tap. Washed tip to oiled and put in the anus. Then get out of focus hands on his knees and open the tap. You can do an enema, and standing on all fours. Not recommended posture lying on your left side and stand on the blades upside down. The rest of the procedure is the same: the bay portions of the intestine is made up of pure water. Should not be put into a 3.2-liter direct - it is not physiological, since excessive stretching of the rectum causes a decrease in its tone, reduces sensitivity and, consequently, increases the tendency to constipation. Many even a small amount of pouring water can cause pain - it's a sign that the internal organs are not in their places, and have been omitted.
Do not be afraid that such a procedure can cause dysbiosis. Firstly, he was so, if you never were clear (ie, dominated by pathogenic microflora), and secondly, the procedure is basically cleans the rectum and sigmoid part, by activating the tone of the rest of the large intestine, prompting her peristalsis and the ability to get rid of the "scum", and thirdly, it is not recommended to add water any substance which specifically affect the microflora, changing it (celandine, lemon juice, chamomile, wormwood, sage, etc.). One session usually do 6.5 Bays water. It takes 15 minutes. Within a week to the morning and evening prodelyvat enemas to prepare themselves to cleanse the liver. Lavage of the gastrointestinal tract with water flowing through the mouth if the person - maximalist, fan development and believes that the above treatment for him too weak and not able to calm the violent desire to be cleansed as soon as possible, then he needs to do a general washing of the gastrointestinal tract ( GIT). Recommended lavage tailored to the capacity of most people (not just yoga). But, nevertheless, before you perform this procedure, you must consult with the instructor-ozdorovitelem. Like laxatives, it drastically alters the state of the organism's internal environment, and therefore can be offered sufficiently self-confident people without any chronic diseases and physiologically strong heart. It is not necessary to force its purified suffering neurocirculatory disorders, hypotension, hypertension, cardiac and renal pathology in the days of menstruation, pregnancy, etc.
The procedure is best done in the presence of relatives or in tandem with like-minded. This will compensate for the moments of fear and will add confidence, if your partner will do well.
Method of execution: an empty stomach, at 7-9 o'clock in the morning to 3 liters of warm water (+36-37 ° C) solution of 3 full teaspoons of salt. Drink 2 cups in a row and do the exercises, which accelerate the passage of fluid through the intestine:
1. Standing, feet shoulder width apart, bend from side to side for 5 times in each direction.
2. Rotate the body from side to side for 5 times in each direction.

3. Lying on his stomach, perform the pose with a snake's body twists from side to side for 5 times.
4. Sitting on the floor, bending your knees, get on the buttocks in 5 steps forward and backward.
5. Shake belly and make a wave of top-down 5 times.
Then drink another 2 cups of water and repeat the complex. After that, drink 1 glass and exercise. Usually, after 7.6 glasses begins to happen bowel.
Bowel should be squatting with those given to the stomach thighs. Posture contributes to the rapid release of the intestine without excessive straining. If after 7 glasses of no desires on a chair, then a series of exercises should be done 2-3 times in a row. If this fails, then make a small enema. The procedure is performed prior to the allocation of sufficient clean water. Usually it is 10.8 cycles, ie 1,5-2 hours. When you stop drinking pure water solution, but to continue prodelyvat exercises, emptying the bowel. After the third round of exercises to stop the flow of water through the intestines by drinking 2 cups of unsalted warm water and releasing it from the stomach by belching. After the procedure, take a warm shower and eat a hot rice porridge. Porridge to cook on the water without salt, fill with corn, olive or melted butter and a little honey. 30 minutes after the rice drink herbal tea or fresh juice. Next meal in 2 hours. You can use roasted vegetables, salads, bread and cheese. Delete the other products of animal origin, as well as cocoa, coffee, chocolate. Lavage of the gastrointestinal tract quickly relieves the stomach and intestines from toxins, is useful in case of poisoning, infectious disorders (dysentery, etc.) accelerates the recovery from respiratory infections, improves skin texture, nails, hair, strengthens bones and soft tissue prints worms, treats the initial stage of diabetes.
With skill and experience accumulated rinsed intestines can and 1,5 liters of salted water. To do this, 1.5 liters of warm water to dissolve 1 tbsp salt. Better to use Salt Barbara, Carlsbad, Glauber or sea. The procedure is done under the scheme described above, but all the exercises are repeated 15 times, reducing the number of repetitions depending on the result.
Intestinal lavage - a procedure emergency powerfully invigorating the body, so it should be made as necessary, but not more than 1 time in 3 months (when changing seasons).
Not recommended for bowel cleansing laxative use drugs, even if they are of vegetable origin (senna, buckthorn, zhoster, etc.).
Actively working on the whole organism, these tools are changing the internal environment. Often 2 or 3 laxatives are enough to gut entered into a state of chronic constipation. But if you want to experiment, is the belief that a laxative - it is something that is not enough for the complete liberation of the body and then - go ahead!

Restoration of useful microflora

Dysbacteriosis - an imbalance in the microbial ecology of man, it is a violation of the biological balance between the pathogenic (harmful) and physiological (beneficial) microflora in the body and, in particular in the gut. When dysbacteriosis body can not properly digest food, that is to split it into proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Food is not excreted from the body within 24 hours and almost
not digested, rotting in the intestines, and the products of decay are absorbed into the blood. As a result of chronic intoxication of the organism occurs, which leads to metabolic disorders and inflammatory diseases of many organs. Dysbacteriosis can cause anemia, allergies, asthma, lead to depression and chronic fatigue syndrome.
Dysbacteriosis causes the following variations in the physical state:
• chronic constipation or diarrhea;
• Flatulence - abdomen;
• feeling of hunger even after eating;
• bad breath;
• Hair loss and deformation of the nail;
• malfunction of the cardiovascular system;
• loss of skin elasticity, a large number of wrinkles;
• general weakness, frequent vertigo.
Abnormalities in mental status:
• sad, melancholy mood;
• It is difficult waking up in the morning;
• increased aggression and resentment;
• fatigue for no apparent reason;
• Feelings of anxiety and fear.
Getting Rid of dysbiosis
In order to get rid of dysbiosis, enter additional beneficial organisms bacteria from food, primarily from milk products. Most lactic acid bacteria include acidophilus, yogurt, fermented baked milk, yogurt and special types.
Restore the microflora help fruits and vegetables. Once in the intestine, they contribute to the accelerated proliferation already there beneficial microorganisms. Contribute to proliferation of lactic acid bacteria, carrots, cabbage, apples, garlic, parsley, celery, Jerusalem artichokes, but is particularly useful beets. Pickled beets: clean beets and cut into small cubes, pour the marinade (water, apple cider vinegar, salt, garlic, sugar, cloves, allspice). Cover and leave for one day at room temperature. Garlic Oil: Garlic head clean, transmission
tit by spadefoot, or finely chopped, crushed in the mush, put in a glass jar and pour 1 cup of sunflower oil. Refrigerate. After one day the oil is ready. Add in food, in salads. Celery salad: chop celery, and its roots, apples, half a lemon, fill with salad oil, salt, sugar to taste. Fresh juice of the roots of celery to take on 1-2
tsp 3 times a day for 30 minutes before meals. Jerusalem artichoke quickly restores the necessary bacteriological balance. Apples - eat in a day for 3-4 and sour-sweet apple of medium size.
Garlic - 1-3 cloves to eat for dinner, washed down with a pro-
stokvashey. "Narine". "Narine" - is a dry sourdough lactobacilli. It is added to milk and get a delicious milk product - laktokvashu. To get rid of dysbiosis, it should also reduce the consumption of sugar, which would deprive the fungus of an enabling environment for development and reproduction. You can eat fruit, dried fruit, honey and fructose. With these products, the sugar is completely absorbed by the body and goes into a blessing.
And also good to know that cranberries reduce the growth of yeast genus Candida. Apricots work on Proteus, staphylococci, enterococci, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, etc. Strawberries reduces the growth of staphylococcus, streptococcus, enterococcus. Dogwood kills bacteria dezinteriynoy group of Salmonella. Cranberry kills Proteus, Salmonella, Shigella, klibsielly. Beneficial effect on the intestine: raspberries, blueberries, currants, onions, apples, horseradish and other raw vegetables and fruits. Form healthy microflora, wormwood, plantain, St. John's wort, raspberries, cherries, blueberries, currants.

Cleansing the lymphatic system 
1 method: The course is designed for 3 days. Every day, cook for 2 solution:
Solution number 1. Dissolve 1 tbsp. spoonful of Glauber's salt in 100 ml of warm water.
Solution number 2. Two liters of a mixture of: grapefruit juice - 400 ml, orange - 400 ml of lemon - 200 ml, melt water - 1 liter.
Morning of each of the 3 days start from drinking 100 ml of solution number 1 (with Glauber's salt). After 30 minutes, then you need to drink a solution number 2 (100 ml of juice with the melt water). Then every half hour to drink 100 ml
2. In 10 hours you need to drink the entire mixture. At night, make an enema. Do the same for the next 2 days.
At the 4-day start to eat raw fruits and vegetables; 5 th - add boiled or roasted vegetables and cereals.
2 way: within 3 days eat lemons, oranges and grapefruits. On each day - 2 lemons, 6 oranges, grapefruit and 3.
Purification of the joints
The period of purification of the joints to exclude from power the meat, fish, spicy foods, salted, pickled, fried, coffee, cocoa, chocolate and hard cheeses.

1. Included in the diet for 2-3 weeks salad green and black radish - 100 g per day.
2. Two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and 1-2 teaspoons of honey dissolved in a glass of water. To drink 2-3 glasses a day for 10 days.
3. Five bay leaves to boil for 5 minutes in 300 ml of water. Infuse for 30 minutes. Then, 1 tbsp. spoon infusion diluted in a glass of water every hour to drink 1 glass. Course - 5 days.
4. Eat one raw potato with skin 1 time daily for 2 weeks and drink 1 glass of water with the juice of one lemon.
5. Drink tea made from celery and parsley.
6. Drink tea made from dandelions.
7. Drink infusion of dandelion (women only).
To prepare to collect the opened blossoms of dandelions, loosely fill their glass jar, pour 40% alcohol or vodka, cover and steep in a dark place 2 weeks. Drink 1 teaspoon tincture of 0.5 cups of water in the morning for 2 weeks.
8. Well derive from the abnormal deposits of body tea from the roots of a sunflower, knotweed, watermelon peel, horsetail, pumpkin tails, bearberry.

Kidney cleansing
• Warm baths normalize capillary blood circulation and relieve spasms, improving kidney function. Relaxation and increased urinary tract facilitates painless passage of sand and small stones.
• Abundant drink to wash pelvis and calyces of the kidneys. To enhance the effect of drinking tea, you can add, improve kidney function: the leaves and berries, cranberries, currants, blueberries, oregano, strawberry, peppermint and Field, horsetail. The course is designed for purification of 2 weeks.
• Juices of carrot, parsley, celery, spinach, taken equally, drink 1 glass per day for 2 weeks.
• A glass of water add 5 drops of pine oil, previously dissolved in 1 teaspoon of honey. 30 minutes before a meal solution to drink through a straw (not to destroy the tooth enamel) to 3 times a day for 7 days. Cloudy urine means the cleaning process. The urine may also be brown oily stains and sand.
• currant tea: 3 tbsp. tablespoons currant leaves and 2 tbsp. tablespoons currant berries brew 0.5 gallons of boiling water. Course - 2-3 weeks.
• juice of black radish, parsley root, radish, leaves, coltsfoot, chicory, turnips, Jerusalem artichoke is well dissolved minerals in the bile duct, gall bladder, blood vessels, renal pelvis and bladder.
• Watermelon Diet is extra power watermelons. For this purpose necessary to eat 1-2 kg of watermelons. Nutrition watermelons not exclude other products, but it is advisable at this time not to use oily, spicy, salty, fried, pickled and smoked foods. It is also recommended to exclude coffee, cocoa, chocolate and baking. A diet designed for 2-3 weeks.

Baranova, Svetlana. Strengthening the body