Health and Sex

Tangled up this question - Does sex on health? Effect on happiness precisely, and to directly excited or inhibited the heart, lungs and other organs - is doubtful. That's life shows: people abstain and live, do not get sick, but it seems still die sooner than married. Instinct of procreation - is one of the most powerful. It consists of two needs - the children, and sex. 
Significance of each biological needs as a motivator of any action depends on three "coordinate". 
First: its biological rank, to what extent it affects the conservation of the species. The list of the three major instincts - food, procreation and protection - sex divides the first place with food. 
Second: the degree of saturation needs. Absolute hunger or mortal danger at the moment immediately in the foreground, and being satisfied are on the back. Same goes for sex: animals during oestrus it priority. 
In humans, this dependence is less, too. 
Third: The level of fitness is different, as the appetite or the courage. For sex acts and even a fourth factor: age. Finally, a very pronounced individual differences: there are people passionate and have cold. Just as there are greedy and kind. 
Excessive expression of any biological need is harmful to health: the harmony is disturbed, the mind switches over to passion. As a result, something people neglect or abuse. This can include nutrition, physical activity and most of all - the mental equilibrium. Redundancy sexual desires expressed in sexual misconduct, and it certainly is harmful to health because drains the psyche and even physical health. Agree with this, most doctors. On the contrary, abstinence has not found an unambiguous assessment. The question is: how can "detrenirovat" sexual needs without compromising the health? Apparently there is a negative feedback between the accumulation of products of the sex glands - the testes and ovary - to the autonomic centers of the nervous system and hormonal activity of adrenal glands. That is, when these products accumulate, it increases the desire, but after a certain limit accumulation occurs opposite effect - inhibition of desire, man "wean". 
There are sayings that promotes sexual abstinence creative activity. Sublimation of Freud has to do with it. Some reason to refrain is: unsatisfied desire always activates the brain and thereby contributes to solving any problems, including creative. And the action of the subconscious, so that "horny" is not required. 
Norma intercourse hygiene is not defined. Call the numbers from 1 to 7 times a week. Maybe so. The easiest way to comply with the rules of adultery: the minimum requirements of work is over, and the maximum resists adaptation. 
In conclusion, I simply must educate the people - "consumers" of medicine - how to coexist with her to live longer and suffer fewer fatalities from the disease. Of course, it is possible to devote an entire book, but I will give at least some advice. 
Enumerate the points directly. 
1. Do not expect that doctors will make you healthy. They could save a life, even to cure disease, but only fail to start, and then - just rely on yourself. I never underestimate the power of medicine, since it serves as her whole life. But also know an expert in health - both theoretically and practically. On this occasion boasted: I spend a half year experiment on themselves - three hours exercising with weights and jogging. Scared of aging after eight: when God and the afterlife do not believe that to die terribly. 
Doctors treat the disease and health need to get yourself, your workout. Because health - it is "spare capacity" bodies, all of our physiology. They are required to maintain normal functional performance - at rest and during exercise - physical and mental. And also not to get sick and ill, possibly die. 
For example, to blood pressure and heart rate did not rise more than 1,5 times during the exercises or running, and the inevitable shortness of breath quickly disappeared. To not be afraid of drafts and cold passes quickly without drugs, by themselves. And in general, to work well, sleep well, "elos and pilos. 
These "power" are not taken drugs, but only the exercise, exercise, stress. And more work and patience. 
2. What feels every disease. Unfortunate breakdown of different functions that might be detrimental to feel happiness, and even to live. Reasons are also known: the external "harm" (an infection, the environment, but also the social upheavals), his own irrational behavior. Sometimes - congenital defects. 
Approved: human nature is strong. At least in most people. True, the smaller of the disease are inevitable, but serious most of the unreasonable way of life: reduction in reserves as a result of detrenirovannosti. External environment, poverty, stress - in second place. 
Disease is too much. When some of them quite common, the person feels well, but the danger is already on the threshold and must still be treated and permanently. And only by doctors, rather than healers and psychics. 
Here they are: blood pressure above 200 mm Hg. Art. Stroke is quite real. Must observe himself, the most pressure measurements and drink tablets, when it surpasses 190. 
Heart. Coronary heart disease. If the attacks of pain (angina) and require daily medication - expect a heart attack. Need to do a special X-ray examination of the coronary vessels, and perhaps surgery. Permanent atrial fibrillation - at least to take daily aspirin to slow blood clotting. Other arrhythmias are not dangerous, do not be afraid. 
Diabetes should be treated carefully - as prescribed by a doctor. 
In the formation of gallstones, especially jaundice and inflammation of the operation immediately. It is the same for kidney stones. 
About cancer of any location does not even speak. At the slightest suspicion should be examined by an oncologist. And no healer! 
Stop! Can not be sure. 
3. Training provision must be reasonable. This means a gradual but persistent. For example, in the exercises, running or even walking every day can add from 3 to 5% of the level achieved (number of movements, speed and distance), and should take into account the age and reliability of the source of health. The same is true of hardening, fire and even work. 
"If we say about the essence of coaching - it is the regime of restrictions and stress (Ron, as we now like to reduce). It is my strong point. However, nothing original, I figured it out. 
The three main points. The first - a diet with a minimum of fat, 300 g of fruits and vegetables daily, and that body weight was less than the numbers increase, minus 100. 
Second - Training. Here it is more difficult. It all needs, and children and the elderly - especially. Since it is now at work, hardly anyone is not physically straining, then the idea for a decent health should be engaged for an hour a day. But not enough for this character in a normal post-Soviet man. Therefore, at least 20 - 30 minutes of gymnastics, it's about 1000 movements, it is better with free weights 2-5 kg. As an addendum to the physical training is desirable to allocate land for walking on his way to work and back, one by one kilometer. 
The third item is perhaps the most difficult: control mentality. Learn to control yourself! But, oh, how difficult it is! Many recipes, up to meditation. Describe them I will not. 
4. Everyone should know about the fortress of his health. This is - blood pressure, pulse rate, hemoglobin level, the degree of dyspnea on exertion, and functional condition of the stomach and intestines, no symptoms of the coronary vessels, liver, and kidneys. The same and the nervous system: headache, dizziness. About the little things do not say - the back and joints. Past illness should not exaggerate: when was 5-10 years, the body has all compensated. But they need to know about. 
5. If you are young - to 60 - and described the symptoms do not, then should not the slightest indisposition to run the clinic. As already mentioned, our doctors do not trust nature, focused on medication and rest. Be careful not to get to them in captivity! Find the disease and persuade: "Rest and heal!" 
Of course, the need to conquer the disease in the measure. That is, observe yourself, to live quietly and wait for 5-7 days. You can take 1-2 tablets of aspirin, they still will not hurt anyone. 
The body has a powerful protective forces - the immune system, mechanisms for compensation. They will work, you need to give them a little time. Keep in mind that most lung diseases go away, only the doctor's drugs are accompanied by natural recovery. You say: "cure!" And you and you believe: "The Good Doctor!" 
However, I do not believe, as some naturopaths that all chemical drugs - poisons, and are useful only grass. Harmful drugs does not happen, this is followed by specialists. But it is better to avoid them. At least for fear of allergies. 
6. Choosing a doctor - an unsolvable problem for our rights. That is, most simply have no choice - there is a district doctor and the hospital - ward resident, now with him and find a common language. Well, if you're lucky, and if not - then the doctor will have you for a hospital leaflet, and referrals to consultants. Such a system can break even now, with free medical care: to give citizens a choice - to whom to attach to the clinic. I saw it in Czechoslovakia in the late 60's. Physician, to whom many people wishing to receive more money, but who have little patients, correspondingly less. Difficult to arrange this, but possible. Our administrators do not want to move: appointed physician, be quiet and not rock the boat: "He has a diploma." 
But if you really lucky to get to the good doctor, take care of him for nothing do not worry. Soviet term "must" for family doctor does not fit. Coffee it poite and business gifts in a modest range. And if the opportunities there are none, then at least be a man. Remember that the doctor - is more than just a specialist. It's not a plumber. Directions doctors perform ... the extent of your understanding. And does not require him drugs, which have learned from the neighbors. I repeat: drugs should drink less. For example, now in vogue dropper, not only in the hospital, but also at home. So: this is stupid, fashion, do not ask. It's one thing in intensive care need "heavy artillery", others - at home. Different readings. 
However, I'd better stop here: the relationship between patients and physicians - delicate matter. Often, unfortunately, those and others are unhappy. This costs a human - selfish - the psyche. When get rich, the money will facilitate the provision. Here are just waiting for a long time. One more thing: do not expect the family doctor you RHONE (!) Appoint, that he is not trained. Want to be healthy - will have the most risk. That is, with no power issues - hunger is always useful as tobacco - harmful. Since physical education is worse. Can and bust. But also do not be afraid if you observe the gradual building loads. Bad is not what the doctor exercises not appointed, the bad, when he forbids them. There's nothing to advise: he is afraid. "Do no harm" - the holy commandment doctor, even by Hippocrates. 
What to say in conclusion? To be healthy, you need strength of character. 
As a weak man to find the optimum behavior in a triangle of the disease - doctors - exercise? My advice - choose the latter - the exercises and limitations. At the very least - to try. Believe me - will pay off! However - each a master of his fate.

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