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The human immune system - an extremely complicated mechanism, damage which is directly dependent on natural equilibrium and well-coordinated work of its individual units, on the one hand, and "load" on it and "caring" about it - on the other. Illiterate or indiscriminate stimulation of the immune system, as well as "indifference" to its needs can lead to unpredictable consequences.

Caution physician immunologist
With the creation of biocomplex "Avirol" the dream of every one of us "to prevent, alleviate, cure" is now actually put into practice: taking "Avirol," we not only prevents the virus from replicating in the stage of penetration into the body, protect yourself from developing an infection or significantly reduce the severity of the main symptoms and shortens its course, but also strengthen their own security systems, eliminate the consequences of adverse effects on our body as a whole and the immune system in particular the various destructive factors, actively working on the causes and mechanisms of the disease, which is called immunodeficiency.
Statistics in recent years highlights one of the first places in the pathology of human disease associated with a decrease occurring or immunity. With multi-level monitoring and protection barriers, we, nevertheless, often sick, and all variety of new viral and bacterial infections, many suffer from chronic inflammatory diseases and tumors, allergic and autoimmune processes. Particularly relevant to the prevalence, persistent current, and resistance to standard therapy is a chronic recurrent herpes virus infection.
Why modern developed civilization so vulnerable to infections? Life itself - a way of life, chronic stressful state-financing and "burn" the nature of food, the environment, various diseases and pathological conditions provoke the emergence of numerous flaws in the system of immune defense.
Toxins, antigens, allergens, carcinogens that accumulate in the air, water, plants, even food - in everything that surrounds us - acting primarily on organs and cells of the immune system, and weakened for various reasons, the body eventually becomes no longer able to resist the onslaught of man-made influences and micro-organisms. And if poor nutrition imposed self-destructive habits (smoking, alcohol, psycho-emotional tension, etc.) and adverse or extreme conditions of work and residence, which routinely disruptive effect on organs and cells of the immune system and lymphoid tissue, then expect good health difficult. So develop secondary immunodeficiency states fitsitnye, the underlying causes which in most cases are chronic micronutrient deficiency, expressed zashlakovka internal environment, oxidative stress and low biochemical energy immune system, and these reasons in more or less common in most modern people, which explains widespread immunodeficiency, allergy, infection and cancer.
And if the "failure" of the immune system will eventually become a deep and structural, they are not eliminated suburban gifts, simple set of vitamins, pouring or jogging in the morning. It requires serious intervention of medicine, which has enough arsenal of drugs to stimulate the immune system. But do not bring the situation to the weakening or breakdown, when the restore the immune system becomes incredibly difficult and expensive affair. And if this effect of negative factors on the body lasts, it is a "good" - an artificial stimulation without additional support and protection can result in "evil" - the depletion of the immune system. It is for these cases, it is natural to support the regulation and protection of cells and organs of the immune system in daily life and to develop drugs that are called herbal immunomodulators.
In nature there are plants and biologically active substances that have the ability to truly precious not only to restore, enhance and correct the immune system, but also to bind free radicals, harmful metabolites, toxins and radionuclides to block the multiplication of microorganisms and prevent the malignancy of cells. Crucial to the exchange-regulating, anti-oxidant and membrane capacity: neutralizing the aggressive oxygen radicals and strengthening the fragile cell membrane, the natural immune modulators pose a barrier allergies, inflammation, autoimmune, degenerative and neoplastic processes.
Artlife Company offers innovative and effective security, Pasni formula to strengthen the immune system and optimal antiviral defense - "Avirol." The main advantage of this complex from other well-publicized means of immunoactive - a fundamentally new integrated approach to impact on life processes of the virus. Now, thanks to special, tyam recipes, many based on the results of the positive experience of immunomodulators and antiviral agents of plant origin and data on the latest scientific developments antiviral effect of the amino acid lysine, a virus has no chance! Obtained by the author grants the positive results of the practical application of biocomplex in preventive and curative purposes really affect its speed and efficiency.
Make for yourself right and timely choice, and scientifically-tuned combination of ingredients, the optimal dosage of active ingredients, the emphasis on the use of recognized herbal medicine herbs and immunoactive substances undoubtedly affect the outcome. A result of this - your health is stable and harmonious and comprehensive security, based on systemic exposure, proven efficacy and safety of the new full natural formula. This is a unique natural system of healing with the use of biologically active complexes of Artlife.
Composition and characteristics of the formulation, the basic mechanisms of action and therapeutic effects biocomplex "Avirol."
Lysine - is one of the most famous natural ingredients used in recent years, with many infections: This amino acid has an effective antiviral effect in herpes and acute respiratory infections, inhibits the development of hepatitis viruses, papilloma, etc., which makes it indispensable for acute and chronic viral processes and immunodeficient states. Besides the fact that lysine inhibits the reproduction of viruses, this amino acid serves as an indispensable building blocks for proteins of cells and tissues, promotes the growth, restoration of collagen, strengthen blood vessels and stimulates neutrophil microbicides properties, is involved in the production of antibodies, hormones, enzymes, promotes absorption of calcium slows damage the eye's lens with cataract, etc. In medical practice, particularly effective was the appointment of lysine at the same time with the famous shiitake mushrooms, as in this case applied a double blow to herpes: amino acid blocks viral replication at the biochemical level, and active substances of the fungus stimulate antiviral immunity.
How does lysine help cope with microorganisms? Once in the human body, the virus uses the amino acids "master" build their own proteins, in particular, for the continuous expansion of viruses such as herpes, respiratory and some other essential amino acid arginine. However, a similar structure is another amino acid - lysine. If you have enough lysine in the body or supplementation of dietary supplements in the virus begins to confuse "amino acids, using to build its proteins lysine, is deprived of his" favorite "foods. Here, the body also includes the mechanism of protection: connect the enzyme L-lysine alpha-oxidase, which blocks the replication of the virus, "stuffed" by lysine (see picture). At the same time, stress, colds, various diseases and other stocks of lysine in the body are being rapidly depleted, the virus is activated and begin to multiply uncontrollably. So, for example, people who have a lot of nervous, more often exposed to herpes recurrence of infection. You can prevent recurrences, regularly reinforcing, protecting and supporting the body by natural means, and using the additional intake of the amino acid lysine.

Mechanism of antiviral action LYSINE

Mechanism of antiviral action LYSINE
When herpes sores after the first day of taking the drugs on the basis of Japanese medicinal mushroom shiitake most people have a noticeable improvement. Biochemical characteristics of the fungus to explain why he has such phenomenal abilities with respect to the virus: the secret - a unique polysaccharide lentinan, detected only in shiitake mushrooms. Its curative effect is aimed at restoring the natural antiviral and anticancer yaschity body: Shiitake activates cellular immunity - in emulation of T-helper cells, antitumor - through increased production in the body of interleukins, interferon and killer cells. Particular note must be its ability to stimulate the enzyme perforin, which is introduced into cancer cells and damages their membranes. Polysaccharides
Shiitake mushrooms also exhibit an adaptogenic, antioxidant, ecology. protective and restorative activity, harmonize hormones.
Substantial addition of lysine and shiitake mushrooms in this ecosystem, "Avirol" acts Echinacea, which has scientifically and clinically proven anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effects. Medicinal properties of Echinacea purpurea are enclosed at its root: it contains a glycoside ehinakozid, oksikorichnye acid - tsikornevaya, caffeic, coumaric, which increase the body's resistance to bacterial and viral diseases and accelerate the healing process. The other component - polysaccharide ehinatsin - has kortizonopodobnoy, antiviral and immunomodulatory activity, ehinatsin is also active against streptococci and staphylococci: an experiment in six milligrams ehinatsina equivalent to 1 million Units. penicillin is it actually acts as a plant antibiotic. Echinacea Polysaccharides stimulate the activity of cellular and humoral immune system, increase nonspecific resistance, the phagocytic ability of neutrophils and macrophages, chemotaxis of granulocytes to the site of inflammation, potentiate the production of IL-1 macrophages, induce transformation of B cells into plasma cells, increase antibody production and T-helper activity lymphocytes, stimulate bone marrow hematopoiesis and cause an increase in the number of immuno-active lymphocytes in the body. Thus, echinacea enhances the function and interaction of immune cells (macrophages, T-and B-lymphocytes) in the dynamics of the immune response, thereby to suppress multiplication of microorganisms in a timely manner and prevent the onset of the disease or significantly weaken the already developed symptoms of viral or bacterial infection. It can also be used as a tonic and an aid in treatment regimens of various inflammatory diseases, particularly chronic, in cases of lack of effectiveness of standard antibiotic and anti-inflammatory therapy, as well as to maintain the natural anti-viral and anti-tumor immunity, prevent colds and flu during the epidemic, stimulate the detoxifying functions liver, kidneys, lymphatic system, increasing vitality and potency in the physical and mental fatigue, severe illness, trauma, cancer pathology, etc.
Willow bark supplements and strengthens the therapeutic effects of other components of the formula: it contains highly active glycosides (salitsilin. salikortin, etc.) and tannins, which have proven anti-inflammatory and disinfectant activity. Natural organic salicylates efficiently, quickly and at the same time safely alleviate symptoms of intoxication such virus infection as headache and muscle aches, fever, weakness, prevent pathological thrombosis edematous syndrome. Anthocyanins exhibit antioxidant willow-sidantnoe, anti-allergic and sosudoukreplyayuschee action helps to relieve cramps, reduce swelling, improve healing of wounds, erosions, ulcers.
The active ingredients of green tea also help to strengthen the vascular wall, reducing its permeability, edema, thus preventing the spread of inflammatory and allergic processes, relieve fatigue, increase efficiency. These beneficial properties of green tea leaf extract due to the presence therein of catechins and bioflavonoids, have, membrane stabilizing, antioxidant and sosudoukreplyayuschey activity.
Among the nutritional factors that lead to a complete immune system and effective anti-tumor potential, vitamins play a special role. The lack of adequate vitamin-en-tioksidantami or their excessive spending in many states and diseases make the immune cells vulnerable to infectious agents, the adverse environmental impacts, trade and food hazards, stress, etc. It is known that vitamin C helps you to cope with a viral infection, it will not only contributes to the destruction of viruses and bacteria and helps to neutralize bacterial toxins, but also activates our natural defense mechanisms and is known ekologoprotektorom. The biological role of vitamin C is due to participation in many redox reactions: it supports and protects the immune system cells, stimulates macrophages, stimulates production of interferon, antibodies, is essential for the functioning of white blood cells that are rapidly consume the vitamin in the course of the disease. In addition, vitamin C, suppressing the formation of carcinogen-nit rozamin, helps prevent the development of tumor in the stomach and digestive tract. Today is interesting information about the optimal dosage of vitamin C. Everyone knows the theory of Linus Pauling on the use of megadoses of vitamin C, but recent studies have shown that, together with bioflavonoids and herbal extracts an optimal therapeutic dose of anti-oxidant complex drugs - up to 100-250 mg of vitamin With a single dose. Vitamin C, bioflavonoids and vitamin E are synergistic, reinforcing the antioxidant activity of each other, they also enhance the antiviral effect of the amino acid lysine.
Vitamin E also improves a number of indicators of health of the immune system: increases the production of antibodies, strengthens the local immune system, participates in all the important functions of cellular metabolism, including immune cells, in protein biosynthesis, lipid metabolism, carbohydrates, hormones, tissue respiration, cell proliferation and sewn membranes from oxidation. The effectiveness of anti-cancer and for Szczytno effect of vitamin E significantly enhanced by the inherent tviyu in the formula of other substances, antioxidants, especially vitamin with bioflavonoids.
Bioflavonoids rutin and quercetin, vitamins C and E, are part of biocomplex "Avirol," except for direct and indirect immuno-active properties, reduced permeability, fragility and strengthen blood vessel walls, which not only prevents the spread of microorganisms and inflammatory mediators, but also shows a decrease swelling of soft tissues, toxicity, inflammatory, allergic phenomena, watery eyes and nasal congestion.
Zinc - an essential trace element involved in all parts of the immune system. As a cofactor (active site), zinc is a member of more than 350 different enzymes, so it's hard to call any biochemical or physiological process, in which he would not take part. The positive effect of zinc on the levels of secretory antibodies, the state thymicolymphatic system, the induction of interferon synthesis and strength of cell-mediated immunity in general. Thus, it greatly enhances the effectiveness of antiviral components bioformuly. Zinc supplements also stimulate local immunity and significantly improve the condition of the skin and mucous membranes. Zinc has powerful antioxidant properties, it improves the permeability of cell membranes, it is not possible without the development cycle of the cell, normal cell growth, differentiation, and regenerative processes, including the state of immune system cells.
Vitamins B1, folic acid, B12 possess exchange-regulating effect and positive influence on the process of blood formation, cell division, growth and maturation, protect the body from the damaging effects of homocysteine ​​and prevent depletion of cellular reserves of antiviral protection and protects cells from hypoxia and energy deficiency. B-vitamins enhance and stimulate primarily phagocytosis system - both through the improvement of the bone marrow hematopoiesis, and through the activation of enzymes kislorodoza Veasey my microbicidal macrophages and neutrophils, as well as improve the biochemical processes and the functional state of T-lymphocytes.
And so, now known secret system efficiency biocomplex "Avirol." Immunity is known to be a "thing extremely thin." And that immunomodulators of natural origin comprising a compounding of the complex, ideally suited to unimaginable complexity and fragility of the human immune system and "soft" control all instruments of this great orchestra, nourishing and protecting the cells of the immune system, regulating and activating the physiological pre-aX weakened functions, reducing the inflammatory or preventing llergicheskie and autoimmune processes. The active substance of Echinacea purpurea, polysaccharides shiitake mushroom, zinc-H0 purposeful influence on cell function and immune system, stimulate the physiological limits immunogenesis, activates a complex cascade of immunological reactions and enhances the ability to destroy microorganisms. Willow extract, green tea bioflavonoids, rutin and kver-Cetina, vitamins C and E protect and enhance the immune system cells, reduces inflammation, allergies, swollen phenomenon and reduce the permeability of the capillary network, thus preventing the reproduction and distribution of viruses, vitamins B1, folic acid , B12, having an exchange-regulating effect and a positive effect on the process of blood formation and cell growth, nourish, strengthen and stimulate the lymphocytes and phagocytic system. The components of plant origin perfectly complement and enhance the antiviral effect of the amino acids lysine and provide support and activation of physiological systems under all protect the body against infectious agents.

Bioactive complex "Avirol" is recommended:
• an effective and safe means of prevention and an important element of the treatment of herpes, respiratory, fippoznoy and other infections, chronic viral hepatitis, infectious mononucleosis, papillomatosis,
• for intermittent or seasonal support and protect the immune system and preventing immunodeficiency, chronic fatigue syndrome and immune dysfunction, inflammatory and infectious diseases, cancer processes,
• in the treatment of these conditions and diseases,
• to improve recovery, synthetic, metabolic and energetic processes in the body, strengthen the antioxidant defense system, promote healing, restoration and recovery
• to stimulate the detoxifying functions of the liver, kidneys, lymphatic system, strengthening the adaptive reserves, improving tone shnennogo with physical and mental fatigue, intoxication, hypoxia, severe diseases, operations, anemia, cancer pathology,
• to protect, stabilize and strengthen the vascular wall, the normalization of vascular tone and permeability, in the schemes of prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis and vascular accidents;
• Periodic application of a dietary supplement, "Avirol" - is not only the strengthening of antiviral immunity, protection and strengthening the immune system, but a systematic approach to healing the whole body.

Always remember: the best medicine for most diseases - a strong immune system, which does not allow to pass into our bodies, "uninvited guests" and strictly follows the "order" in the body is therefore always generously take care of it guarding your "self", the health and well-being, bearing in mind that there is "Avirol" has proven climate. ical effect!