Program Healt&Body control

Healt&Body control

Comprehensive multi-level solution physiologic metabolic disorders and obesity.

The path to the ideal figure is through the restoration of root metabolism, and only in this case it leads to a harmonious blend of beauty and health, which provides assurance that your weight and health - under control!

Evidence-based expert opinion of the company.

Based on the knowledge and experience in building and years of practical application of supplements for the correction of metabolic and weight, and taking into account the pathophysiology and psychology of people with obesity, experts of the company has developed an exclusive

Weight correction program Artlife - «& control» 

This program is presented in several target complexes and the accompanying detailed material beautifully appointed reception, nutrition and recording of incoming and expended by the body of calories. So in this tutorial I will focus only on some features of the biological action and ended the program.

The components of complex software correction of weight and metabolism have a systemic effect on the body in several ways: 

• regulate hunger and appetite, limit the need for large amounts of food; 

• are a source of co-factors (catalysts) of intracellular enzymes of energy metabolism;

• stimulate fat mobilization from adipose tissue, followed by its decay;

• activate the intracellular mobilization system of power station;

• stimulate the processes of oxidation and generation of energy in a cycle of three carboxylic acids;

• activate carbohydrate metabolism and increase cell sensitivity to insulin;

• bind lipids and carbohydrates of food in the gastrointestinal tract with formation of complexes that are not available for the impact of digestive enzymes, digestion and assimilation;

• accelerate the passage of food through the mass of the gastrointestinal tract and thereby restrict the flow of excess nutrients into the body;

• stimulate the excretion of excess water from the body;

• adsorb and eliminate intermediate metabolic products and toxins resulting from the decay of an intense fat;

• have a hepatoprotective effect;

• demonstrate a diuretic effect, and anti-;

• optimize mineral metabolism;

• improve the condition of endolymphatic space, blood and lymph;

• bind free radicals and prevent the development of oxidative stress;

• normalize the emotional status and harmonize the psychosomatic condition;

• significantly increase the level of health, appearance, adaptogenic potential and performance;

• Program components are necessary tools for proactive prevention and the treatment of diseases of civilization.

Some features of the program.

Weight loss during the reception facilities program is due to physiologic activation and regulation of metabolism, return it to the so-called point of reasonable and proper use of energy embodied in food: the body resumes efficient use of incoming dietary glucose as the main source of energy. This prevents the accumulation of excess carbohydrates, turning it into fat reserves and deposits, promotes optimal functioning of every cell and the physiological utilization of glucose coming into it.

Thus, there is a restoration of biochemical harmony that lies at the heart and reduce the amount of body weight, determines the type of normal eating behavior and is a key element of effective metabolism.

Moreover, as shown in clinical studies, the process of weight loss continues even after taking the program because the metabolic processes are in the best frame and observed physiological control over the processes of storing and burning fat.

The program "H & B control» is composed of five complexes, the last clinically tested in several medical institutions in the form of three independent trials. The results obtained allow clinical testing to conclude on the effectiveness of programs in a complex correction of excess body weight, improving metabolism and normalization of some important biochemical parameters. 

The target physiological systems orientation program.

1. H & B 1 - Nanosorbent, water-soluble gel form. Binds and removes toxins and wastes from the body, has also obmennoreguliruyuschim, healing, diuretic, diaphoretic and hepatoprotective effects, improves the condition of the normal microflora and digestive processes; 

2. H & B 2 - chewable tablet. Complex amino acids and substances stimulating synthesis of endorphins, harmonizing psycho-emotional state that regulate hunger and satiety. Increases the efficiency of incoming nutrients and energy produced from them; 

3. H & B 3 - Carbohydrate metabolism - the capsule. Regulate and intensify the exchange of carbohydrates, increases the sensitivity of cells to insulin, slows the absorption of carbohydrates and prolongs satiety, activates the processes of energy and increases the efficiency of oxygen use by cells; 

4. H & B 4 - Termodzhetik - a drop to drink preparation with energotoniziruyuschim and adaptogenic effect. Stimulates the basal metabolic rate, increases fat burning intensity and intracellular metabolic and energy processes;

5. H & B 5 - Lipid metabolism - the capsule. Regulates lipid metabolism, blocks the absorption of excess fats in the digestive tract, and mobilizes the release of fat from the depots and improves the use of fat cells, muscle and other tissues of the body as a source of energy, improves metabolism in brain cells and protects against free radical oxidation processes.

Handbook on the scheme receive a set of programs features and power requirements necessary to improve the ultimate effectiveness of an innovative product is applied to the program.

Restore using the program "H & B control» the biochemical harmony in every cell of the body, keep her conscious and admire the results, and a life!