Taoist healing techniques


What is your greatest asset? Do you believe that this is your house, your car or your jewelry? Your collection of beautiful stamps or rare coins, or perhaps, your stake? Possession of all of these things, of course, can improve your quality of life. But can you at least one of them to consider your greatest asset? 

Perhaps you believe that your most valuable asset in general is not a material thing. Maybe it's your sense of humor or charm. Perhaps it is your unique personality or corona hit in golf. And maybe this is your perfect pitch music lover or a connoisseur of fine taste of wine and gourmet. Either this is some kind of talent that makes you unique. This, of course, also domain. And each of them can help us define who we are, but whether at least one of them called the paramount?

Or maybe you believe that it is your job or your desire for success. Your thirst for knowledge or the ability to communicate. Your ability to read. Or maybe it's just your TV set.

Each person has their own domain to help him determine who he is and what it represents. Your greatest asset may be something you are not yet own, but that probably ever get. It could be your religious faith, your family or people's respect.

Your greatest asset may mean different things to different people. Of course, it would be very difficult to get everyone to recognize any one thing or another quality as the most important value.

Our formula is based on the values of many variables. How we were raised, who were our parents, what beliefs we have been vaccinated - all this is certainly important. Whether we grew up in a big city or on the farm or in the mountains in complete isolation from society - all this will play a crucial role in defining our concept of the greatest wealth.

Excellent twisted baseball filing a boy who grew up in the United States is unlikely to be great value for the boy who grew up in India.

When we select the definition of what is our greatest asset, we must come to something that is more universal.

We can have untold wealth, but when we are seriously sick, we suddenly realize that good health is much more valuable than dollars. And although, of course, wealth can help to get good health care, it is self health is ultimately our property much more valuable than money and things.

We can have many talents, but if we have serious depression or we mentally ill, we are simply unable to assess them. If you lose your own mental health, or watch as it happens

with someone, it is easy to see that all the riches of the world is meaningless and useless if your mind is not integral.

Thus, health and mental well-being implicitly universally recognized as the greatest value. But there is something more fundamental. What we take with us everywhere, wherever we went. The fact that we can lose or sacrifice, waste, or just give away. What we can do extremely helpful and what we can take care of. Ultimately it is our most important asset. This is our life.

Your life - this is your most valuable asset. If you lose it, all the rest of your values and talents become irrelevant. If you are dead, the very notion of owning something becomes meaningless. Your memory will live on in your family and among your friends. Things that you accrued during the life, will pass into the hands of your heirs, because without life, you do not own anything.

Thus, life is - this is our greatest asset, but it is also a great gift. We have received life from our parents, and we have the ability to create life in our children. This is a great and wonderful gift - the gift of life. But life itself is the greatest mystery. Our science is still unable to explain the origin of the life and where it disappears after the ending. Source of life defies any logical explanation. You can call it God, Nature or Tao. Ultimately, we are faced with the question, which does not have an answer: where does God or the way in which nature was able to conceive of itself. All we can say with certainty - is the fact that life exists here on planet Earth and that humans are the highest form of life on our planet.

By itself, life has two functions. Globally, the reproduction of species through breeding is more important than the preservation of individual life. From the perspective of the individual, the main value - is the preservation of his own life.

We carry with them our life unique in the container, which we call our body. In order to maintain our body, we need to breathe and eat.

In order to be real people, we must also give food and other aspects of our lives, referred to as consciousness. Humanity has the gift of understanding the world and the universe around us. This is exactly what otdelyaetcheloveka from all other life forms. We can think of. We wonder about our existence. We have created a language, writing and mathematics. We are aware of their emotions and create laws that separates good and evil, defining what is acceptable to society, and what does not.

By the end of the twentieth century science and medicine have made great strides in increasing life expectancy and the eradication of many serious diseases. We also benefit from the global exchange of ideas relating to health and longevity.

Western medicine is still relatively young. She is more focused on cures the disease rather than prevent it. In the twenty-first century medical arts and sciences will significantly expand its borders, absorbed the old and new ideas from around the world.

That is what I dedicate my book. In it I talk about healing, longevity, rejuvenation and sexual techniques, originally developed by the Taoists in ancient China. Many of the Taoist practice has only recently started to open the West. Up until the late 70's in the West was not actually the masters of Tao. Taoists lived in China, often in remote provinces. They had no reason to leave China until the Taoist practice does not become subject to prohibition after the communist revolution. Persecution of the Taoists have become more violent during the cultural revolution of the late 60's.

Those who were able, fled from Communist China to other parts of the Far East. Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand and other countries Taoist teachings spread, first in Chinese communities, and then became available and the rest of the population. Ultimately, these exercises have reached America through these Taoist masters, Mantak Chia, and as no Huatsin.

Taoist practice resumed in China in 70 years, when the government realized how much of the Taoist heritage was virtually destroyed. Taoist exercises called qigong, is currently practiced throughout China. Taiji tsyuan operates every morning in the parks of millions of Chinese. Doctors are studying Taoist medicine technology. Scientists from the universities studied life force energy in hopes of better understanding the mysteries of life. There is a new generation of Chinese Qigong masters, and some of them were allowed to go to the West and teach their art.

I was fortunate to begin his training with Master Mantak Chia in 1981, shortly after his arrival from Thailand to the West. I continue my work to this day - not only with Master Chia, but also with countless practitioners as artists and students from around the world. In this book, I will consider the technical aspect of the practice. Of course, it will be necessary to clarify some of the Taoist concept of health and longevity, which have a far eastern specificity. However, these techniques and exercises are versatile and require no prior knowledge of Chinese philosophy, science or medicine.

My approach is purely practical, and I'll try not to complicate the text as possible. Simplicity - one of the main Taoist virtues. Of course, I'm not Chinese. I do not write or speak Chinese. I am a Westerner, which deals with Taoist techniques has been more than twenty years. And my purpose - not to explain the thinking Far West, but rather to bring to light an extremely useful wellness, rejuvenation, sexual, and life-prolonging equipment so that people, whatever they do in life, they could learn and live longer, healthier and happier.

In the market there are a great number of excellent books that explain who the Taoists, telling their history and legends, and pushing their beliefs. If you are interested, definitely find and read them. In this same book I am bringing historical and philosophical background to a minimum. One important warning: there are many different Taoist schools. Many of the Taoist teachings are open to different interpretations and opinions. If you read all at once, you're likely to get stuck at different points of view. Do not forget the simple things.

Taoist practices are not of a religious nature. They embody the physical and mental exercises, which are often quite different from those to which we are accustomed to here in the West. For Taoists long life and good health were of prime importance. Many exercises are simple and easy to implement. This book - a practical approach to wellness, sexy, restoring power and life extending Taoist techniques. Taoists have sought to ensure that prolong life as much as possible. Wealth is not necessarily avoided Taoists, but life was for them the greatest value.

Taoist art recovery, rejuvenation, prolonging life and sexuality are a great heritage of mankind. Having started to study them, you can take them with you wherever you went. They require no special equipment. In their power - to change your life and breathe into it new strength, improve your health and add longevity to you, and also improve your sex life.

Yudlav Eric. 100 days for health and longevity.