Bifidobak - a balanced set of friendly bifidobacteria

bifidobak artlife

Properties of Bifidobacteria:
• adgeziruyas on the intestinal mucosa, protects against the penetration of conditionally pathogenic microorganisms and toxins in the internal environment;

• have a high antagonistic activity against pathogens;
• participate in the recycling of food substrates and activation of membrane digestion, stimulates intestinal peristalsis; 
• contribute to the synthesis of amino acids and proteins, vitamin K, vitamin B; 
• contribute to increased absorption through the intestinal wall of calcium, iron, vitamin D; 
• have immunomodulatory effects: regulate the function of brush and humoral immunity, prevent degradation of secretory 1e A interferonogenesis stimulate and produce lysozyme. 

The main functions of the normal (utility) of the intestinal microflora are: safety, fermentoprodutsiruyuschaya, synthetic and immuno-Correcting. Changes in the composition of microflora of the colon (dysbiosis) can manifest diverse clinical variants, among which are: functional disorders of the colon (irritable bowel syndrome, spastic hyper-or dyskinesia gipomotornaya intestine), chronic non-ulcer colitis, the primary pathology of the colon with secondary disturbances of intestinal microflora (ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, diverticulosis, polyps, etc.). The major reasons for the qualitative and quantitative composition of intestinal disorders are: deferred acute intestinal infections and infestations, a variety of diseases of the digestive and motor-secretory disorders, defective and unbalanced diet, prolonged use of drugs, especially antibiotics and cytostatics. severe (decompensated), diseases of the organs and systems and other specialists have Artlife based on an analysis of domestic and foreign products and experiences created a balanced composition of probiotics that contain the effective (therapeutic), the number of bifidobacteria and lactobacilli.

Bifidobacteria are one of the few microorganisms, pathogenic (pathogenic), whose action on a man almost was not detected. Bifidobacteria colonize the intestines of the child through breastfeeding by 5-20-th day after birth and accompany a person throughout life. Normally, Bifidobacteria constitute up to 90% of all microbial intestinal Bifidobacterium species composition depends on the age, nature of food and of numerous reasons, in violation of their range. The company uses the highest quality raw materials and the resistant strain Bifidobacterium - Bifidobactecium adolescentis, and the preparation itself is manufactured by a unique technology of microencapsulation with the creation of a protective shell around the good bacteria and the introduction of "inside the microspheres medium - polysaccharides. It allows hundreds of times more effective settlement and prizhivlyaemost microflora, increase the time of life and biological activity of bacteria.

for treatment and prevention of dysbiosis and intestinal dysfunction, acute and chronic digestive diseases (gastritis, enterocolitis, pancreatitis, malabsorption syndrome, candidiasis, chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis), as well as food allergies, diathesis, rickets, secondary immunodeficiency, skin diseases, recovery period after severe infections and injuries in the impact of environmental hazards, the treatment with antibiotics, hormones and cytostatics. Bifidobacteria reduce the risk of certain cancers, improve the condition of cancer patients, preventing them from possible infectious complications and have antitumor activity.

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