Biocomplex Ivlaksin

Ivlaksin artlife

• is used for fevers due to anti-inflammatory, detoxification, antipyretic, diaphoretic and mild anesthetic effect;
• antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal effects;
• has a slight choleretic, diuretic and anthelmintic
• It reduces the permeability of vessel walls, and normalizes their tone and prevents bleeding;
• is a fortifying agent, stimulates the various links of immunity, speeds recovery after infectious and inflammatory diseases;
• has a slight sedative, anti-allergic, and protivoskleroticheskoe antianemic action;
• reduces inflammation and bleeding of gastric mucosa. ka and the intestine, suppress pathogenic flora, decreases resorption of toxins from the intestines;
• increases kidney filtration, increased diuresis, prevents the formation of urinary stones;
• stimulates granulation and epithelization (healing) of the affected tissues, strengthens the structure of skin and hair.

There are hundreds of chemotherapy pharmaceuticals with anti-inflammatory activity and number of clinical situations in which, they really need the benefit of the patient. But often it turns into a benefit to the patient, "ugly" side - too many side effects of chemical anti-inflammatory drugs. Using the recipes of traditional medicine, and based on the laws of the pathophysiology, our specialists have created a complex natural ArtLife protivovospapitelnoe, detoxification, and general health immunocorrecting means that no health hazard can be used either alone or in combination with chemotherapy in a variety of pathological conditions and diseases. Want to evaluate a particular drug - analyze its composition and production technology.


favorably with multilateral curative properties due to synergistic effects within the complex preparation of biologically active substances in various pathophysiological mechanisms vospapitelnyh flow processes in organs and tissues. The formula contains a "heavy bouquet" of the best herbs and they contain high level of biologically active substances. The most pronounced therapeutic (anti-inflammatory) activity of the glycosides have salicin, quercetin, salicylic acid and glitsirizinovaya, some flavonoids, vitamins, antioxidants and essential oils.
A very promising drug raw material is white willow bark, which from time immemorial been used in folk medicine as an antipyretic, antimalarial, and anthelmintic. About antipyretic properties of willow has been known before our era, and the main active ingredient - salicin was isolated from its bark in 1828. Subsequently, this alkaloid has been obtained to all known salicylic acid, are currently drawing from the bark of this tree is also found protective (protivoalterativnoe), detoxification, hemostatic, and stressprotektivnoe sedative action. The multiple therapeutic effects of an extract from willow bark in it due to the presence of a large number of glycosides (salitsilin, salicin, salikortin, flagilin) ​​- natural analogues of acetylsalicylic acid, as well as anhotsianov, triterpenes, catechins, higher fatty acids. In contrast to salicylates and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory pharmaceuticals, drugs based on aspen bark completely stripped of their numerous side effects.
Of the variety of properties should be allocated IVLAKSINA also its ability to improve immune system function: extracts of echinacea, Knotweed, burdock have mild immunomodulatory effect, improves energy metabolism in immune cells, stimulate the phagocytic activity of neutrophils and stimulates T-helper activity, have the effect of interferon and optimize , anti-defense. Echinacea preparations on the basis that contain an alkaloid munoaktivny ehinatsin, especially widely used not only popular, but the official medicine in the U.S. and Europe. Many numerical treatment and preventive properties of licorice, nettle, birch, and other composite IVLAKSINA also overestimated, ¬ mentioning of them are found on ancient medical manual in many countries ...

• all pathological conditions involving inflammation and fever (acute inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract, inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach, intestines, urinary tract infection, gynecological diseases, inflammatory disorders, osteo-articular pathology and muscular systems, pain of various etiologies);
• chronic infections and intoxications, disease, accompanied by a delay in the body of toxic products of metabolism and decay of various foreign agents;
• diseases and conditions occurring on a background of oppression themselves immune response or lead to a transient (transient), immunodeficiencies, lingering infections of different localization, vaginal and yeast and other infections;
• stselyu preventing acute respiratory infections, influenza, and during recovery from infectious diseases;
• digestive disorders, gastrointestinal secretory insufficiency, biliary dyskinesia tract disorders and liver problems, enterocolitis, accompanied by dysbiosis, zaporaramm flatulence.

The complex composition of the drug can also use it under the following pathological conditions:
• Violations of the basal metabolism, chronic fatigue syndrome, anemia, arteriosclerosis;
• bronchial asthma, rheumatoid arthritis;
• pulmonary, gastrointestinal, uterine, diapedetic bleeding hemorrhoids;
• weakening of the functional ability of the kidneys, the initial stage of urolithiasis in the postoperative period after removal of urinary stones, gout, arthritis, metabolic;
• neuro-psychological instability, increased convulsive readiness, sleep disorders, migraine;
• in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases to improve diuresis, reduction of dyspnea, edema;
• correction schemes in body weight during the cleaning and anti-cancer programs;