The system voltage and Health


This system, as an accelerator in a car: how much you press, so much power will give the motor. At idle the engine is spinning just barely, very quietly. However, stopping only for a complete cessation of fuel supply. Also, we have: some degree of gain, forcing a time, even in a dream, even under anesthesia. Full peace only from the dead.

Mode of forcing the evolution came up with to save lives in extreme circumstances. They say: "extreme conditions". Start button - in mind. He assesses the threat and includes the emotions of fear, anger, torya and joy. "Chain of system voltage, acting as a reaction to stress is this: core - subcortex - hypothalamus - pituitary - adrenal - blood - cells.

The opposite of stress - relaxation. This is not braking, which means to remove the leg from the accelerator, reduce gas. For animals and humans strong relaxation - it's a dream, and also of different depths. There are two sources of physiological impulses, actively promotes relaxation: with tired muscles with a full stomach. On the first, we almost forgot, and the second in a big favor.

Psychologically relaxing pleasure, it reduces anxiety.

For regulators increased fitness dangerous. Regulation may be inadequate. Nerve cell will give more momentum to the "working" body at the same level of external stimulation. As a result, authority will issue a response that does not match the needs of the organism. This is called "neurosis", it is often accompanied by pain in the head, abdomen and heart.

Memory - here's the problem for the system voltage. The animal quickly forgets and remembers a lot of people think repeating the unpleasant memories and all the plans. "Stress" system of long-activates the "top" and overwork. At the same time, the "bottom" (from the fatigued muscles), it does not relax, the mechanism of expansion of the "stress hormones" detrenirovan. Hence, the source of "disease management", which include hypertension, stomach ulcers, all sorts of cramps: bronchial - asthma, coronary vessels - angina, bowel - in colitis. Of course, the main manifestation of the "overheating" - a bad dream. The man is not asleep, "the system voltage is not resting, continues to" train ".

Insomnia itself is unpleasant. But she was still aggravated by fear. Very widely believed that if a person is awake, the body at this time suffering great damage, it is threatened by different diseases. The share of truth in this, as is evident from the previous arguments about the rest, but should not be exaggerated. Fear of insomnia is more harmful than herself because he was "scared" a dream. A normal person is going through a sleepless night, and the second to fall asleep, if they allow themselves rest.

How to maintain the normal activity of regulators to protect them from over-training?

The answer is simple, as not only a doctor knows, but almost everyone: sedatives, so-called tranquilizers. First came elenium, then seduksen while the mass of sleeping. Now some people leading busy lives, with the intellect and emotions, and sleep without pills.

Health can not keep drugs, pills, they are meant to treat disease. This also applies to our subject - "the system voltage. Keep it in your hands, perhaps, more difficult than not to overeat or do gymnastics. I can not say to myself that I mastered my psyche, but reached a compromise with him and rescued from "overheating". I will not even try to teach readers to auto-training and the more state level yoga, and limited to a few tips.

One prerequisite: introspection. Watch for our own actions - this is the second level of consciousness. Tracking the thoughts - the third. Tracking - a condition for any government. We must observe himself, to remember and try to evaluate it. At least try. Most people do not even ponder over the fact that the flow of thoughts is not an uncontrolled process. No, I'm not going to go deeply into this subject, but how to control myself if you do not see how to go beyond?

The main problem - a dream. If a person is able to maintain a good sleep without sleeping pills over the depth and duration, his nerves in order.

First advice: do not save time for sleep. Individual needs for rest, but on average - 8 pm

Second tip: Do not be afraid of insomnia. Do not bother, if the head is heavy in the morning, nothing, bear with me. Say that from this great harm, it is impossible.

When life does not provide respite and bad night follow one another, take a sleeping pill. Do not be afraid of sleeping pills. Simply follows them strictly limit to not form a habit. Sleep should be regulated activities, and to resort to drugs, when failure threatens. But if you do not manage to avoid them and a day or two, and three, is a serious signal to changes in life. Need to turn off completely for a few days to stop taking sleeping pills, and then restrict and nervous tension.

I understand: my advice is worthless, everything about it and so know. Usually say: "I can not." Do not tell me. There are different living conditions. Some put on a place that they can not dispose of their time and their workloads. So nothing to do but wait until a heart attack, if the work of the road, because it gives pleasure to work, power, money - who is more expensive.

One technique for falling asleep to: Select a comfortable position, it is better on one side, and lie perfectly still. Gradually relax the muscle. You should begin with a person - that mimic muscles express our emotions. It is programmed in the genes of the most ancient ancestors. Here and need to learn to follow: to be able to listen to each body part, to determine how tense muscles. If you decide you can and relax at will, arbitrarily. Some recommend a repeat words such as "relax" or simply: "quietly." Try it, maybe this will help.

Relaxing facial muscles acting on the type of termination of feedback and the cause of stress: the emotions and thoughts. After a person other muscles to relax easier. Explore one body part after another and relax muscles - arms, legs, back, until all the body does not lie entirely passive, like someone else. Sometimes, before relaxing to slightly reduce the muscle, for example, move your arm or jaw.

The question is, what is thought to switch? Do not think is impossible. It is best to connect his thoughts to his own breathing. First you need to stop them driving, relax and let breathe automatically. Typically, breathing slows and becomes deeper. Next you only need to watch him, as if viewed from the side: now - breath here - a pause, began exhale.

In most cases, after half an hour, an hour sleep comes. If it does not, then you have to give up efforts and to lie perfectly still.

"Overheating" psyche "of tension" during the day turns into a bad dream, but if it lasts for weeks and months, there may be other symptoms. They are all familiar with, but they were not there at. Headache, talk about the head, abdomen - the stomach, constipation and diarrhea - the intestines, heart - the heart. I do not even mention the increase in blood pressure, say - hypertension. In fact, at least initially, it's all overtraining "the system voltage. This is a signal to shut down, and one night and a day off will not get away, need more.

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