Calcimax artlife

Balanced curative and prophylactic formula for optimal absorption, restore and maintain normal levels of calcium and other minerals in the body, maintaining mineral metabolism.
Doctors long prescribed calcium for strong bones, but in recent years, scientists are finding more evidence that this humble mineral also plays a huge role in the prevention of serious diseases, such as hypertension, diabetes, cancer and polyposis colon breast and pancreas, etc. Studies carried out several years ago, showed that calcium also softens the negative manifestations of premenstrual syndrome, protects against heart disease, governing communication between individual cells, nerves and muscles ...

• preparation ensures the supply and normalizes the balance of calcium and other essential construction of osteoarticular and ligamentous apparatus of the trace elements;
• having high bioavailability, is the drug of choice in the prevention and complex treatment of systemic osteoporosis, is used in the treatment of degenerative disc disease, joint disease, the treatment of osteo-traumatic injuries;
• Thanks to the major macro-and micronutrients has also beneficial effects in diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous systems, diabetes, metabolic disorders, allergies, skin diseases, tendency to bleeding is required for the synthesis of certain hormones, enzymes;
• involved in maintaining homeostasis (internal environment) of the body, promotes correction of metabolic disorders in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome, stimulates the functional activity of leukocytes (chemotaxis), reduces the risk of bowel cancer.

Designed and produced by the domestic high-quality balanced ArtLife

mineral and vitamin complex Calcimax

meets all the requirements necessary for the exchange of calcium in the body, and guarantees a maximum absorption of the necessary dose of calcium and other essential minerals.
There is no organ or system, where calcium would not participate in the processes of cell activity. But the process of full absorption and assimilation of this essential mineral is dependent on many conditions. It is known that there is a clear, prirodnoobuslovlennaya relationship between the ratio of calcium and other minerals contained in food: for example, only the ratio of calcium to phosphorus 2-2,5:1 leads to maximum absorption of calcium and causes the formation calcifications in the internal organs; violation balance of magnesium leads to the risk of kidney stones, calcium deposition in vascular walls. Deficiency of boron and silicon leads to disruption of the processes of mineralization of bone tissue and its construction.
Therapeutic and prophylactic complex contains a digestible form Calcimax calcium and most balanced according to the laws of physiology other vitamins and minerals for absorption and retention of calcium in the bone structure. The main part of the preparation is in the form of calcium gidroksiappatita; calcium hydroxyapatite - a chemical compound composed of calcium and phosphorus in physiological proportions for learning (2-1). The remaining trace elements vitamins that make up the formula, designed to provide maximum. nuyu calcium absorption in the intestine and effectively incorporate it into s. variables and construction processes.
However, they themselves play a crucial role in zhiznedeyatel-NOSTA all organs and body systems. For example, magnesium is involved in metabolic and immune processes as protivosklerotichesky, Antistress antitoxic, anti-allergic, anti-factor he is able to help and is used for many diseases: atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction, stroke, hypertension, nervous and endocrine diseases, muscle weakness, pathologic menopause, disease bones, skin and hair, gallstone and renal diseases kamennoi etc. Magnesium is indispensable for the prevention and elimination patterns of cancer. It is also believed that headaches before a thunderstorm, and other bio-climatic stresses caused by lack of magnesium in the blood. In a normal balanced diet, we can get a maximum of 300 mg of magnesium per day. But in order to be healthy, and sometimes this requires an element of 600 mg or more per day!
What makes the body when it lacks magnesium? In order to "save" himself, he begins pereraspredepenie "takes" magnesium from the places where it is (bone, nerve tissue, endocrine organs), and delivers it to the blood, so that, as they say, "give all the sisters in earrings, "that is, like calcium, the body" steals "magnesium gpavnym way from the bones.
Everyone already knows that without calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, vitamin D, though in physiological proportions, we can not do. However, our bones, skin, immune system can not do without zinc. It is particularly important requirement ppoda in zinc in the first 3 months of pregnancy. Zinc and men ... This is a topic for another conversation ...
Now, the reader becomes clear rop these essential trace elements in the life of the organism. As the value of regular use of a specialized complex Calcimax in treatment and prevention of a wide range of patopogii. So I will not regret the time and talk with your pozvopeniya about it in detail. It will pay off health.
It is believed that the bones, cartilage, joints are aging along with the entire body. But it must be noted that while some people are healthy, strong, durable, and others - are fragile, riddled with "empty". And often it is not associated with age ... If wrong, unbalanced diet, for fixed as well as on the background of the progressive "bouquet" of various diseases in violation of absorption, digestion and the regulation of calcium weakens the bone structure, develops porosity (osteoporosis), which causes her so-called "pain in the bones." Many take the pain for "accumulation of salts," or rheumatism, are different, and analgesics. And time passes, the loss of bone calcium and imperceptibly slow progress. This is the best means of calcium supplements with vitamin D, phosphorus and magnesium, and without which, as we already know that calcium is not absorbed. Calcimax components, making it the ideal building material, have no direct analgesic (painkiller), the effect, however, according to some studies, increased levels of ionized calcium in blood plasma in conjunction with the "effect of low doses" of vitamin D in their chronic administration is able to induce the synthesis of the hormone calcitonin which, in turn, has analgeticheskoy activity.
In the bone resorption process occurs continuously and the synthesis of oral tissue in a healthy adult, this process is balanced. At certain periods of life, as well as those with fractures and other causes of decreased physical activity on bone and naguzki against the background of increased demand in the synthesis of bone in diseases involving digestive disorders, absorption and regulation of mineral metabolism, bone resorption process takes precedence over synthesis. With the predominance of the processes of absorption and excretion of bone calcium from her over the processes of regeneration and receipt of this mineral in the body develops severe pathological condition - systemic osteoporosis. It occurs usually in women aged 40-45 years and older, and in thyroid pathology, gynecologic surgery, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (violations of the absorption process minerals) - and at an earlier age. The primary cause of this pathology is a physiological hormonal alteration women associated with a reduction in estrogen synthesis, contributing to a better assimilation rate of calcium salts. The number of women suffering from this disease are enormous. Systemic osteoporosis is the cause in 90% of fractures in persons over forty-five years. Symptoms of osteoporosis developing, as a rule, and hypothyroidism, and much worse with the onset of menopause.
Despite the prevalence of calcium in nature and in foods, the body always feels the lack of it for a variety of reasons. A huge variety of symptoms of calcium deficiency (osteoporosis), which is increasing gradually. These symptoms are periodontal disease, rickets, or softening of the fragility of the nails, eczema, premature gray hair, heart palpitations, high cholesterol, hypertension, bone pain, joint pain and lower back, hip fractures, spine and other bones, curvature of the spine, muscle cramps, numbness of extremities fatigue, sleep disturbance, depression. This process is not an irreversible. Begun treatment in time, eliminating, where possible causes of the disease and to create conditions for normal metabolism of calcium may halt the development of osteoporosis and its terrible consequences.
Use of the drug Calcimax normalizing calcium metabolism of vitamin DZ and other minerals, helps preserve bone density, and where they express the exogenous deficit - at her. growth in women with osteopenic syndrome. Since women are active (reproductive) age - the most vulnerable group in terms of preserving bone mass reserves, the timely and regular use of safe, effective and convenient integrated drug company ArtLife Calcimax is the drug of choice preventing osteopenic syndrome. And to a man in his old age did not suffer from brittle bones, this should take care of the expectant mother before birth!
Given the high prevalence of osteoporosis and significant economic losses associated with the treatment of its complications, WHO established a special working group to study the problem of osteoporosis and the development of recommendations. The recommendations of the WHO working group on the problem of osteoporosis (1999) deserves attention, first of all, practicing physicians, paragraph 7, namely "... the need for serious studies of the effect of the active lifestyle and the additional use of calcium supplements in the prevention osteoporosis and fracture risk reduction. "


• systemic osteoporosis, surgery and bone fractures, traumatic injuries of the joints and ligaments;
• joint disease (rheumatoid arthritis, artrozoartrit, deforming osteoarthritis, etc.), spine (low back pain, vertebral instability, subluxation, bending, etc.);
• various diseases and conditions that cause a reduction in physical activity and load on the bone;
• thyroid (hypothyroidism), and parathyroid glands;
• cardiovascular disease (arrhythmia, hypertension, atherosclerosis, heart failure, etc.) and the nervous system, multiple sclerosis, hyperactivity and attention deficiency in children;
• allergic diseases (urticaria, asthma, food allergies, autoallergic processes);
• as a means to reduce the permeability of the vascular wall in Different inflammation (pneumonia, bronchitis, influenza. ARI and before) in hemorrhagic vasculitis. radiation sickness;
• skin problems (eczema, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, cutaneous manifestations of allergies, parasites), various pathologies of nails, hair, teeth;
• diabetes mellitus, acute and chronic hepatitis and toxic liver disease, gallstone and kidney stones;
• schemes in the treatment of male sexual potency and infertility in women, menstrual and menopause (particularly in pathological menopause);
• chronic fatigue syndrome, memory impairment, attention, sleep;
• programs to reduce weight, increase muscle mass;
• for the prevention and complex treatment of fibroids, mastitis, polyps and cancers, protection against aggressive environmental factors and production, noise and stress.