Cleansing the body

Cleansing the body

The human body is closely connected with the environment. The degree of contamination of about the same. The accumulation of toxins in the body and clear enough job of evacuating waste cause premature aging process. In addition, the average person is carrying from 8 to 25 kg of feces. You can imagine what happens to these "products" at +37 ° C.
The consequence of this state is dysfunction of the intestine, gall bladder, lower their tone, drooping bodies, bad breath, skin on, various inflammations, stones, tumors, increased irritability, anxiety, physical weakness, depression, sleep disturbances and meteozavisimost. Physical, emotional and intellectual toxins accumulate in the body, projected
in the world, complicating the existence of the carrier. Scientists distinguish several stages of slagging of the body.

In the first stage outwardly healthy person experiences fatigue and irritability. And while reducing the usual number of meals or skipped at least one reception appear weakness, headache, sucking sensation in the stomach, liver, unbearable hunger. Dysfunction of the gastrointestinal tract is accompanied by abdominal distention, constipation, diarrhea, nausea, etc.

The second stage adds an ache in the joints, lesions on the skin, pustular rash, acute respiratory infections ...
The third stage is characterized by manifestations of various allergic reactions, excessive secretions from the nasopharynx, eye, and the advent of sinusitis, conjunctivitis, otitis, stable chronic diseases.
The fourth stage is manifested pathology of stagnation and the various deposits, such as "stone" disease, obesity, cysts and other benign tumors, including polyps and moles.
Fifth stage corresponds to the deformation of organs and joints, stomatitis, periodontal. In the sixth stage appear organic diseases of the nervous system.
At the seventh stage there is abnormal cell changes, accompanied by the formation of malignant tumors. Cleaning - not only relieve the body of toxins, toxin, but also a way to strengthen and restore its function. The expression " body cleansing "completely unscientific. All sorts of popular ways to clean oil, enemas, shock doses of laxatives may result in serious complications of already existing diseases. Or the emergence of new: pancreatitis, dysbiosis, chronic constipation, etc.
In fact, we should go about the correction and normalization of metabolic processes and the strengthening of both the organism and its individual organs and tissues.
In order to make some big clean-out, be sure to consult with a specialist and performs the necessary procedures only under his leadership.
About colonic irrigation can consult with a physician-Coloproctology. And if you do not have hypertension, severe hemorrhoids, acute ulcerative colitis, then under the direction of a physician can be hydro, ie intestinal lavage.
This is an effective measure helps in the treatment of allergies, strengthens the digestive organs, improves nutrient absorption and detoxification. Cleansing should be a way of life, affecting the perception of and relationships with people. This new look at the problem of shelter, sleep, food, clothing, etc. The idea of purification is that the release of toxins the body can show such strong forces of self-healing, which will cope without the medication with any disharmony and disease. Purification occurs not only at the physiological level. Thanks go cleanse toxins associated with a negative outlook, negative emotions and feelings. Perform cleaning procedures are provided out of the state of illness and preexisting diseases, improves immunity, the level of physical and intellectual performance and in general promotes spiritual beautification. For clarification we must be prepared intellectually (to know all about it), emotional (hankering) and physiological (not just hungry, not having passed the preparatory stages). Simultaneously, the procedure should be conducted to strengthen organs, tissues, cells and body as a whole.
In the normal process of purification is rejuvenation of the body and restore its resources. The first liquid rejuvenate tissue - the blood and lymph, and then soft - skin, muscles, tendons and internal structure of bones. Particularly evident rejuvenation of skin and eyes. Cured of glaucoma and cataracts, improves hearing and smell, sharper taste, decreases fatty tissue, "eat" all the diseased tissues, benign tumors, as well as areas of chronic hemorrhage and blood clots. It has become fashionable to clean everything and often: stomach, small and large intestine, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, blood, lymph, joints, etc., but there is really no need for such an activity of the purified Systems. All the organs are interconnected, and purification of a single organ, such as the liver or intestine, affects the entire body, as well as blood, lymph, urinary system ... There are simple painless way to clean the internal environment, including through the systematic strengthening of the organs and tissues . Having mastered the methods of purifying the body, in what must go the way of life with minimal clogging the inside  environment of the body.

Baranova, Svetlana. Strengthening the body