Discovery Excellent

Discovery Excellent Artlife

Multicomponent full support of the growing organism
The constant support of all essential nutrients in amounts corresponding to the physiological needs of the growing organism, - a necessary condition for successful establishment, effective functioning, vitality, self-renewal and timely preservation of all structures of the body.
VB Spirichev, Ph.D., professor.

• allows perfect balance and saturate the body with essential vitamins, minerals, bioflavonoids and other natural biologically active substances;
• promotes optimal leakage rates and energy processes, growth, reproduction and differentiation of cells that effectively support all body functions, normal growth and development;
• normalizes and activates the intracellular oxidation-reduction processes novitelnye, makes cells more efficiently convert nutrients into energy;
• Provides powerful antioxidant protection of cellular structures and biological molecules, the constancy of homeostasis and high adaptive capacity of the growing organism;
• has a protective effect on the brain and the heart muscle, stimulating effect on the nerve processes and cardiac function, improves the rate and state of the heart muscle, vascular tone;
• improves mental performance, memory, attention, cognitive function, neuromuscular conduction and motor activity, increases the resistance of the developing organism to increased physical stress, increase strength and endurance;
• Protects the eye structures from the destructive action of intense light beams, long-term surge, hardware radiation, increases visual acuity, reduces fatigue of the visual analyzer under a heavy load;
• has a strong obscheozdoravlivayuschim, toning and gentle immunocorrective action;
• improves the course and outcome of complex treatment of any acute or chronic disease (immune deficiency and gipovitaminoznyh states, metabolic disorders, anemia, allergic disorders, skin diseases, etc.) and provides adequate support for defects and anomalies of development of organs and systems;
• accelerates the recovery process after illness, parasites, surgical procedures, trauma, stress, psycho-emotional, intellectual and sporting loads.

If a person wants to maintain the normal functioning of organs and systems, increase resistance or to prevent the disease, he should think about the future - learn how to use the rich capabilities of the organism itself, multiplied by the healing power of nature and a holistic approach to healing. Master himself and teach their children - the duty of every parent. Modern science practice, technology can, relying on the natural healing materials, create a comprehensive wellness formula, acting "at the level of the whole body, increasing its resistance, improving fundamental ktsionirovanie all organs and systems, and improving communication system that enables the body to function optimally prevent the most elementary pathological changes, to find natural healing and direction to achieve optimal health.

in this regard, natural innovatsionny komppeks "Discovery Excellent"

in composition and balance is the ideal multi-functional formula for the health of modern active and evolving man.
The most important areas of the complex are: the maintenance of optimal health, prevention and elimination of asthenic conditions (potassium, zinc, chromium, B vitamins, lipovvaya acid, co-enzyme Q10, succinic acid, ginkgo biloba, Kuril tea, Eleuterio. Coccus, Chaga), increased mental performance, cognitive brain function, memory and learning, eye protection against overvoltage and fatigue (iodine, potassium, B vitamins, beta-carotene, ginkgo biloba, taurine, lutein, Siberian ginseng), increase stamina, resistance to stress and stress ( potassium, chromium, selenium, iodine, taurine, quercetin, bioflavonoids, lipoic acid, ginkgo biloba, succinic acid, Siberian ginseng, Chaga).

• supports for admission as an effective tonic to restore and maintain the balance of essential micronutrients, prevention of hypovitaminosis and deficiency of macro-and micronutrients, frequent colds and decrease the immune system at the stages of recovery from an illness, parasites, injuries and surgeries in the pre-epidemic period, etc.;
• for the prevention and elimination of asthenic conditions, improve mental and physical performance, cognitive brain function, memory and learning ability, protect the eyes from strain, and fatigue;
• to activate the metabolism, support the body and improve treatment outcomes for different diseases, metabolic disorders, dysbiosis, mental, psycho-emotional and physical transition voltage, convulsions, fatigue, high-intensity sports, etc.;
• It is also recommended as a natural system means an active long-term prevention of diseases and pathological conditions in living in ecologically unfavorable conditions, inferiority rated power, the anomalies of the organs and systems, and hereditary diseases, taking chemotherapy drugs, etc.;
• Given the increasing incidence and overall poor health, imbalances in supply and the devastating impact of increased workloads and the environment, the proposed formula is a solid foundation of daily health and quality of all subsequent life of this young generation.