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Given the characteristics of type II diabetes, the importance of dietary recommendations, regular use of herbs and dietary supplements significantly increases.


Glyukosil contains extracts of herbs, a number of important trace elements and biologically active substances that can in different directions have a positive impact on the basic pathogenetic links of diabetes:
• reproduce the effects of insulin and normalization of glucose uptake, protection against destruction of insulin peptidases, improved intracellular transport of glucose, stimulation of regeneration of beta cells of the pancreas, insulin synthesis and activation of its contact with cellular receptors;
• excretion of excess glucose due to diuretic effect;
• a positive effect on lipid metabolism, prevention of atherosclerosis;
• removal of tissue hypoxia, protection and restoration of vascular endothelium and improves microcirculation;
• Antioxidant and anti-tumor protection and soft immunocorrection;
• improvement of the liver, pancreas and digestive system as a whole;
• prevention of metabolic syndrome, prevention of complications of the nervous, cardiovascular, renal, musculoskeletal and other organ damage.

Despite advances in diagnosis and treatment of diabetes, severity of the problem in this century is not decreasing but rather increasing. According to WHO, the world now has more than 150 million people suffering from this disease. In Russia, officially registered about 10 million people with diabetes. On the significance of the problem and points out that among the causes of death for diabetes and its complications are the third after cardiovascular diseases and cancer. In diabetes, broken all kinds of exchanges, affected large and small blood vessels, developing comorbidities nervous system, eyes, kidneys, musculoskeletal system and other organs and systems.
Type 1 diabetes, or insulinopotrebny associated with damage to the pancreas and its failure to fully or partially to produce insulin. Therefore, an alternative to the introduction of insulin in this form of the disease there. Other treatments - herbal medicine, dietary supplements reception, homeopathy, though are complementary, it is extremely important, as directed primarily at reducing the terrible consequences of the disease.
In the treatment of type II diabetes the importance of dietary recommendations, the use of herbs and dietary supplements significantly increases. In many cases, only diet and regular use of specialized dietary supplements in patients receiving glucose-lowering drugs can compensate well for type II diabetes, to improve the quality of life and prevent complications.
While not a replacement insulin therapy, herbal medicine can address a number of very important tasks. The first thing that provides herbal, natural antioxidant vitamin and mineral complexes, and dietary supplements containing them - is playing a greater or lesser extent the effects of insulin and improved glucose uptake by tissues. To solve this problem in several ways. Using products containing bilberry extract, obtained effects similar to the action of antidiabetic biguanide type. A number of trace elements - chromium, manganese, zinc, as well as plants that contain these trace elements (birch, or knot-grass knot-grass, ginger, medicinal, etc.), stimulate insulin synthesis and contribute to its interaction with normal cells, extracts from the roots of Elecampane and dandelion, raspberry leaf have a hypoglycemic effect.
Stimulate regeneration (recovery) of pancreatic cells can be a regular intake of extracts of burdock roots and leaves of bilberry.
In the complex treatment of diabetes and the complications of natural herbal and dietary supplements are also used to launch an excess of glucose and salts in the urine (birch, cranberries, knotweed, burdock, etc.), regulating the flow of hormonal and metabolic processes (St. John's wort, burdock, garlic , knotweed, nettle, dandelion, wormwood, artichoke, ca-takozanol, L-carnitine, chromium, etc.), they are absolutely irreplaceable in terms of supply of oxygen to tissues and antioxidant protection (ginkgo biloba, stinging nettle, birch, St. John's Wort, tarragon, quercetin, coenzyme Q10, chromium, zinc, vitamin and bioflavonoid), normalization of digestion, improve microcirculation and vascular protection, the maintenance of immune status, etc. The solution of these problems on the shoulder constantly pursued naturoterapii. The only question in the rational selection of drugs or individual plants, proper preparation and use of drugs to individual patients.
With perfect structure, fully satisfying the requirements mentioned above adjuvant therapy and prevention of diabetes and level of technology that meets the international standard IS0 9001, enabled the successful use in the treatment of diabetes and its complications in any treatment plan

Supplement GLYUKOSIL of company APT LIFE.

Glyukosil (along with diet) may be the drug of choice in the treatment of early manifestations of diabetes mellitus (DM) II type (impaired glucose tolerance, diabetes, mild);
• shown in the treatment of type II diabetes secondary to severe, and type 1 diabetes;
• indispensable in the treatment and prevention of complications of diabetes: disorders of microcirculation, the cardiovascular and nervous systems, immune, inflammatory diseases of various localization;
• can be used for long-term prevention and the treatment of atherosclerosis, obesity, liver disease, pancreatic cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, hypoxic conditions, secondary immunodeficiencies, for the recovery and rehabilitation of the internal environment;
• The individual components of the drug included in the fees antionkologicheskih that allows us to recommend periodic reception Glyukosila for prevention and complex treatment of tumors.