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The growth of allergic disease - one of the toughest problems on the agenda of global health. According to the Institute, they myupogii Health Ministry, allergy suffers from 13 to 35% of our frames, and the incidence is doubling every 10 years ...

Biocomplex "Klarivit" due to the selection and scientific balance of active ingredients based on their focused and complementary effects on the causes and mechanisms of immunopathology is able to actively influence the development of allergic and tsttunovospalitelnyh processes by blocking the abnormal reaction at all stages of their development.

Allergenic pressure on modern man increasing every year, and amid a variety of external (multiple antigens, toxins and potential allergens in the water, air, food, drugs) and internal (chronic infection, parasites, dysbiosis, zashlakovka endoecological space, oxidative and dystrophic -Dege-nerativnye processes, instability of cell membranes, immune system dysfunction, stress) causes and factors of protective-adaptive reactions to potential allergens become abnormal and protracted.

As the constant exposure to certain exogenous or endogenous factors is a "chronic" time between antibodies and the interaction of fixed to mast cells and basophils lgE-antibodies with another "portion" of specific antigens granules of basophils, mast cells, alveolar macrophages and other immunoactive cells in the tissue and blood avalanche released highly allergic mediators (histamine, serotonin, bradykinin, MRSA, FHE, TAF, etc.). By binding to the receptors 'sensitive' cells, they disrupt and destroy the functioning of the phospholipid membranes of target cells, and oxidation products of phospholipids comes next "wave" of inducers of allergy (arachidonic acid and its decay products - prostaglandins and leukotrienes). Oxidation products of arachidonic acid, being a potent chemotactic factors, together with other mediators of allergy to the site attract the destruction and inflammatory phagocytes, eosinophils, platelets and other cells, further increasing edema, aseptic inflammation, leading to mikrotrombozam, ischemia, joining a secondary infection and chronic immunological A process as mast cells and basophils are predominantly perivascular, in the bronchi, skin, nose and throat, their degranulation and yield of biologically active substances that bind to the receptors, respectively tvuyuschih cells causes the characteristic clinical symptoms: months. tnoe reduction of smooth muscle fibers, impaired permeability of vascular tone, edema, perivascular spaces, soft tissue, mucous membranes, conjunctivitis, rhinitis, itching, mucus hypersecretion, bronchospasm, biliary dyskinesia, functional dyspepsia, vegetative-vascular dystonia, etc. Thus, allergy is the result of an imbalanced immune system hypersensitivity to various foreign substances or decomposition products of its own tissues.

But not only the allergens and antigens, and circulating in the blood of antibodies to it, forming complexes with corresponding antigens on the membranes and the seating of "sensitive" cells that can attract phagocytes, neutrophils, platelets and cause an acute inflammatory allergic reaction. So grow more serious, im munokompleksnye reaction in which attack not only "settled" tissue immune complexes, and its own cells - their "carriers". And the destruction of membranes beyond the target cells and inflammatory mediators come lysosomal enzymes with the corresponding consequences. If the complexes formed in the lumen of blood vessels, the endothelium is suffering, broken tone and permeability, edema, stasis, until intravascular coagulation, and if they are deposited in the bronchial epithelium, edema, mucus hypersecretion, bronchospasm, in the skin - a phenomenon allergic, kidney - autoimmune nephritis, etc. Such immunocomplex reactions are one type of allergy and also require a comprehensive impact on the causes and mechanisms of their origin and development.

Pharmacological intervention at various stages of an allergic reaction may in some degree to change the course of pathological immune responses. However, most drugs used in allergic processes, impact or consequence on the process - the blocking of cell membrane receptors for histamine, or membrane enzymes, or inhibit the immune system without causing a regulatory effect on immune response and stabilizing influence on the state of the cell membrane and histamine-sensitive stores cells, the production of prostaglandins, immune complexes, vascular permeability, hemostasis, and other underlying causes and mechanisms of allergic process. For all its limitations, some systemic medications have and a number of side effects (immunosulressiya, lethargy, drowsiness, tachyphylaxis, withdrawal, etc.) and contraindications, particularly gormonosoderzhaschie funds.

Biocomplex "Klarivit" from the company Artlife

Not only has none of these shortcomings, but also has undeniable advantages: it contains in its structure well-known and effective medicinal plants - fine regulators of immune responses (licorice root, Reishi mushroom), the most active antioxidants and bioflavonoids membrane stabilizing, anti-allergic effect and sosudoukreplyayuschim (seed extract vinofadnyh green tea, hesperidin, dotsdrokvertsetin, quercetin), vitamins and minerals, uluchayuschie exchange-energy processes in immune cells, the dynamics of the immune response and inhibitory mechanisms of inflammation and allergies (vitamin C, vitamin E, calcium pantothenate, selenium, zinc, magnesium, calcium), and the enzyme bromelain, which reduces the active substances together with Reishi CEC levels in the blood and the degree of inflammation.
In order to understand the uniqueness of the new formula, some ingredients recipes complex "Klarivit" because of their extreme usefulness and effectiveness of special attention.
In traditional Chinese medicine, Reishi by the chemical composition of the wealthiest, many mechanisms of action, the breadth of opportunities for healing and lack of side effects is assigned to the "highest" category, and they belong to a group of "superior medicine". Ganoderovye acids of the fungus have a marked anti-allergic, adaptogenic and tonic effects, improve oxygen uptake by cells, block the development of pathological autoimmune responses and tumor cells, while at the same time they exhibit a tonic, adaptogenic properties (reinforcing protective-restorative forces of the body and help to adapt to stress and adverse conditions of life by influencing the regulatory molecules, or endorphins, and receptors for them) and harmonizing (normalize the activity of the central nervous system and the state of the brain, improving the parameters of sleep and activity during waking hours). Polysaccharides also exhibit anti-fungal, antiviral and antimicrobial properties of the ability of potential-induced effects of endogenous antioxidants (SOD and GP) and prevent the accumulation of free radicals. Also, Reishi neutralizes various toxins, thereby protecting the liver and reverses fatty infiltration and prevents propagation of hepatitis viruses, and improves liver function, slows down the processes of fibrosis and contributes to the restoration of morphologically altered cells. On a separate note Reishi healing effect on the cardiovascular system: it improves myocardial oxygen supply, lowers cholesterol, LDL cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood plasma, platelets and reduces the Delegations regulates blood viscosity, inhibits ACE and thereby lowers high blood pressure, also exhibits hypoglycemic effect and increases tissue sensitivity to insulin, enhances the endocrine system in nodular goiter and mastitis.

However, it is believed that Reishi is most effective for allergic and autoimmune diseases. Ganoderovye mushroom acid, oleic acid, sulfur compounds and protein tsiklooktasera LZ-8 were pronounced anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory substances: they stabilize the mast cells and significantly inhibit the abnormal production and release of histamine, which are active in the prevention of hypersensitivity reactions slow-finite type: for example, chronic asthmatic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, atopic dermatitis and other allergic diseases are successfully treated with Reishi, even if it were applied to hormonal. Although treatment of allergies with Reishi - a lengthy process, but effective, and causes no side effects and toxic effects on the body. Another polysaccharide - inhibits the formation of autoantibodies lanostan so Reishi, thanks lanostana, ganoderovyh acids and a number of proteins is a promising tool for the correction of immune reliably inhibiting the development of pathological autoimmune reactions prevents the formation of plaques in multiple sclerosis, suppresses Le-cells in systemic lupus erythematosus , blocks the development process for ulcerative colitis, slows run-off protein amyotrophy, etc. Some readers may be objections traditionally presence of autoimmune disease is a contraindication to the use of immunostimulatory drugs, as stimulation of the immune system may increase its damaging effect on one's own tissue. The uniqueness of Reishi is precisely that its active ingredients have no incentive, and regulatory action, increasing suppression and unnecessarily constraining measures activated, causing long-term remission of the autoimmune process. Therefore, drugs that contain Reishi, ideally suited for integrated prevention and treatment programs for patients with different al-lergozami and autoimmune diseases. Immunomodulatory effect of the fungus is associated with cell wall polysaccharides - ganoderanom and chitin, and is manifested by stimulation of leucopoiesis increase in the concentration of interferon, activation of metabolism and absorption activity of phagocytes, the normalization of functional activity and levels of T and B-liimfotsitov-specific antibodies in primary and secondary response , a significant increase in resistance to infection.

Reishi preparations rightfully occupy a leading position among the natural anticancer agents, and substances such fungi as p-glucans and triterpenoids have a direct inhibitory effect on tumor cells. Multilevel reaction catalytic effects of acids ganoderovyh Reishi in the body by the tumor Lyakh aimed at stabilizing and restoring antitumor immunity that is achieved by repeated increase of tumor necrosis factor a, the acceleration of differentiation tsihotoksicheskih T-lymphocytes, increase the activity of natural killer cells, stimulation of production of B-lymphocytes, humoral immunity. launch an alternative way of complement activation, activation of macrophages cytotoxicity against various tumor cells in a clinical setting long-term use Reishi leads to a significant strengthening of mechanisms of antitumor resistance, improvement of clinical well-being of patients, tolerability courses of chemotherapy and radiation without the expressed level drop of white blood cells and disturbance of immunological parameters.

Such a powerful therapeutic and preventive potential of a "miracle mushroom" harmoniously complemented and amplified by an extract of licorice root. It is known that licorice root is rich in biologically active substances, which define the widest range of therapeutic actions and indications for its intended purpose, usually in combination with other herbs, antioxidants and antibiotics, whose action he harmonizes, complements and strengthens. The main pharmacological effects of licorice are due to the regulatory influence of the active ingredient, glycyrrhizic acid on the adrenal cortex, moderately and highly increases their physiological functions. It is this action related to pronounced systemic regulatory and anti-inflammatory properties of licorice, it antiexudative, desensitizing and anti-proliferative activity. Licorice, showing a variety of medical and health-restoring properties, has been used successfully in the widest range of diseases and pathological conditions:

- Immunodeficiency, respiratory, skin and gastrointestinal allergies, immunocomplex and autoimmunity, asthma, COPD is particularly pronounced immunokorrigiruyuschih, antiallergic and anti-inflammatory effects of licorice;
- Acute respiratory viral infections, inflammatory diseases of the bronchopulmonary system: triterpenes licorice block reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms, improve the drainage function of bronchi, reduce the activity and reduce the time course of inflammatory process;
- The impact of drugs, toxic fumes, smog, cigarette smoke, chemicals, occupational exposures, poisonings and intoxications, accommodation in an unfavorable environment, in cities, industrial zones: Licorice is a versatile natural antidote to greatly reduce the severity of intoxication and preventing allergy;
- Adaptation disorder, stress, negative seasonal effect Biorhythmological, progressive process of cellular and biological aging of whom: licorice ranked as the means of prolonging life, she has a rejuvenating effect cell, showing membrane nostabiliziruyuschie, adaptogenic, restorative properties and protivoopuho left, mobilizing the possibility of herbal medicine and antioxidants protect and prolong the life of modern man, experiencing enormous environmental social pressure;
- Endocrine gland dysfunction: being natural remedy systemic harmonizing actions, licorice, having in its composition glycyrrhizinic acid and phytoestrogens, is shown in the adrenal hypofunction, ovarian cancer, dysmenorrhea, premature or pathological climax in men and women, as well as thyroid dysfunction;
- In addition, licorice root is a kind of guardian of the biochemical homeostasis: it reduces the concentration of atherogenic and increases
- The level of antiatherogenic high-density lipoprotein, and constrains the development of warning ateroskperoticheskogo process activates carbohydrate metabolism and improves glucose-lowering therapy in diabetes, promotes healing of erosions and ulcers, exhibits anti-stress, analgesic and sedative effects, improves the condition of the bone marrow and blood cells in the toxic effects of chemo - and X-ray, anemia, leukopenia, thrombocytopenia, leukemia, Hodgkin's disease.

Grape seed extract contains some of the most healing substances from the group of flavonoids - proanthocyanidins. They effectively inhibit the synthesis of lipid peroxides and neutralize other free radicals, inhibit enzymes involved in the formation of reactive oxygen species (eg, xanthine oxidase), prevent the destruction of collagen by enzymes secreted by white blood cells during inflammation and infection by microorganisms in the tissues, blocking excessive synthesis and release of histamine, proteases , leukotrienes. Since this mechanism is related anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory action of proanthocyanidins, and in this respect they are the most active of all currently known antioxidants. With anti-oxidant properties and is associated protivotromboznymi important area of ​​their use for prevention of cardiovascular diseases, protect the vascular endothelium, lower cholesterol, prevent thrombosis formation and prevention of myocardial infarction.
Bioflavonoids (hesperidin, quercetin, dihydroquercetin and others) is also called the "natural biological response modifiers" because of its ability to regulate the body's response to allergens, viruses, and carcinogens, and they still do show anti-inflammatory, antiallergic, sosudoukreplyayuschie, antiviral and anticarcinogenic properties. In addition, flavonoids play a role of powerful antioxidants, protecting cells and biological molecules from oxidation and free radical damage. Thus, bioflavonoids, stabilize the membrane of mast cells by blocking the release of histamine and strengthening the walls of blood vessels, greatly enhance the anti-allergic effect of other active compounds of the formula.
A careful analysis of the formulation draws attention to a scientific balance of active ingredients biocomplex "Klarivit" with regard to their synergistic effects on the body and deliberate action on the causes and mechanisms of immunopathology. Thus Reishi polysaccharides and licorice root is a potent inhibitor of histamine release and subtle immunological process controls, and green tea catechins, proanthocyanidins grape seed extract, hesperidin and other bioflavonoids, reinforcing the vessel wall, membranes, immune cells and inhibiting the synthesis of enzymes responsible for degradation of mast cells , the release of histamine and leukotriene production, supporting an allergic reaction, complement and reinforce antiallergic effects of herbs. Calcium pantothenate, activating the adrenal hormone production, harmonizing the stress reaction, participating in the synthesis of antibodies, and in all types of metabolism, as well as vitamins C and E, calcium, magnesium, zinc and selenium supplement and potentiate the anti-allergic, immunocorrecting, antioxidant and sosudoukreplyayuschee effect of plant components formula.
A striking confirmation of the effectiveness of antiallergic, immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory effect of the formula are the results of clinical testing. According to experts, this ecosystem, "Klarivit" is recommended for use in the treatment of allergic diseases, dysfunction of the immune system, as well as to prevent the development, exacerbation and relapse of allergic and autoimmune diseases.
Now you do not need to buy in a pharmacy, several means: this ecosystem, "Klarivit" from the company ArtLife - it's perfectly functioning immune system and an active life without allergies, a new standard for integrated, effective and safe approach to non-drug treatment and prevention of allergic, inflammatory and immune dysfunctions at the system level. In general, therapeutic and preventive effects, and the scope of innovation is much broader set of officially approved, and they stem from a unique chemical composition, multiple mechanisms of action, the broad use of complementary and mutually reinforcing tselyayuschih features of the active ingredients and formulations lack of side effects.

I will allow myself to highlight the most important health effects biocomplex "Klarivit" and some possibilities of its practical application:

immunoregulatory, anti-palitelnyi protivovos and effects: the active prevention and reduction of allergic, inflammatory and immunocomplex reactions through a comprehensive adjustment of status and function of cells and organs of the immune system and targeted regulation of immune response;

protective adaptation: a reliable integrated antioxidant defense of cells, biological molecules, organs and systems from the damaging effects of daily environmental hazards and production support of adaptive resources during seasonal outbreaks of infections and manifestations of allergic reactions, and smoking, attenuated the protective forces, stress, intoxication, diseases, intensive sports and loads of others;

system-organismal: sold due to the activation of basal metabolism and stimulation of energy in cells, normalization of vascular tone and improvement of microcirculation, increase cellular respiration and the elimination of hypoxia, and improvement of vital organs and systems efficiency, increase overall resistance to negative factors and diseases, and inhibit the early cellular and biological aging;

exchange-energy: the activation of most of the important intracellular enzymes, providing a more full use of oxygen by cells, the normalization of the activity of the endocrine glands, optimize fat metabolism, carbohydrate and protein, the active prevention of the development and progression of atherosclerosis and diabetes;

onkoprotektorny: normalization of the biosynthesis of protein growth, cell differentiation and the prevention of malignancy, a complete protection of cells from oxidation, destruction and rebirth, the activation of antitumor immunity and direct manifestation of the classical-tsitotok on tumor cells, improving the outcome of complex treatment of oncological diseases;

phytotherapeutic: non-pharmacological prophylaxis of allergic diseases, improving the outcomes of drug therapy of acute and chronic allergic and allergic respiratory diseases, autoimmune and immunocomplex processes to achieve stabilization of persistent chronic immunological and allergic disorders and reliable warning of relapse and recurrence, maintenance of optimal health, quality of life and reduction in the temporary incapacity in diseases of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, liver and endocrine diseases, with stress, etc.

Thus, acting in combination, through the manifestations and complementary immunokorrigiruyuschih, anti-allergy and anti-inflammatory properties, enhance antioxidant protection and membrane stabilizing effect, strengthening the walls of blood vessels and improve microcirculation components of the formula "Klarivit" reliably and efficiently develop profilaktiruyut weaken the severity of allergic process, reduce the duration and a tendency to develop abnormal immunocomplex reactions, optimizing the quality of the immune response. In this case prolonged antioxidant and membrane-stabilizing therapy is beneficial not only to the stability of the phospholipid membranes of basophils, mast cells, macrophages, and elimination of allergy symptoms, but also on the state of immune cells, kletok.krovi, skin, mucous membranes of respiratory tract, blood vessels, myocardium, improving circulation and blood flow internal organs and the health of the body as a whole.