Biocomplex Super Shield

Super Shield Artlife

• immunostimulation, combined immunocorrection and immunoprophylaxis through the activation of phagocytosis, increased numbers of T lymphocytes and cytokine production, interferon synthesis and production of immunoglobulins (antibodies);
• An effective integrated protection of cells from free radical oxidation and malignant transformation;
• expressed antifungal, antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect;
• supports and encourages the important metabolic and oxidative-east stanovitelnye processes, improves energy cells, has beneficial effects on the function of liver and pancreas, helps normalize blood sugar levels;
• regulates the processes of formation of collagen and elastin, strengthens the ligamentous apparatus;
• Reduces symptoms of allergies, asthma, neurodermatitis, psoriasis;
• contributes to the normalization of intestinal microflora and local im kiteta mucous membranes;
• improves elasticity and tone of blood vessels, protects the endothelium from svoodnoradikalnogo oxidation, improves peripheral circulation, normalize blood pressure, elimination of edema;
• contributes to rapid adaptation to extreme conditions, has a stimulating effect on the mental and physical performance, improve memory and attention, increases stamina and vitality.

The use of medicinal plants to promote health and enhance the body's resistance to disease has a long history. In recent years, with natural adaptogens and immunoprotector - drugs that can increase the overall resistance to infectious and other diseases, intense physical and emotional stress, exposure, exposure to high and low temperature, corrosive environment and factors of production, paid close attention to official medicine. When treating patients with a wide range of disorders, accompanied by depression or stress different parts of the immune system drugs are of great practical interest, to be used for the correction of immune dysfunction, even without rredvaritelnoy assess immune status and to identify specific violations of the immune system. An important property of natural substances with immunokorregiruschim and adaptogenic action, is their positive biological effect, regardless of the direction of previous changes.

The company created the original ArtLife natural formula Super Shield,

satisfies all the requirements for drugs and for immunoadaptatsii immunorehabilitation: the integrated soft immunomodulatory effects, the ability to improve the function of not only immune, but also two other major regulatory systems - the nervous and endocrine, the absence of contraindications and side effects. On the basic mechanisms of action of the drug component extracts the best-known immunoactive herbs successfully complement each other and greatly increase the therapeutic and preventive and protective effects of the complex. No wonder developers are assigned to their child another name: "Superzaschita of carcinogens and radionuclides." And the drug, its potential therapeutic and preventive effects of long-term results and justify it by ¬ title. Thus, the antioxidant effect and immunotropic have a cat's claw bark extract, Japanese mushrooms, echinacea, milk thistle, ginkgo biloba and L-, L-cystine, Pycnogenol, ce ¬ linen, copper, vitamins, antibacterial and antiviral - Pau Darco, Cat's claw, astragalus, selenium, etc.; adaptogen - ginkgo biloba, radiola pink magnolia China, astragalus, anti-shark cartilage, cat's claw, evening primrose oil, milk thistle. And that's not all healing effects of unique formula ...
Periodic reception of such a complex product - is one way to survive in a sharp deterioration of the ecological situation, the rapid rise of tension and stress malnutrition: it contributes to effective host defense against aggressive environmental factors and harmful man-made influences of readjustment of the internal environment and bind toxins, prevents chronic stressirovaniyu and oppression against this background that the immune response, strengthens the antioxidant and anti-tumor defense.


For immunization and immune stimulation: 
• transient (transient), immunodeficiency, caused by trauma, surgery, stress, excessive physical exertion, etc.;
• frequent and severe exacerbations of chronic infectious diseases;
• age hormonal changes of immunity (in the period of rapid growth, puberty, menopause);
• integrated prevention and treatment of benign tumors and zloka qualitatively.

Combined immune correction:
• pronounced immunological changes, or a combination of. expression of T-and B-links of immunity and nonspecific resistance (according to immunograms);
• If unsuccessful immunocorrective various chemo-therapy drugs within a month;
• with a high degree of immunity failure due to chronic disease process.

For immunorehabilitation:
• chronic diseases of internal organs at various stages of treatment and rehabilitation of the patient;
• residual effects after suffering infectious diseases, parasitosis, chronic infections of the urogenital tract;
• the state after irradiation, the use of cytostatics, antibiotics, hormones, exposure to other toxic chemical agents;
• Combination Therapy violations metabolic activity of the endocrine organs, chronic fatigue syndrome;
• Implementation endoecological rehabilitation or periodic cleansing (detoxification), the internal environment.

The complex composition and diversity of mechanisms of drug action can be recommended Super Shield also:
• in diseases of the respiratory system (respiratory diseases, bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma, etc.);
• pathology zone (DZHVP, ho ¬ letsistity, cholelithiasis, hepatitis, holetsistopankreatity);
• as an anti-inflammatory agent and yazvozazhivlyayuschee gastritis, gastric ulcer, enterocolitis, dysentery, ulcerative colitis, Bacterial dispersion, hemorrhoids);
• cystitis, pyelonephritis, prostatitis;
• rheumatism, arthritis, artrozoartrity, synovitis, complex tera ¬ anisotropy of diabetes, atherosclerosis, obesity, chronic fatigue syndrome, asthenic states, neurosis, headaches;
• skin (abrasions, dermatitis, eczema, sores, burns, sores, etc.);
• the various extreme conditions (high pressure, high altitude, cold, heat, extreme changes in the nature of activities, accommodation, emergency psycho-emotional stress, etc.