Joe Kridio.Do not want to go bald!

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The average person loses 50 to 100 hairs daily. These are the hair that we find on a pillow and a hairbrush. So it should be, do not worry. Conversely, if the hair does not fall out every day, it could be a sign of ill health.
Hair grows in cycles. Each hair grows for about 1-1,5 cm per month and growing so within 2-6 years and an average of 4 years. Then the hair is still as if in a dormant state and will not change during the three months until they are ousted and replaced by new hair. Of course, these cycles do not coincide with all the hair, most of them always be in a stage of growth.
Our skin needs a rich blood supply. A skin head, that is, the part that covers the skull, has the most extensive network in the body of blood vessels. This means that compared to other parts of the body scalp feels the greatest need for blood supply.
At the base of each hair follicle is a kind of lip tissue, which is called the papilla. The life of the hair papilla is enclosed in, and life papilla, in turn, depends on its blood supply. Papillae should always be fed with fresh blood, it is the main condition for the appearance of cells needed for hair growth. If the capillaries that supply blood nipples, too narrowed, or if blood circulation is disturbed for any reason, the papillae can not produce proper hair replacement.
I conducted studies have shown that buds are hardy enough and not so easily killed. They can activate and return to normal. Top of the head - it's the same limb of the body, and that the tips of the fingers or toes. This is the most difficult places to enter the blood. That is why most men hair start falling with the crown, which clearly affirms:

Hair loss is a result of circulatory disorders.

For long enough to work with clients I am convinced that the problem of hair has a deep psychological significance. The majority of balding men appear inferiority complex. I had a friend - a handsome, athletic guy. He felt awful when I started to go bald, and he spent enormous efforts in search of a method of treatment. He once told me that since I became an adult, never allowed himself to cry - until his hair began to fall. I'm willing to bet that even now, millions of men (and women too) cry - silently or out loud - for the same reason.
As I asked a certain number of men, what they fear most. Many said they fear the loss of hair, even more than the loss of male potency. Why? Because there is no second, you can hide, but the lack of hair - no. In addition, sometimes perceive an association between hair and sex solvency. And this is understandable. Because hair growth on face and body - are secondary sexual characteristics that accompany puberty. We subconsciously associate the pomp of hair on the head with sexual abilities. This symbolic role of hair is one of the causes of fear of men in front of baldness.
Hair - it's the only characteristic of sex, which we flaunt. Our hair indicates the degree of sexual freedom or suppressing it, we feel, or feel which makes us the society. That is why the army imposes the soldiers a short haircut and that's why convicts have their heads shaved bald. Shaved head - it is like a symbol of castration and forced deprivation of sexual ability.
That is why men are so sensitive to the problem of hair loss. This problem affects the mind and the perception of even those men who have achieved outstanding success in life. It is said that Julius Caesar is too fond of his laurel wreath, and preferred to wear it constantly just because he hid his bald spot. And when Napoleon, Emperor of France, met with the Russian Emperor Alexander to discuss the future of Europe, then they finished the conversation talking about remedies to hair loss.
Balding grabs every means to grow hair like a drowning man clutches at a straw. Intelligent and experienced in life people are willing to believe in any, even the absurd idea if it contains at least hint at the prospect of restoring hair. Unscrupulous sellers profited at the expense of quack remedy for baldness for many generations, and meek looking for "miracle" medicine since ancient times.
Proved that there are no shampoos, creams or emulsions, using that could be assured that their ingredients penetrate the skin, get into the follicle and the papilla will be absorbed. The role of skin is precisely in that it serve as a protective barrier to the penetration into the body of foreign substances from the environment. The skin absorbs a little fat in the upper layers - and that's it!
Hair shaft composed of dead matter. They do not "eat" and does not affect the process of recovery and growth of hair. Yes, they are porous and can absorb chemical solutions - such as hair dyes, bleaching agents, etc. They can also be lubricated to make them well-groomed appearance. But this does not mean that the rod hair any substance can reach buds and stimulate the growth of new hair. Outsiders can not feed the felines. Another thing, if anything rubbed into the scalp. And so vigorously to feel the pain. And then it will not matter what you rub. Just papilla need fresh blood, not some kind of special nutrients, allegedly promotes hair growth. Evidence that any of the vitamins, minerals or other nutrients can revive buds and give rise to hair growth, yet no one received.
So, I think that the main cause of hair loss is poor blood circulation in the scalp. It is the most complicated in the whole organism network of capillaries that is experiencing the greatest need for blood. In this case, temples, forehead and scalp of the most difficult for the blood supply places. Decreased blood flow leads to depletion of papillae, causing their inability to produce new hair. This is a basic tenet of my theory.
We reserve the hair on the sides of the head and a neck because the path of blood to these areas is easier. In addition, these places are thin layers of muscle and fat, which play the role of the "cushion" for blood vessels, preventing them from contraction. Temples, forehead and crown contain only a very thin layer of fat and no muscle tissue. The tighter the taut skin of the head, for example, as a result of tension or stress, the more narrow the blood vessels and so less blood goes to the papilla. The result - increased hair loss. It is compression of the capillaries in the scalp as a result of an abundance of stress and tension of modern life leads to total baldness of men.
Women are less bald than men, not least because it accustomed to a hundred times a day to correct his hairstyle. They constantly pull, comb, massage your hair and scalp, trying to look as good as possible. All of these activities stimulate the scalp, which in turn creates good conditions for the circulation of blood.
Why do men bald with age? Yes, because the blood circulation in the scalp is gradually deteriorating. In 40 years the system of blood circulation is not what it was 20 years old. With the aging of blood vessels, they lose their ability freely to nourish the scalp.
Almost all the people who saw with horror that began to go bald, begin to make the same mistake: they avoid touching the head of the fear that any mechanical manipulation will cause even more intense hair loss. When they combed her hair, then do it so gently that no comb or brush do not touch the skin, no hair pulling and pulled them. That's why they get scared when I take a towel and start rubbing their head as they did for many years. They think: "A nightmare, he's pulling out the precious remnants of my hair!"
But would rub and massage is not the best way to increase blood flow in any area of your body? To restore blood flow, we must, simply must rub the scalp, especially those areas where the hair thinning. 
Undoubtedly, the most difficult challenge that I face, is to convince people of the need for rubbing and scratching the brushed areas of the head with thinning hair. In fact for many years of work I've never had to deal with increasing baldness due to scalp massage.
To get the most benefit from the grinding head, it is better to use bath towel. It is soft and fluffy at the same time has good rubbing abilities. Spread the towel any place on the body and watch as the pink skin due to blood flow. The same thing happens with the scalp.
Pound and is already bare skull, but special attention is paid to places where there are still hair, at least one! The purpose of grinding is a gradual recovery and filling with blood capillary network of the scalp.
Prepare yourself for the fact that the result does not appear immediately. The process of hair loss last for years. Hair Restoration will take less time, but if you show patience, we can give new life to hair. From the beginning of kneading until the first new hair is from three to four months.
Hair falling out when grinding - it's the hair that falls out naturally. Those that are not ready to fall out, do not fall out even under the most vigorous rubbing. Three months later, the newly rejuvenated buds begin to push the hair shaft to the surface of the skin on the head will be felt already some roughness, as if on top there was stubble. The process of hair growth is more noticeable if the hair is hard and dark. If your hair is thin and light, they will grow as quickly and in the same amount, but it's harder to notice.
Consider that from the moment you start grinding, you have stopped the process of hair thinning. Instead of each of the hair to grow now two, and so will last for as long as the hair on the crown does not become as thick as the sides of the head. Usually, complete recovery of hair is as long as the process lasted for their losses (from one year to five years). So do not stop rubbing his head, even when you are convinced that they are growing. Your hair will need a constant power supply.
Can you grow hair on his head, completely devoid of hair? I would not want to instill false hope, but theoretically the answer may be yes. The main condition - that the network of capillaries in the scalp was able to restore and revive the dormant buds. I can not promise that on the bare skull fully grown new hair, but I guarantee anyone that he can put an end to a dramatic thinning of the hair and turn this process around since I started regularly rubbed his head.
How long should I rub my head? While the scalp is not porozoveet and you start to itch and tingle. Those who have good blood circulation, take 30 seconds, while others who have scalp stretched or strained, and the vessels is extremely uzheny need 3 to 5 minutes. What more do such grinding, the better the flow of blood. Much as possible! The most important thing - hard to comprehend that need to rub his head every day throughout their lives. This is necessary, and those who have no problems with hair - they will appear. A regular massage will ensure that his hair will always be thick and lush.
I personally recommend to pay a minimum of two minutes per day, your hair vigorously rubbing them and making it part of the usual hair washing. Are you afraid of washing your hair everyday? In vain. Is face wash led to the loss, such as eyelashes or beard? Daily shampooing is necessary in order to remove the oily film and dirt stuck to the hair. Some experts caution against too frequent shampooing, as it supposedly dries the hair and removes the natural oils. In my opinion, this is not true. Washing and rubbing his head not only deprives the hair of natural oils grease, but also stimulates the sebaceous glands.
If you wash your hair every day a mild shampoo and rub it, then no additional hair care is not required. Dry hair can be mitigated regular grinding. Do not use shampoos designed specifically for dry hair. Instead, use some very mild shampoo and rub his head to activate the glands and restore their normal functioning. Everything you need to do - having greasy hair - is to wash them daily and rub with a towel very vigorously. The sebaceous glands to normal quickly.
Condition of the hair, of course, reflects the state of the whole organism. Therefore, eat well-balanced in its composition, food, save yourself from unnecessary pollution of the body he substances, the accumulation of cholesterol, which prevents the normal circulation.
It is very useful for hair a small amount of alcohol, as it expands the capillaries in the scalp. Sex is also useful for hair. It relieves stress, and anything that relaxes constricted blood vessels, is good for the hair papilla. 
So start grinding today, and after four months, going up to the mirror, you're like many of my patients, probably jumped for joy.