Biocomplex Rudvitol

Rudvitol Artlife


• has experimentally and clinically proven immuno-correcting effect by acting on different parts of the immune system;
• anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral, antipyretic and detoxication moderate effect;
• is a fortifying agent, accelerates convalescence after infectious and inflammatory diseases, surgeries and injuries;
• It reduces the permeability of vessel walls, and normalizes the tone, prevents bleeding and swelling of tissues, improves circulation and eliminates tissue hypoxia;
• has also protivoskleroticheskoe, antianemic and antispasmodic;
• contributes to the activation and maintenance of the antioxidant and anticancer potential, prevents uncontrolled cell apoptosis and premature aging.


being integrated phytotherapy product is different multilateral pharmacological properties due to the influence of vzaimopotentsiiruyuschim included in numerous biologically active drug substances on the metabolism and cell function, primarily, to different pathophysiological mechanisms of formation and implementation of anti-tumor immune response and protection. The most pronounced therapeutic (immunocorrecting, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory) activity exhibit contained in extracts of medicinal plants immunoactive glycoside glycyrrhizin, quercetin, glycyrrhizic acid, some flavonoids, as well as an additional input in fitoformulu antioxidant vitamins and essential trace elements immunoprotektornye and anti-cancer (selenium, zinc).
Of the variety of therapeutic and preventive properties RUDVITOL should highlight its ability to improve the functioning of the immune system: its constituent extracts of echinacea, licorice, minerals zinc and selenium have a mild immunomodulatory effect, improve energy metabolism in immune cells, stimulate the phagocytic activity of neutrophils and macrophages, potentiates IL-1 production by macrophages, induce transformation of B lymphocytes into plasma cells, activate T-helper activity and antibody production, have the effect of interferon and Mizirom cooperation of immunocompetent cells, promote the synthesis of a number of important enzymes and antioxidants. 
Periodically the drug protects the body of aggressive factors, environmental influences and harmful man-made and prevents chronic stressirovaniyu and oppression against this background that the immune response, enhances the antiviral, antioxidant and anti-tumor defense.
Preparations based on Echinacea (rudbeckia), purple, containing immunoactive alkaloid ehinatsin, especially widely used folk and official medicine in the U.S. and Europe for non-specific activation of the immune system and tumors. Natural complex drug RUDVITOL designed and manufactured by domestic company ArtLife new original technology layering formulation components to avoid competition and to regulate the sequence and rate of release of biologically active substances and to ensure synergy and better maintain the effect, yuschih started the drug.

• A variety of diseases and conditions occurring on a background of oppression themselves immune response or lead to transient immune deficiency syndrome (chronic infection and intoxication, abnormal liver function, disease, accompanied by a delay in the body of toxic metabolic products or the collapse of various foreign agents, and chronic stress-induced conditions and diseases , living in ecologically unfavorable regions, contact with toxins, occupational hazards, etc.);
• diseases and pathological conditions involving inflammation and fever (acute inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract, inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach, intestine, bone and joint and muscular systems, urinary tract infection, gynecological diseases, inflammatory disorders, pain of various etiologies, etc.) ;
• in pre-epidemic period in order to prevent acute respiratory infections, influenza, and during recovery from infectious diseases, surgery and trauma
• For long-term prevention and comprehensive treatment of tumors;
to extend the social activity and prevent premature aging.

The complex composition of the drug and health-care versatility of effects can be used also for the following RUDVITOL pathological conditions and diseases:
• atherosclerosis, anemia, chronic fatigue syndrome, impaired
• during the course of anticancer and radiotherapy, while taking antibiotics and toxic chemotherapy;
• Positive results were observed in the complex treatment of trophic ulcers and infected wounds, ulcerations and erosions in different locations, varicose veins.