Obliterative endarteritis (thromboangiitis)

Systemic chronic inflammatory disease , in which the defeat of small arteries. This is a fairly common disease in men. The average age at which the disease appears - for 30-40 years.
The exact cause of obliterating endarteritis so far not been established. However, there are a few suggestions: 

- Infectious, toxic (including fungal infections);
- Allergic (increased reaction on tobacco products); 
- Pathology of the blood coagulation system; 
- Atherosclerotic (atherosclerosis young age). 

Currently, most researchers favor the autoimmune nature of the disease. These patients are often found changes in the immune system, which are expressed in the appearance antisosudistyh antibodies, increasing concentrations of circulating immunoglobulins, reducing lymphocyte. The disease develops under the influence of various factors (smoking, infection, nutrition, etc.). Thus there is an accumulation of antibodies in the vascular wall and formation of immune complexes. As a result, developed an inflammation of all layers of the artery, which subsequently leads to sclerosis of the wall and plugging. As a result, developed circulatory failure. When the system is possible during the development of myocardial infarction, ischemic stroke, bowel necrosis and other serious illnesses.
The clinical course of disease differs in waves, with periods of exacerbation which replaced a more or less sustained improvement. Symptoms associated with chronic arterial insufficiency of the lower extremities. In patients with severely increased sensitivity to low temperature, there is fatigue in the legs, numbness, muscle cramps, pain when walking or resting, trophic ulcers in the fingers and feet, necrosis or gangrene. 

Medical gymnastics

Starting position: sitting on a chair. Hands are lowered, feet together. From the starting position alternately lift your hands up. With a show of hands should take a deep breath, with a dwindling - exhale. Complete the exercise 6 times with each hand. Hands to bend the elbow and keep the shoulder-width apart, feet together. In this position, make a circular motion of the elbow: 6 times clockwise and 6 counterclockwise.
Collect small items from the floor of your toes. Skate soles gymnastic stick. Rotate the ball between the feet of the mean. Sit cross-legged cross-legged and get up out of this situation, trying to help myself with my hands. Every time necessary to change the position of the feet. Actively move his legs as if riding a bicycle. Starting position: sitting on the floor. Hands to dissolve in hand, feet together. Inhale and bend your left leg at the knee, helping hands, press it against the chest and abdomen. On the exhale, lower leg, hand in hand to dissolve. The following account of the same make with the right foot. Run for 5 times each leg. 
Each exercise should be repeated 6-8 times. 
Put your hands on your hips, feet shoulder width apart. Inhale, tilt your torso to the right, on the exhale to return to its original position. Run for 5 times in each direction. Hands to dissolve in hand, feet shoulder width apart. Take a deep breath, his arms raise up and tilt your torso forward at the knees, keeping your head straight. On the exhale to the starting position. Repeat 5 times. 
Starting position: standing. Feet together and arms down along the body. In the hands at shoulder width is gymnastic stick. During inspiration to his right foot step back and lift his stick up over his head, as you exhale to the starting position. Perform 6-7 times each leg. 
Between exercises should take a break to breath fully recovered. Feet shoulder width apart, hands omitted. In the hands at shoulder width is gymnastic stick. When you breath in the body to turn to one side, stick to lift forward. On the exhale to the starting position. Run alternately to each side for 5-6 times. 
Feet shoulder width apart, hands omitted. Take a deep breath, his right arm and right leg to bring him into the side and hold for 5 seconds, exhale, take the starting position. Run alternately to each side for 5-6 times. 
Feet shoulder width apart, hands omitted. Stand on tiptoe to make both wide circular hand movements, first clockwise, then against. Repeat 5-6 times on each side. 
Feet shoulder width apart, hands placed on the belt. Perform a circular motion in the torso and one to the other side 8-10 times. 
Feet together, hands omitted. Run, walk in place for 1 minute. Go to the outer edges of the feet. Walk on tiptoe to turn them inside. Lift the toes, without taking the rest of the support, for 10-15 seconds. Repeat 5 times.