Strengthening the body

The greatest impact on human health has its way of life and outlook on himself and the world around us. Adverse working and living conditions lead to premature aging and related diseases. By premature aging means a state where people do not feel sick or
did not think that is sick for real, but at the same time can not call myself a fully healthy . Live and work in such a man interfere with weakness, fatigue, sleep disturbance, a variety of unpleasant sensations in the body, pain, coldness, numbness, spasms in the limbs, and more. The reasons for these conditions are insufficient
physical activity, bad posture, poor nutrition, smoking, alcohol, drugs and harmful stereotypes. Large role played by negative perceptions of situations and a painful response. Discontent, anger, irritation, jealousy, resentment, fear, pride, mental clips and complexes are the root cause of all illnesses and misfortunes. Understanding the role of these factors and the ability to counter their effects is an important step towards self-healing. Everyone should learn how to rebuild their forces, heals the body and carry out disease prevention. The organism is equipped with an ideal system of self-regulation and self-healing, dormant force which you want to wake up and use. Ugly looks like the desire to load their own problems of another person, including a doctor, forcing him to work instead of yourself. This approach eliminates the intuition, weakens the responsibility for their lives, reduces the ability to make decisions, increases the propensity towards consumerism and leads to total decomposition of the body. Without enhancing its own forces can not be healthier or by a physician or by tablets. If a person wants to be healthy, he must learn to think positively. In all see the positive impact of the Divine Will, to monitor, on which fixed his attention, what words he utters, etc. Given the impact of organ dysfunction, toxins in the psyche, you need to learn how to get rid of them. Simple hygienic measures: purification, hardening, strengthening the organs and tissues of natural resources also takes the first signs of aging, eliminate laziness, lethargy, ill, emotional instability; sgarmoniziruyut need for sleep, appetite, metabolism, help you to part with many diseases, and restore the most important functions organism, and with them the young; optimize all mental functions, improve the perception and memory; develop creative thinking and creative abilities. State of joy and interest in the outside world, the ability to understand others will host states. Interest in others to awaken their interest back, and this will increase the range of positive communication. Talking about illness and doctors will be replaced by talk of improving health and expanding horizons. With the money spent on expensive drugs, will buy the interesting books, articles, clothes and other useful things. In general, life will be what and should be a man - handsome, joyful and happy!

Baranova, Svetlana. Strengthening the body