The severity and pain in the legs

Often, leg pain is a manifestation of disease of the arteries or veins, but her reason, there are other diseases and conditions. Gradually, the patient pays attention to increasing the feeling of heaviness and fullness in the legs. Discomfort with the syndrome of "heavy legs" are exacerbated when the patient is compelled, for whatever reason, to stand for a long time, decrease slightly when walking, shot in a horizontal position with the limb elevated and may resume in connection with the calf muscle twitching at night under a warm blanket. A peculiar feeling of stagnation and unusual heat in the limb occurs in women especially during menstruation.

Therapeutic exercises

Starting position: lying on his back. Flexion and extension of toes alternately and simultaneously. Perform a circular motion at the ankle joints alternately and simultaneously.
Rotate the foot inward and outward. Flexion and extension of the foot with the resistance of one leg while driving on the other. Perform 15-20 times at a slow pace. 
Stop right foot put on the ball. Roll the ball to the body and back into its original position. However, to make the left foot. Perform in slow motion 5-6 times. 
Take hold of the edge of the couch and run an average pace exercise "Bicycle" 20-30 times. 
Hands bent at the elbow, right leg bent at the knee, building on foot. Slowly lift your left leg 2-5. 
The same is done with the right foot. Right leg slightly bent and keep her hands over the hip or lean on the armrest. Followed by a bend and straighten his knee with the separation of the heel from the bed. The same is done with his left foot. Perform in slow motion 10-15 times. 
Starting position: sitting on a chair. Legs slightly bent at the knees, then grab the toes of both feet, small items from the floor. Active flexion and extension of the foot. Perform at a slow pace and average 20-30 times. 
Bend and straighten your right leg with your left leg. Perform at a slow pace of 10-20. Actively alternately bend and unbend your knees. Perform an average pace 24-30 times. 
Starting position: standing. Feet together, hands on his belt. Rise on the toes and down the entire foot. Perform 10-15 times. 
Right foot to put a step forward, then bend the knee and torso forward to the position of "attack". Repeat with the left foot. Perform in slow motion 10-25 times. Starting position: bismuth back to the gym wall. Alternately lift your feet, knees bent. Then, simultaneously lift your feet, knees bent. Perform in slow motion 6-8 times. 
Alternately, and then at the same time raise the straight leg. Perform 6-8 times.