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Suffer from iron deficiency anemia 7-11% of women of childbearing age. Hidden iron deficiency is seen in 20-25% of women. If the proper amount of iron does not come from food or Badami, even moderate blood loss during the critical days can lead to an imbalance of iron and other minerals in the body and the development of anemia.

• is one of the most complete and balanced protivoanemiynyh antigipoksantnyh and formulas that enables you to replenish the body of iron and other trace elements and vitamins involved in the process of hematopoiesis;
• promotes activation of the antioxidant and anticancer potential, stimulation of immunity, speeds recovery after severe physical, infectious and inflammatory ill, poisoning and chronic toxicity;
• stimulates granulation and epithelization (healing) of the affected tissues, strengthens the structure of the mucous membranes, skin and hair, beneficial effects on the exchange of substances, energy potential, reproductive function.

Anemia is a complex clinical syndrome that occurs due to a decrease in blood hemoglobin and red blood cells or each of them separately. As a result, the blood, hemoglobin, poor, poorly oxygenated, there is hypoxia of organs and tissues affected, their function and structure. The most studied mechanism of anemia caused by acute or chronic blood loss: their development is associated with metabolic disorders, mostly of iron. Recently, however, more attention is paid to anemias that develop in patients without an increase in blood loss to the damage the functionality of bone marrow (erythropoiesis).
Normal hematopoiesis may be as long as the body has sufficient stocks of essential amino acids, minerals (especially iron, copper, magnesium, zinc), B vitamins, folic, ascorbic acid, etc. The lack of any of these factors in the diet (which encountered in our time is almost universally), malabsorption, or their metabolism in the body in various diseases leading to anemia.
Anemia can also develop in acute and chronic infections and intoxications, smoldering inflammation of various localization, gastritis, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, liver and kidney diseases, tumors, diseases of the bone marrow, worm infestations, beriberi, taking some regulatory authorities, and le etc. Serious danger in terms of health before. seems nekorregirovannaya anemia in pregnant women, adolescents, older people with severe somatic diseases, fibroid uterus, exacerbating the course caused her condition or disease on the mechanism of "vicious circle". Thus, according to experts, chronic anemia in the elderly can lead to cardiovascular disease.
The impact of environmental factors, which are defined as lifestyle (smoking, alcohol, industrial contact with toxic substances-mi, living in an aggressive environment, etc.) and nutrition (chronic shortages of essential micronutrients, diet high in solid fats, refined carbohydrates, nitrate and low in fiber), against the background of various comorbidities, acute or chronic stressirova-of immunosuppression and significantly increase the risk of anemia, exacerbating its severity, and for other diseases.
Under such adverse conditions is essential to ensure the functioning of the body the necessary quantities of substances that support the efficient formation of blood. At the same time, clinicians prefer drugs that have not only provided iron and other essential for the prevention and treatment of anemia minerals, but also provides optimapnye conditions for assimilation of the intestinal mucosa. In this section attracts the interest of specialists

natural formula FERRODOK:

use of new technologies and the introduction of the most important "antianemic" components - the salts of iron, copper, zinc and magnesium, ascorbic acid, cysteine, vitamin B and folic acid have a high degree of assimilation, activity and therapeutic efficacy of this drug. The presence of a new formula of protein and ascorbic acid significantly enhances its bioavailability: it is known that iron is better absorbed in the complex with the protein in an acidic environment. This environment allows you to form an oxide of iron (neusvoyaemuyu) converted to the ferrous (assimilated).
Thus, the formulation and manufacturing technology supplements Ferrodok not only enables you to make the main body in trace elements and vitamins involved in the process of hematopoiesis, but also optimizes the processes of absorption, the release of iron and other minerals, and protein binding - carriers of the blood, facilitating their entry into tissue . In this complex composition of the drug can not only affect different pathophysiological mechanisms of anemia, but also contributes to the normal course of metabolic processes in all organs and tissues, to optimize their work, thus preventing the development of various diseases and tumors.

• correction of the daily diet of the most important components of nutrition and prevention of nutritional anemic state of origin;
• can also be used for diseases and conditions that lead to anemia or proceeding against the oppression of hematopoiesis (severe illness and injury, surgery, metrorrhagia, chronic infections, intoxication, poisoning, exposure to harmful environmental factors and production, digestive disorders, gastrointestinal secretory failure intestinal tract, liver, etc);
• Supplement Ferrodok is the ideal tool for the prevention of anemic states in pregnant women and children in periods of rapid growth and maturation, the elderly, people need to hard physical labor, the athletes; 
• It is also recommended to use as a tonic and systemic way in order to increase the body's resistance to unfavorable external environment, strengthen the immune system, increasing the antioxidant and anti-tumor protection, prevention of disease, neutralizing the effects of psycho-emotional and physical overload, and to prolong active longevity.