In this section, it is important to reiterate the significant role of water for the human body. Our body is 70-80% of water in the so-called bound state. Blood plasma is 93% of the water and only 7% of the proteins and lipids. Water is included in all human tissues: the muscles of 75% in the bones - about 20% in the lungs, heart and kidney - 80% in skin and liver - 70%, fat - 10%. The most water-rich vitreous body of the eye - 99%, and least of all her teeth enamel - 0,2%. Much water is contained in the substance of the brain, where it is with her very moving molecules involved in the formation of the information. Any biochemical reaction proceeds optimally only when a sufficient number of water molecules. With its deficiency in cells and tissues the concentration of end products of metabolism, especially mineral salts and urea, quickly becomes the permissible limits. From 1 liter of urine from the body is displayed not more than 30 grams of salt, while at night the body is formed much more soluble toxins. Many people limit themselves to 3-4 glasses of fluid. In this case, the body is constantly in a dry mode, which does not allow him to completely clear from the end products of metabolism. In this part of the urea formed during protein metabolism, is converted into hard crystals that are deposited in the joints. So there is gout. People who drink enough water, often feel unwell, tired quickly. They hardly get up in the morning, feeling a dehydrated muscle soreness, performance declines. Dehydration (exsicosis) plays a very important role in the delay, accumulation and detoxification. Most painful conditions can be avoided by observing the correct drinking regime. All metabolic processes resemble a kind of Biokonstruktor, the main details of which are water molecules. Dissolving the solid surrounding the molecule, they are transported to all organs of the necessary micro-and macro-elements, oxygen, removal of residues, toxins, excess salts. Water is actively involved in hematopoiesis, regulates blood pressure, and through him the entire cardiovascular system. Without the water contained in tissues can not be normal heat exchange with the environment and maintaining optimal body temperature. She also serves as a lubricant for the joints, playing the role of a hydraulic shock absorbers for the spinal cord and protects the bone from fragility, and muscle - from the explosions. As already mentioned, water is the most important element of energy-exchange. Hydrogen bonds between the molecules create a network structure of water, able to receive, accumulate and transmit both positive and negative environmental impact. Experience of Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto has demonstrated that the shape of crystals formed during freezing of water depends not only on its purity, but varies depending on the kind of over this water, play music, which pronounces the word, and even from what people think about it, or do not pay attention to it. Dr. Emoto has conducted a number of experiments:
1) He poured the rice into 3 banks of water and within a month the first said "Thank you", second: "you fool", and the third just did not notice. A month later, rice became the first bank to ferment, emitting a pleasant smell, the second - blackened, and the third - began to rot. Dr. Emoto concluded that the greatest harm to the world does it indifference. Water showed what should be the relationship between human beings.
2) Dr. Emoto found a container of water between the speakers and play music works, and then froze the water and photographed the ice structure. Snowflakes in Photographs
receive different forms:
symphonies of Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin etudes resulted in the formation of fine, well-formed crystals with distinct characteristic features. The waters, which acted fury of hard rock, frozen in a horrible ragged fragments.
3) pieces of paper with written on them good and bad words, wrapped glass containers so that the words were addressed to the water. It seemed incredible that the water could read the writing, understand its importance and in accordance with that change its structure. But it happened. Water, which showed the words of love and gratitude, has formed beautiful hexagonal crystals, but the water that cursed, turned into an ugly heap of icy debris. In terms of Gerontology, the percentage of water content in the body is one of the key indicators of aging. Believes that the process of degeneration is not susceptible to the cells themselves, but only liquid in which they swim. In the body of an infant volume of water is close to 80% of the total mass by age 18 it decreases by 10-15% in the elderly liquid remains only 30-40% of the total weight. Losing more than a quarter of water supplies deadly. Lack only 1-1,5 liters of fluid causes thirst, weakness, drowsiness, confusion reactions, nausea, and sometimes redness of the skin.
Deficit of 3-5 liters is accompanied by headache, shortness of breath, dry mouth, fever, a violation of logical thinking, fainting. Further dehydration causes muscle spasms, dullness of hearing and visual hallucinations. Often cholesterol plaques on the walls of blood vessels are formed as a protective reaction to water deficit - that it does not evaporate through the blood vessels. As a result of deteriorating blood flow, there are cardiovascular disease, may develop arterial thrombosis and the so-called headache and dizziness - a frequent signal of water deficit.

Suffering and respiratory system. With water scarcity sex hormone the body produces histamine, which helps reduce the bronchial tubes, preventing water evaporation through the respiratory tract, parallel to provoke the development of asthma. Moreover, a surplus of histamine cause allergies and many other diseases.

Arthritic joint pain - also a consequence of dehydration. Normally, cells are surrounded by cartilage and the primary component of which is water. It is held between the cartilaginous surfaces of the bones in the joints, allowing them to slide freely relative to one another during movement. When the moisture is not enough, slip into a friction and pain.
Gastritis, heartburn, constipation - common symptoms of water deficiency: the pancreas produces insulin to regulate blood sugar and neutralizes excess acid entering the intestine, but due to lack of water, these processes are inhibited, hence the problems with digestion.
For the same reason in the kidney and gall bladder stones are often formed.
Lack of water - a slag, excess weight, cellulite ...
Most people are accustomed to receive less water. They do not feel thirsty. They would disappear as the demand for water. But dehydrated body gives to know about the general weakness, lethargy, confusion, high blood pressure, body aches, dry skin, etc. Therefore, if you took the path of purification and strengthening his body, the first thing important to learn to respect the rational mode of drinking.
Every day is recommended to drink 2-3 liters of water. For women of medium build and thin tonkokostnyh men of fluid intake may be closer to the minimum limit of normal. For men of normal stature and full, plump women - to the maximum. In winter, water demand is reduced, but not by much - at 400-600 ml per day. This includes water contained in food. This rate is calculated as follows: during the day in the gastrointestinal tract enters 9.10 liters of liquid which is absorbed mucosal (saliva, gastric and intestinal juice, bile, the secret of the pancreas, etc.). Displayed approximately a quarter of that amount, which must be compensated. If a person smokes, drinks alcohol, eats meat, drinks, coffee, etc., it would consume more water should be, because All these tendencies increase dehydration.
In the morning, after sleep, all life processes are gaining momentum, so that they can not slow down, take more fluid, also helpful to create a water reserve.
Day of the body is at its peak - drink a little better, with fractional portions, so as not to overload the internal organs and systems. In the evening, drinking water, too, not limit, if
no health problems, such as the kidneys (where it is necessary to follow the doctor's recommendations).
Even at night if you wake up, stands to make a few sips of water - it will improve the exchange-cleaning processes, which have maximum activity at night and early morning hours.
Daily rate of water should be distributed rationally, but be sure to drink a glass of water 15-20 minutes before eating. This makes the blood less concentrated and lowers cholesterol levels. But it is not recommended to wash down the food so as not to dilute the gastric juice. During the day, must be close to a bottle of water and the first time to train yourself to drink water for a few
sips every 15-20 minutes. The body will take some time to adjust to a new mode of operation. But when that happens, you will feel an extraordinary burst of energy, go edema, decrease headaches, wrinkles on the face, fatigue disappears, fewer will bother your joints and improve your mood.
What type of water to drink?
The chemical composition of tap water is constantly changing ...
Boiling, of course, disinfect water, killing microbes and bacteria, but does not eliminate other harmful substances, and sometimes even adding such. For example, when heated, some chlorine compounds are transformed into dioxins - carcinogens that cause cancer-for the disease. In addition, the salt content of heavy metals and organic pollutants did not decrease in
that tap water is better to clean household filters. It is reasonable to give preference to vehicles with three-stage cleaning system. Replaceable cartridge (its life is usually 5-6 months) should include a carbon pre-filter to retain the mechanical and partially chemical impurities; bacteriological filter that destroys harmful microorganisms, and granulated charcoal, which removes the residual at the output of pollution. Now there are filters that are not only clear but also enriches the water with silver, magnesium, silicon, calcium, making it a real balm for the body.
Recipes for Water Purification
1. In 1 liter of water, add 1-2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and honey and 3-5 drops 5 -% iodine. In this environment, the microbes are killed within a few minutes.
2. The 3-liter jar of water to put some leaves or a sprig of mountain ash. Even very turbid water after a few hours it becomes transparent.
3. The 3-liter jar of water drop a silver spoon or a piece of schungite and leave overnight. Number of contaminants significantly reduced.
4. Freeze water at ¾. In the fourth part of water that will not freeze, will all harmful impurities. Drain it, you get pure ice, which will need to melt.

Cleansing the body with water:

Cleansing the body with boiling water helps to establish a regular chair, freedom from constipation, the removal of salts from the joints and other places, sand and stones from the liver and kidneys, etc. Pain originating in this period in the joints, liver, kidney, evidence of successful ongoing process, which confirms the changed form of urine. Method of purification:
30 minutes before breakfast, drink small sips a glass of boiled water. Encouraged to continue this simple cleaning of the organism within 6 months. During this time, leaving an excess of fat, there is harmony, disappearing back pain, it becomes flexible.
Purification of water with lemon juice in 1 liter of water to dissolve the juice of one lemon. Drink during the day.
Purification of the clay water 1 dess. spoon purified clay (it is sold in health stores), stir in 150 ml of water and quickly drink about a third as long as clay is not settled. In general, drink clay water should only fasting courses for 3 weeks with one week apart. If a strong osteoporosis instead of dessert need to take a tablespoon of clay and drink 2-3 times a day.

Baranova, Svetlana. Strengthening the body