Biologically active complexes of Artlife


Supplements or balanced, biologically active complexes are not subject to pharmacopoeial monographs, because they are not "finished dosage forms, to which Russia makes its pharmacopoeia requirements According to the classification of drugs Artlife refer to" natural raw materials of vegetable and mineral origin, and represent a standardized extracts of dried, crushed herbs, products of vegetable and mineral origin. Combination products include the collection of herbs. - In relation to the company's products Artlife - a mixture of dried, powdered and extracted with the latest technology (modern methods of concentration by evaporation, preserving, sparing avtoklavirovvniya low temperature and high-speed centrifugation), medicinal plants, extracts, in some cases with added vitamin and mineral components of the Roll (premixes ) and the complexes isolated from natural ¬ Nogo natural raw materials. Because these drugs are not ready (pharmacopoeial) dosage forms, trafficking is not related to the pharmaceutical and to the trade and procurement activities, and requires no special licensing MOH Russia allows for the implementation of food supplements through multilevel network marketing. However, be aware that a prerequisite for work in improving nutrition is a specialist training program approval.
History of creation BAA has its ups and downs - from a complete denial to absolutism. In spite of not existing orders and documents, a rich therapeutic and preventive experience and positive results of the application, official medicine, unfortunately, are still quite wary of Badam. However, ace increasing number of experts called for the urgent need to develop and implement regional programs for healthy nutrition of the population, including the use of dietary supplements and functional food. Experience shows that regular use of essential micronutrients and compounds that provide adaptation and detoxification of an organism, due to anthropogenic pollution of an tools, production and consumer protection, intensification of the rhythm of life is particularly salient today. "Dietary supplements" - a term used to identify the products, according to some properties similar to drugs, but those are not formally, as a condition of registration dietary supplements and drugs differ significantly, although the mechanisms of action of many biologically active supplements and medicines can is no different. It is not uncommon when any firm registered its product in one country as a medicine, and in another - as dietary supplements. Much debate is a formal presentation about that. Supplements that can only be used for the prevention of certain diseases, but not to treat them. Arguments against the so-called "therapeutic" BAA seem at first glance, quite reasonable: if the agent has therapeutic activity, it must register as a medicine and made available through the pharmacy network. However, for example, the same atherosclerosis, which is one of the major health problems, and evolving over the years and decades, can not be regarded as a purely medical problem prevention, and treatment of diseases, the foundation of which is atherosclerosis. must be quite lengthy. But long-term (life) The application is only possible if the agent has no negative side effects and can not cause there vennogo harm. In this sense, dietary supplements are ideal for long-term use, because their basic properties, which are drawn to the attention of the registration - it's security. If, however, modern high-tech Supplements objectively promote the prevention and cure, prevent complications and recurrence of disease of civilization is why many of their therapeutic properties should be ignored merely on the grounds that they were not registered as drugs. Our purpose - to engage in fruitless debate, and not to respond to negative objections. wasting time and effort, and to give objective information based nuyu knowledge, beliefs and own the results of rehabilitation, to help and teach people to be healthy, and each let him decide if he needed dietary supplements or not. A further course of life and the dynamics of health will show who was right on this score has a very succinct answer Dr. med Sciences VZ Koltun: "We need to take dietary supplements or need not - the question is no longer in question is familiar or not familiar with the problem? Anyone who says "I do not recognize Supplements" - or not yet aware of Che rights. or just ignorant. " 
Each year, the biologically active supplements, widely used throughout the world, rapidly learn the Russian market paramedical products. In recent years, serious scientific and practical evidence of the enormous potential of nutraceuticals and parapharmaceutics in various domains tyah medicine. However, today, according to authoritative experts, practitioners phytotherapy, the Russian industry as a whole falls far short on quality indicators and equipment from foreign material base in the development of drugs of this class. Against this backdrop, the creation and successful development of the company Artlife was qualitatively important and timely breakthrough in the development of the domestic industry of complex biologically active herbal remedies and foods fortified with micronutrients. 
The company develops bio-complexes - Nutraceuticals and parapharmaceuticals based on both the local herbal raw materials and raw materials obtained by processing seafood, bee. growth of probiotics, creates and uses as part of multivitamin supplements complexes (premixes) and mineral components in the production of a series of formulas used as an exclusive medicinal raw materials from foreign suppliers. Currently, the company has established his business on the harvesting of raw materials - Artlife Flora. which is based in the environmentally friendly Altai foothills, where grows the greatest number of species of medicinal plants. All the raw materials, semi finished and finished products are tested in the laboratory quality control and safety accredited in the GOST R system Dozens com ¬ panies Russia signed contracts for the supply of products (plant extracts, substances, premixes) Production Ltd. for the manufacture of Artlife fabricating their own supplements and dosage forms can also supply abroad (Japan. Korea. Poland. India, etc.). Use-the-art know-how and technology mikrokapsupirovaniya, gel form, frame tablets multikapsov, biotechnology and other important trend - the food-rich functionality: jelly, candies, teas, coffee, fruit drinks, soups. cereals, food concentrates, etc. The company also produces a symptom-gels, a wide range of cosmeceutical products, medical lrofilakticheskuyu toothpaste and mouthwash, herbal extracts, semi-finished products. film coatings, hard gelatin capsules. And finally, the elite of complex biologically active - intelligent health products, outstripping the time, health-restoring formula for those who have no time to economize.

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