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Past XX century entered the history not only as a century of rapid technological progress and the emergence of new benefits of civilization. He has made fundamental changes in lifestyle and in the power structure of modern man. And with them began to appear and progress so-called diseases of civilization: atherosclerosis, hypertension, obesity, diabetes, and now - the metabolic syndrome. And new, catching up on all the fear of infection of vectors which some state officials want to raise an army. All this - the price paid for crude human intervention in the laws of nature and unwillingness to understand and comply with these laws ...
Regular and targeted epidemiological studies conducted by the Institute of Nutrition in different regions of Russia in recent years suggest that the structure of nutrition of the population has a significant deviation from the formula of balanced nutrition, especially in terms of consumption of micronutrients - vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, phospholipids and many organic compounds of plant origin, entering the body in minute amounts, but of vital importance for the regulation of metabolism and the functioning of individual organs and systems. All over the deepening shortage of these essential micronutrients causes a severe blow in the first place, the protective and excretory organs and systems of the body, suppressing the reaction of nonspecific resistance and self-purification processes, creating and thereby causing the formation of risk factors for many diseases.
Especially when it affects the antioxidant defense system, of critical importance as to prevent damage caused by alien or own, aggressive to the organism agents (radionuclides, heavy metal salts, man-made emissions of chemical products, pesticides, free radicals, slag, etc.), so and to prevent development of tumors. Indeed, almost universally show a deficit of natural antioxidants like vitamins SE beta-carotene, minerals, construction and safety elements - calcium, magnesium, selenium, iron, iodine, zinc, and organic components of plant tissues - bioflavonoids. lroantotsianidinov. polyphenols and unsaturated fatty acids, phospholipids and other building blocks of our board can not affect negatively on the protective potential of the organism. Moreover, that the need for these substances among the population living in ecologically unfavorable conditions, as well as a critical group (intensively growing children, pregnant and we aktiruyuschie women, people constantly come into contact with sources of occupational hazards, or "burning" at work and at home, patients with various chronic pathologies) is significantly enhanced.
The consequence is a significant increase in the population the number of persons on the one hand, with tepa overweight and obesity - the leading risk factors for diseases such as atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, on the other - the number of persons with reduced immunoreaktivnostyu and nonspecific resistance to adverse natural and man-made environmental factors and the development of autoimmune diseases and malignant neoplasms. And, of course, that violations of diets largely "responsible" for the low life expectancy of Russians, for the high mortality rate, increase in the number of children with reduced physical development and health of Closing as the ever-growing shortage of vital nutrients by increasing the amount of food consumed is not possible, because with the increase of its volume and caloric content of the problem of excess weight, the risk of obesity, atherosclerosis, diabetes and related diseases is increasing even more.
Widespread use of vitamin and mineral complexes, biologically active phyto-enriched food supplements, according to many scientists in Russia and abroad, is perhaps the single most rapid, economically feasible and scientifically sound way to solve this problem. The introduction of a treatment regimen and diet in patients with metabolic disorders, with a variety of chronic diseases, precancerous states and seniors balanced herbal formula with targeted actions mi need to survive. Particular attention should be worth of vitamins, mineral and trace element deficiency of pregnant and lactating women. According to specialists in nutrition, bioactive natural products and functional food should occupy a special place in the structure of the human diet of the XXI century. And that we with you a lot of work to introduce into the minds of our fellow citizens the value of regular use in one way or other dietary supplements. 
Accumulated experience with dietary supplements again personal foreign companies and a comparative evaluation of their performance, along with awareness of the need to address the shortfall important micronutrients and taking off of growth in incidence. allowed our specialists Artlife together with scientists to develop Siberia and build domestic, for the most part balanced innovative multi-herbal formula nutritseeticheskogo and para lines. 

Artlife - a relatively new Russian production and distribution company, which despite its young age (just celebrated the tenth anniversary), is today one of the most stable and fastest growing in the vast market of bioactive herbal remedies. The company's products favorably with their availability, coupled with the complexity, versatility and high therapeutic and prophylactic efficacy, adapted to local conditions, was alrobvtsiyu in leading Russian clinics and certified by the Institute of Nutrition Russian Ministry of Health. In the development of original fytoformul participate as specialists Artlife. and leading scholars in the field fitoterepii. healthy diet and lifestyle research institutes - Institute of HV and Keefe. r, Tomsk, Kemerovo Technological Institute of Food Industry, as well as practitioners - the company's partners. The company cooperates with leading research centers in the country: Institute of Medical Sciences litany. Moscow Medical Academy. IM Sechenov, various medical universities of the country, Tomsk Polytechnic University, and has regional offices in all major Russian cities, many cities in the Middle, as well as in some countries abroad. The company's activities implemented in the context of the RF Government Decree "Concept of state policy in healthy nutrition of the Russian population." Artlife today - a modern enterprise of the European level, Russia is the only manufacture of dietary supplements. which is fully certified to international quality standards 180 9001: 2000. HACCP and the CAW. For the high business activity and effective work and in 2002 the company received the diploma of the winner of the Third All-Russia competition "the 1000 best enterprises of Russia in 2002. Actively expanding its production activities, the company Artlife simultaneously occupy ¬ maetsya well as issues of hygienic education of the population under section healthy food, learning the basics of nutrition partners and use of dietary supplements, training specialists with higher education at its base.
Biologically active complexes of the company not only optimize the diet of modern man, they contribute to the activation of protective mechanisms and regulation of the exchange-energy processes, improve are solved state internal environment, ensure the normal functioning and mild correction of the organs and systems of the human body. They also show for the prevention and correction of metabolic syndrome, hormonal disorders, male and female sexual organs, many diseases caused by damaging effects on the human body of free radicals and toxins, chronic hypoxia, acutely toxic products of metabolism damage. The use of dietary supplements potentiates the effects of drugs, reduces the doses of toxic drugs and the prevention of side effects and complications, prolongation of remission in chronic diseases and improve the quality of active life and health. Of particular interest in the company's product line is the so-called "Child Line". - Easy to use and dosing of broths - liquid form phytocomplex for underholding children's health, a comprehensive rehabilitation and prevention of chronic diseases. Well. but the true pride of the team of developers and manufacturers is the series of elite rich biocomplexes with systemic effects. 
Clinically proven therapeutic effect of herbal remedies and a balanced vitamin-mineral complexes of Artlife achieved through the use
• latest modern medical science and practice
• the latest original foreign and domestic biotechnology and equipment;
• modern systems of quality assurance and production conditions that meet international standards;
• the vast experience of folk and traditional medicine;
• cleaner medicinal plants mainly local vegetation,
• in combination with high professionalism and innovation of companies and medical consultants.

 "The art of being healthy" N. Zhevachevsky, Novosibirsk, 2009